What did you keto today? Part V (son of the cousin of the sequel)



No photo as my food wasn’t pretty and I was hungry and ate it up immediately. The edible part.
I have no idea how to make pork liver edible without adding proper pork to it and convert it into some pâté. Just fried liver and lard, it’s totally inedible but the meat is roasting!

I ate pork liver many times in my life, it’s a very common thing here, maybe even I made it once and it wasn’t this bad… It never was really great as pork liver is some bitter, borderline edible thing BUT it’s somewhat enjoyable when made right. I will search for recipes.

@Hallie: Pretty vegetables :slight_smile: I don’t eat them anymore (with rare exceptions in tiny amount) but I can appreciate the look :wink: Lovely cup thing too. I love cups and mugs and glasses, I have as many as I could fit into my kitchen. But they are more normal, not this cool. Except my skull goblet, that’s awesome.

(Robin) #82

I’m with @Shinita… great pottery bowls and mugs. I have a thing for hand thrown bowls. They are not just utilitarian. They are art.

(Butter Withaspoon) #83

The green stuff is … actually I don’t even know😃 it grows in my pond. The original plant came from a friend who told me it was edible. Cheap greens. I call it pond weed.

I love pottery too! I was obsessed with throwing for a few years, the blue bowls are mine, the cute cup with lemon tea is made by a pottery friend.

I eat salad and veg because they are delicious and fit my health well. I seem to have meat hunger, fat hunger and salad hunger, so I can respond to my appetite and not track anything.

What I have a strict limit on is sweetness and ultra processed foods. I also feel it’s important to share a variety of eating styles, especially for new people.

(Robin) #84

OMG… I just realized… since we just moved, I have a basement again! I could get a wheel and a kiln! It’s been many many years, but some of my best memories. I have none to show for it. Usually gave away my creations. But now it would be so great to make myself a complete set of everything! Dinnerwear, cups, mugs, bowls, canisters, etc etc etc.

Crap! I need to figure this out! So much to do still for the house… but this can be my spring goal. yay! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

(Butter Withaspoon) #85

Yea yes YES you need to do this Robin! One day I will again too. I’m sure I’ve lost all the skills but I was capable of throwing a well functioning teapot back in the day… lol don’t I sound ancient! I’ll post a pic of some more pots sometime

(Robin) #86

I would love to see them!


I don’t have a basement (well a tiny, total chaos, too many objects…) :frowning: Or a garage :frowning: My aunt has zillion extra big rooms and I have so, so few… We always have strage space problems, not very serious, it’s not like we are living in a tiny apartman but we are good at collecting things at a rapid pace. And we are already in our 40s, we have stuff :smiley: We have a unified rock collection and my SO collects computer hardware (it’s very serious. he started with microprocessors but they need to checked in a computer so there are zillions of almost everything now. last time I hit my toes in a tower of HDDs - for the zillionth time -, I grabbed it and now it’s in my room. his is a bit like a hoarder’s room, one needs to be careful to be take steps. other people keep glasses and clothes in their cupboards, he has computer hardware in most of them. and everywhere else. we need more cupboards, there is space, it’s just a room under the roof and the roof ceiling is low so it’s not that easy to buy cupboards for that space. and I doubt my abilities to make them. I only make simple things, my workout bench is my masterwork this far but I just put a few big wood pieces together and painted it. it doesn’t mean I didn’t consider it much effort from my part, I had to plan and everything! but it is stable due to gravity and simplicity, it’s not a flimsy thing :D).

I just realized I have super cute mugs, I just never used them to drink, they are mere decoration… I will make my photo with them…

And I frequently have egg hunger :slight_smile: Not very frequently as I eat eggs by default but if my day only have 3-4, I can very much crave them. Not always but usually. Now I am not into eggs but as I hadn’t much meat yesterday, I ended up eating 9…

I track out of curiosity but it seems I can manage eating too much even on my strictest, most satiating carnivore… Okay, it was only my first week and I didn’t put much effort into NOT eating too late or too early (like at 3pm… way too early for me, I easily overeat that way!), my restricted woe was effort enough (though I relaxed it here and there, with a little cheese or something. I didn’t want cheese just something different and we happen to have my favorite now…).

But finally my pork chuck roast is ready!!! I cooked carby food too, that took efforts even if I make simple things… My roasts are soooo much easier, I toss some meat into the oven and salt and turn it sometimes. And that’s it, it’s enough for a very complete meal - though I always eat some eggs as well. Vegetables are carbs so not good to me but my huge vegetable loving times are over. I still love fruits and probably always will though :slight_smile:
But my last fruit season finished on the 30th of December so nothing until June. June is always massive, my beloved red fruits (or not red. I have raspberries in all colors I could get :smiley: and the yellow and red ones produced yellowish pink ones. the purple ones died out, I need to buy more and I have black as well, that’s a bit different from the others).
But I stop now, I usually talk a lot when the topic is my fruits :heart_eyes:

So, my pork chuck roast pieces:

It wasn’t well-roasted enough even after some more time in the oven, a bit cut up… so I used my pan as well… Aren’t they pretty? :smiley:

And my pretty lil mugs and my friendship bird… The bird has a nest in the (Halloween) fruit basket… It looks nice among the greenish yellow, golden yellow and sometimes orange fruits…

(Robin) #88

LOVE the pics. Thanks

(Laurie) #89

I haven’t been able to eat steaks or chops for I don’t know how long – 3 years or so? But today I bought some thin sliced boneless pork chops, pounded them thinner with a hammer, and cooked them in a bit of lard. Success! So nice to have pork chops again.


Asian Chicken Salad. A DIY mix of Thai and Vietnamese sort of flavours. Leftovers are good the next day with fried eggs, chopped peanuts and sesame seeds on top.

(Butter Withaspoon) #91

That looks amazing Camellia!
I ate lamb, herrings, cheese, pistachios, raspberries, garden fruit, bone broth, butter and many cups of tea. But the photographic highlight is this salad in a blue bowl (another one I threw)

Nice mugs and green bird Shinita!

(Allie) #92

Last night I had the idea of making corned beef hash with cauliflower mash so that’s now cooking, with dairy free cheese (dairy intolerant) mixed in with the mash.

Turned out really well, sharing with Bertie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Robin) #93

And they look great too!

(Laurie) #94

Chicken drumsticks cooked in the oven with Nando’s medium peri-peri sauce. A bit fiery for me – too much sauce I guess. I cooked 20 pieces; leftovers will be frozen for future quick meals.

(Robin) #95

Looks enticing. There are times when I could go though half of those at one sitting.

(Laurie) #96

Good old scrambled eggs for lunch.


Me too. It was OMAD dinner and the chicken was the best imaginable… And they do nothing to my satiation or not much…

Hmmm. Nice tender chicken sounds good but alas, the cheap one doesn’t taste good, the good tasting is way more expensive than pork (and pork is still better)… Maybe I will try chicken in the future but I got so, so disappointed. But some good spice mix surely would help a bit…
And I never can make the skin crispy unless I get it off and fry in a pan for a long time. I love crispy skin… So chicken and me… Sigh. Not good enough. I prefer turkey but the skin problems remain. I only can stomach soft skin in a stew with lots of paprika, that’s nice.

I made food photos today but even I don’t liked my food and they are simple so I don’t show them.
Sometimes I get a bit bored of my food. Rarely, I have variety but it happens.

(Allie) #98

I just cooked breakfast for me and Bertie, making the most of having a day off work. His was gone long before mine of course, then he hassled me for some of mine too :rofl:

(Robin) #99

Yes, please. You should post pics every day, including your pal and then let us guess who gets which plate. I would take either one. And the dog.

(Laurie) #100

Ham for supper. It looked like it wasn’t going to be enough, so I quickly fried an egg to go with it.