What did you keto today? Part V (son of the cousin of the sequel)


(Doug) #101

Beef Brisket, sous vided @145°F or 63°C for 72 hours, finished with a few minutes under a broiler.

This was the leaner half of a whole brisket, and after sous viding, I took a lot of fat off (my wife doesn’t like pure fat). Just rubbed it with paper towels. Salt-pepper-garlic powder mixture on, and heat that outer layer up. Really good.

(Laurie) #102

Yummy beef liver cooked in butter. Eggs because … when I was putting the eggs in the car, one of the cartons opened. Four eggs went flying around the car, and 2 of them broke. So I cooked them up. Thank goodness there was no eggy mess in the car.


Nice to save the eggs! When my SO brought them home by bicycle… We live on a hilltop with a horrible road… They often broke but usually were still partially usable (and the cats gladly ate some out of the carton)…

Of course I don’t need such excuses to eat 10+ eggs for a (maybe a bit elongated) OMAD meal :smiley: Those days are rare but I did it yesterday despite the cat eating some of my egg dishes (Tofu recently learned how to reach places she never could before… and I am not used to that yet)… Today I go for meat! No photo as I temporarily lost the CF card with the actual photo on it somehow… But I had fried things lately, with pork liver (ew), pork (yum) and eggs (yum2) and sausage spice mix! They were kind of nice, the liver brought down the taste but not too much. I don’t know what is with this liver, it never was our fav but I ate it just fine many times in my life as it’s a very common item here. But it was made by others. Is there a secret of making it I wonder…
I go back to chicken liver, easier, softer too… And try to get beef liver again as I liked it the only time I had it. I disliked turkey liver and never tried lamb, that must be nice…

(Laurie) #104

I decided to cook these thin pork chops without pounding (tenderizing) them first. Yay! I ate 4 of them and had no problems swallowing. So good.

(Jane) #105

Konjac “rice” with onion, garlic, and egg. Korean BBQ beef. A bit carby on the sauce (10-12) but we don’t eat much of the sauce, unlike carb burners who sop it all up with rice. I picked out the meat and tossed a bunch of the sauce when finished.

(Laurie) #106

I lived in Korea for 5 years, and man that beef was yummy. Cooked over charcoal in the middle of the table. As you say though, the sauce is full of sugar. But people like us can throw out most or all of the sauce and still get a lot of enjoyment.

(Laurie) #107

I had some pan drippings/deglazing from roast beef. I don’t like gravies or stews, so I decided to poach some eggs in the juice. The eggs absorbed most of the liquid.

(Robin) #108

What a good idea!

(Laurie) #109

When I used to eat with a Chinese family, they’d mix leftover broth with frothed egg white, and cook it with the intact yolk(s) in it. Sorry, I couldn’t find a photo. It wasn’t my favorite dish, but it was a way to use up broth!


I occasionally do this - always tastes so good.

(Jane) #111

Sous vide shrimp at 147 F for 15 min in a paprika/butter sauce. Drizzled sone peri peri over and mixed in after they were cooked. Very tasty!

Garden green beans from the freezer n butter and chopped up leftover pork loin.

I will save the leftover shrimp and chop up and add to my salads.

(Heather Wells) #112

Spinach, bacon, avocado with homemade pico and rollup made of mozzarella, basil and prosciutto…yummy

(Laurie) #113

Beautiful photo, @Heather_Wells! It’s so nice when a meal is truly yummy.

(Ronnie) #114

Fried Lamb’s liver, mushrooms and onions in garlic olive oil, with par boiled Savoy cabbage and pancetta fried in salted Irish butter. (I have this at least twice a week! Yum.)

(Ronnie) #115

Some other recent keto meals I’ve had:
Sirloin Steak, mush, asparagus, onions (veg fried in olive oil with soy sauce and garlic)

(Ronnie) #116

Pan fried sea bass with pesto roasted veg

(Ronnie) #117

Spicy baked chicken breast, mange tout, spinach, peppers and spring onion

(Allie) #118

Chicken breast marinated in ginger and lime, topped with bacon and guacamole.

Breakfast yesterday.