What did you keto today? Part V (son of the cousin of the sequel)


(Ronnie) #1

What did you eat keto today? V…sorry can’t post or have time on other thread (IV).

there is a technical problem.

Same stuff.

(Ronnie) #2

Like the liver input on previous thread.
Blanched shredded cabbage, then fried with olive oil with pancetta, added to sautéed onions and a healthy dolop of mayonaise.

(Ronnie) #3

Lambs’s liver btw. Grass fed in N Ireland.

(Robin) #4

I was too famished to stop and take a photo. Spent the day moving boxes to new home. Totally forgot to eat. On the way home after dark and starving, stopped and got a fast food triple bacon cheeseburger sans bun. Greasy and good. Hit the spot. I don’t do that often, but enjoy it when I do. seems decadent somehow.


Pulled pork. Grilled until crispy with melted cheese and served with pickled cabbage and guacamole. The pork was marinaded overnight in fennel, smoked paprika and other spices then slow-cooked in chicken stock and some chopped tomatoes and garlic.

(Robin) #6

Whoa. Must. Try.


Robin, I used this recipe but without any sweetener, which is not needed at all (this person is mildly famous in Australia for having quit sugar - but she uses rice malt syrup a lot instead - doesn’t make a lot of sense to me): https://www.sarahwilson.com/2013/06/sugar-free-barbeque-pulled-pork/

(Bob M) #8

Though that recipe only has 2 tablespoons of syrup, which isn’t a lot. I often make my pulled pork with brown sugar, as it only coats the outside, and when you “dilute” it by 5+ pounds of meat, the amount we get is pretty small.

On the other hand, 2 tablespoons probably doesn’t add much to the flavor.

(Robin) #9


(Doug) #10

Beef tenderloin; some nice steaks. The head or ‘heel’ is already cleaned and in the sous vide. The sidemeat or ‘chain’ is up top, still to be dealt with - a good bit of connective tissue to separate out. Makes a mighty fine stir-fry.

(Laurie) #11

Possibly my favorite easy ground beef recipe. 3 pounds beef, 1/4 cup peri-peri sauce, 2 tablespoons curry powder, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon, cooked in the oven. (Enough for 3 meals.)

(Chris) #12

Broiled salmon with roasted broccoli!

(Laurie) #13

Sounds really good, @the_unquiet !

(Butter Withaspoon) #14

That’s gotta be Sarah Wilson of I quit sugar :woman_shrugging: I can’t believe she thinks rice malt syrup isn’t almost exactly the same as sugar!

I’m eating a delicious crustless quiche made with duck eggs, bacon, onion, garlic and butter. It’s hitting the spot. I traded a bag of lemons for a dozen duck eggs - who’s the winner there eh?

(Butter Withaspoon) #15

3rd quarter of my quiche. Hungry hungry day because it’s already 2pm and this is my first meal. Yesterday was very busy, had only one meal between waking and 10.30pm. then I had a second meal because I was just back from performing (which went VERY well not on a full stomach) and was hungry. Also I don’t want to lose any weight so need to maintain enough eating. Yesterday’s meal was slow cooked lamb, melting apart in a pot with vegetables, and there was even potato because I’m at happy maintenance and feel good getting some energy in besides fat.

(Robin) #16

I keep meaning to try curry with hamburger. Love curry.

(Will) #17

Frittata with eggs, spinach, cheddar, mozzarella, slice of tomato and bacon. Pretty good with sour cream and avocado

(Robin) #18

Ok, THAT looks extra good!

(Laurie) #19

I know my ground beef looks like dog food, and scrambled eggs look like, well, never mind … Anyway, here they are. Yum yum.

(Laurie) #20

Yesterday’s lunch (today’s was the same). Ham and 4 fried eggs. The bone-in hams were on sale at Thanksgiving. I bought several, cut them up, and froze them. So much cheaper than bacon!