What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Karen) #2069

Please please, ladies, is there anyone doing carnivore that has seen this kind of fat loss? Again, well done, Jody. I like to make chicken liver pate, although mine includes mayonnaise which would not be too bad on carnivore if you made your own. After all it is only oil, acid and eggs. And a little garlic is good for the soul

(Jody) #2070

I agree, you can / have to find your own balance and what works for you. It was hard for me to give up the mayonnaise (made my own from Avocado oil), but when I tried Carnivore before, I didn’t get the results (VERY little weight loss) and many of the “veterans” in the FB groups said it was because I wasn’t REALLY carnivore due to the oils and extras.

When I decided to have another go (middle of May), I decided to get more strict. I was going to do the animal only way and really try to make it work. For the first month, I cut dairy but I have since added it back (though I do have to be careful as I can eat a TON of cheese lol). I am now dumping the sugar free tea / energy drinks (artificial sweeteners) and only drinking water (plain and carbonated via my Soda Stream) and one glass of BLACK cold brew coffee.

As far as a mayonnaise replacement, I am looking at trying something with animal fat as opposed to oil or a hollandaise sauce, but I haven’t found I need it yet. I do … very much … miss mayonnaise though.

I say this NOT to discourage you, but to give you my N=1 results for clean vs “dirty” carnivore. Now, having said that, there are many people who see results and still have mayonnaise and other “dirty” things so it’s what works for you and what you can maintain.

The general though is that you should go STRICT for 60 - 90 days to see how you react, then start modifying if you want / need.

(Karen) #2071

I know some people that make bacon fat mayonnaise. It makes me question if you can eat eggs and you can eat bacon fat why you couldn’t mix them together and still eat it. But I understand your point on clean versus dirty carnivore. Maybe it just wouldn’t work if you eat it separate from meat.

(Jody) #2072

no … people DO make mayonnaise (baconnaise) from bacon fat + eggs + acid. The biggest problem is that bacon fat solidifies when chilled and you have to put it in the fridge because of the egg.

(Graci) #2073

Broke my fast at 87hrs today, so made these this morning in preparation for eating again…Greek pulled pork feta olive bacon topped pizza (on homemade turmeric alfredo sauce), made the family a bbq ranch pulled pork bacon topped one - both on the KetoConnect chicken pizza crust which is now hands down my favorite Keto crust! Also made my first attempt at Keto ice cream, only used HWC, pure almond extract, mct oil (to see if it helps it not over freeze), and 2 blackberries, 2 raspberries, and 1 tablespoon of chopped strawberries…no sweetener and I thought it was fantastic (my youngest didn’t agree, but he isn’t sugar free YET!).

(Jody) #2074


1/2 lb burger patty w/ Swiss
can of Mackerel Fillets

(Graci) #2075

Hi Jody, is the mackerel very fishy tasting or more mild like salmon? I almost bought some the other day, but hesitated as I don’t think I’ve ever had it before.

(Jody) #2076

Mackerel is a strong tasting fish (LOVE it on the sushi bar), but I found these to not be near as strong as I hoped. They might be a about like a sardine which I would say is just a little more fishy tasting than salmon. I would give them a try, you never know … you might love them :wink:

(All the above said from a person who likes raw mackerel because it is SO strong and fishy. lol)

(Will knit for bacon. ) #2077

Grilled sirloin and Brussels sprouts, pan fried on the grill with bacon and a hefty dollop of baconnaise stirred in at the end.


One of the best Keto dinners I’ve had so far. Probably because the flavors were very different than what I usually have. The sriracha mayo was my attempt at a quick Bang Bang sauce. Finished with a short glass of iced coffee with HWC and homemade whipped cream.

(Troy) #2079


I just got this as a gift on Saturday :flushed:
So curious!
To see what’s under the tin :smile:
I just ate, so I’ll try tomorrow probably

Time for google translate :rofl:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2080

When an Italian keto bish wants a snack, what are her options? I often crave a good tomato sauce. I love all things parmesan reggiano. I have like 7 carbs left, and I want a snicky snack. So what does a Guinea do??

Enter: Parmesan Parmesan . It’s 1 measured serving of Rao’s (half cup @ 5g total carbs), parm reggiano and mozzarella cheese, nuked in a pyrex measuring cup. Don’t be jealous because I’m so classy.


Used my bread-sized squares of Lavash Bread again tonight, to make some cheese bread. But then topped some with BBQ pulled pork. After folding them in half to eat, they reminded me of very meaty Hot Pockets. The Lavash bread was nice and crispy.

(Diane) #2082

Philly cheese steak with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and provolone.

(Diane) #2083

Oven roasted shrimp and cocktail sauce.

(Diane) #2084

Keto banana muffin with cheesecake fluff.

(Chris Wolfgram) #2085

Hey Jody, just curious why you feel artificial sweeteners are going to hurt your progress ? Have you tested to see if they are causing any insipulin spikes ? I haven’t, but I plan to.

(Chris Wolfgram) #2086

That looks awesome :slight_smile:


Ramen, lots of leftover roast beef, pork belly, pepper prawns, turkey liver, shiitake mushrooms in a thai duck stock.

(Rebecca) #2088

Accidental experiment here. Yesterday I had two scrambled eggs with butter for breakfast, and that was it until this morning.

Wasn’t hungry this morning, but to reassure my husband (not keto, supportive of me yet baffled that a type 1 diabetic would not eat every meal) I’ve had delicious buttery scrambled eggs with some found-in-the-fridge leftover cooked bacon.

Am now very full indeed!