What did you keto today? Part V (son of the cousin of the sequel)


(Robin) #61

Um,yeah…. This is the good stuff right here. Hugs to your hens!

(Will) #62

That is one yummy looking egg

(Laurie) #63

Salmon omelet. I didn’t eat it all.



My take on Nasi Goreng for breakfast. Spicy cauliflower rice with fried veg and bacon pieces, soy and chilli sauce, and two runny fried eggs.

(Jody) #65

Hopefully, a hogshead cheese.

You could also take the brain out and cook it with some eggs. (Or eat it raw … I did :+1::+1: )

(Robin) #66

Well done!

(Jody) #67

I’ve been away playing with carnivore, but now I am back to a more Keto / whole food diet.

Lunch was a turkey breast sandwich (on keto bread)

Dinner: Smoked Leg of Lamb (12oz), spoon full of black-eyed peas, and cabbage browned in duck fat.

(Butter Withaspoon) #68

My cupboards have been bare! Disastrous situation. Fortunately I remedied this today with a big vegetable haul and some lamb on special. I snuck in some resistance training by riding my bike there and carrying the food on my back.

Came home, had a snack of an avocado, cheese, some fruit, then restarted my resistance training, doing it properly this time (tracking and logging). And now I’m sitting, sweating on a hot day, eating this nicely cooked piece of lamb and feel proud of my efforts.

(Butter Withaspoon) #69

Today I show you all my salad. It’s hot. I’ll cook my lamb when i feel the urge. This one is flavoured with some of my new season garlic. I’m breathing like a dragon here.
Earlier I traded a bag of my lemons for a dozen eggs- always get a kick out of that. More fresh protein! Lemons are pricey at the moment, may ot continue

(Jody) #70

Beef Liver
Smoked Leg of Lamb
Cauliflower Rice w/ Butter


I still am unable to make a photo and eat exactly that but today my lunch (at 4pm but I had another meal at 5:30 so that was the dinner :D) wasn’t very far from this:

It follows my strictest carnivore style, eggs and meat and salt ONLY. I mean it. Not even added fat should be used - but fat coming from my roast is okay :wink: I don’t do this for every meal, I had coffee and spice at dinner but I do try to push this just for a few days :smiley: I really have nothing against spices and I need them sometimes. My appetite is slightly negative all the time, eating isn’t enjoyable… Hopefully it will change soon, I am a hedonist!

Pork shoulder roast and scrambled eggs, deviled eggs (eggs and jelly under the roast), my sponge cakes (eggs, nothing else, not even salt, eggs have almost enough sodium and I don’t eat these all alone). I ate more than this and the farthest lil thing isn’t mine, it’s for my high-carber SO who avoids meat for some days or weeks, I don’t know. He had enough. It’s the usual baked cheesy whipped egg white with nutmeg, he has it almost every week. I got bored of it for life, it’s too tasteless to me, I used to add a yolk to my 2 pieces but that wasn’t fun either, just edible. I prefer my sponge cakes, they are useful. I even added my not exactly egg powder (as it was still not dry enough) to some and they were more substantial and firm, not just airy fluffs.
One should do what can do. If my sponge cakes are 100% eggs, I will make various kinds using only eggs, obviously :smiley: There are options. In the past I played with ratios and added hard boiled egg yolks, now I grounded dehydrated fried egg whites too… When I use the latter but not the hard boiled yolks, it’s more bread-like than anything carnivore I ever made. And my sponge cakes are in bread role from the beginning but the fluffs are a bit odd even though they are fun…

For dinner I ate beef tongue and pork chuck patties (with egg) and drank 2 eggy coffees, maybe I will shot the leftovers tomorrow!

(Jane) #72

Ribeye and riced cauliflower with butter and cream

(Butter Withaspoon) #73

Mackerel halloumi and avocado salad dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Good summer choice.

(Laurie) #74

@Hallie I’m glad you’re enjoying summer! It’s -35°C (-31°F) here today. It’s not as awful as it sounds, because it’s seldom windy.

Salmon and camembert chaffle sandwiches. First time using this waffle maker; not too impressed. Sammidges were tasty though.

(Butter Withaspoon) #75

I love the cold. Although to be fair I’ve not experienced that kind of freezing!

I decided to change my eating window from today. Just an experiment to see how I feel energy and sleepwise. I’m in a bit of a habit of snacking later at night that probably impacts a lovely deep sleep.

In some good news I got an opportunity to measure BP at home yesterday and I was relieved to find that It’s not high after all. Thanks to my health practitioner friend who brought a sphygmomanometer from work.

(Jody) #76


Smoked Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder)

Shredded cabbage browned in butter

(Robin) #77

OMG that is a good looking plate of yes, please!

(Laurie) #78

It sure is!

(Butter Withaspoon) #79

Meat and cabbage, so simple and good. Must buy a cabbage as I’m out.

A lazy scrambled egg meal late morning, 5 eggs, halloumi, butter, onion and garlic.
Later another avocado salad with ACV and lemon juice dressing. And now I’m sitting down to a lamb chop or two at the end of the day. I had a couple of biscuits at a friends house this afternoon, and a few other things at home including some pistachios


(UsedToBeT2D) #80

Eggs look yummy. What’s that green stuff?