What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(traci simpson) #2129

I made this yesterday.

(Diane) #2130

Oh, I’m gonna make this as soon as I buy some broccoli. It looks fabulous!

(Jacqueline Porter) #2131

Today I ate chicken satay, cold sausage, bacon with cream cheese and chilli dip and strawberries and cream! All washed down with a couple of glasses of prosseco!
No picture today but I did take this

I had a fabulous time! Have waved goodbye to my friend and have a tedious train journey home!
PS that’s Nadal by the way with his top off!

(Graci) #2132

So obviously from the pic…not sticking with beef/butter at this time. Made cauliflower-egg salad and tossed in some ground beef crumbles and dill. Not sure where I went wrong, but by end of day 1 with only two bowls of ground beef flavored with garlic salt (not much either) I felt like a hypertensive wreck, body freaked and held onto all fluid until I had over 90 oz of water this morning, finally feeling some semblance of balance returning :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Graci) #2133

If you get the feeling someone is about to copy your every morsel…don’t worry that’ll just be me lol :grin: Really nice results! Forget the beef, show me to the :bacon:

(Karen) #2134

I was really hungry today and I had some cauliflower that needed to be cooked. I bought it before we went on vacation and we’ll, at least one piece was sliming. I cooked it with some onion added dill pickles and some pickle juice, and some onions. Garnished with a bit of smoked paprika. Mighty fine!

(Susan) #2135


Lovely lunch, and I am so glad you had a great day at Wimbledon.

That is great =).


I love cauliflower, it is one of my favourite vegetables.

(traci simpson) #2136

My attempt at making corn dogs

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2137

Oh man I miss corn dogs! How did they turn out?

(Susan) #2138

They look really good, Traci. How did you make them?

(Karen) #2139

Did you roll them in pork rinds? Those that can be kind of crispy. I think what I always liked was just the dog, and some nice mustard. I always found the breading to be way too sweet, even for a carb girl back then.

(Full Metal Keto) #2140

Bacon Steak and Birthday Cake

My Dinner 2nd Day of Fat Fast

Steven’s having some of his birthday cake from Monday

I’m finished for today, I’ll be fattening up the kid more later. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jacqueline Porter) #2141

I just had to Google corn dog! They looked like yours :blush:

(Jacqueline Porter) #2142

He has a look about him that says "if you come near my cake I’m gonna kill you":slightly_smiling_face:

(traci simpson) #2143

Surprisingly good

(Full Metal Keto) #2144

What!!! This is a travesty. You don’t have corn dogs over there? Classic carnival or fairgrounds food. It stems from corn bread, I guess that’s not British fare. Looks like Wimbledon was awesome. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jacqueline Porter) #2145

In the north they do deep fried mars bars, they look a bit like corn dogs!
Yes, Wimbledon was fab. But I bottled out on the shouting of GoNads! I guess I’m finally growing up!:blush::confused::upside_down_face:

(Diane) #2146

2 cheddar jalapeño sausages, 1 bacon, mushroom Swiss sausage (surprisingly flavorful), some baked pepperoni chips (over cooked) and the last of the cauliflower mash with blue cheese (finally- damn my frugal nature).

(Jacqueline Porter) #2147

Sometimes I have a little tear at your heartwarming saving of animals!
I wonder if you ever looked up the young Gerald Durrell. I always think you are like him (except of course you are a girl!):slight_smile:


Had some Broccoli in Butter, (shared a plate of Pickles, Olives, Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes with the Wife) also some Salmon with fresh Lemon Balm from the garden, Cauli-Egg Salad, Steak with Mushrooms and some Scallions.