What did you keto today? Part V (son of the cousin of the sequel)


(Cathy) #41

I think they look delicious!

(Cathy) #42

Happy Birthday and what a perfect picture!

(Jane) #43

Pork chops cooked in my smoker (yum) and grilled asparagus.

(Robin) #44

Ding dong. Go answer your door. That’s me, looking for left-overs!

(Betsy) #45

Your meatballs look delicious. Would you point me to the recipe you used?

Thank you

(Laurie) #46

Thank you, @betsy2. Here’s the recipe:

(Betsy) #47

Thank you so much!

(Laurie) #48

No tomato sauce handy. I had meatballs (from the freezer) with cheese. I cut each meatball in half before heating, so I wouldn’t have to cut them while eating.

(Butter Withaspoon) #49

It’s getting hot here so I light lunch of ham and salad for Xmas eve hit the spot. I fasted til lunchtime

(Will) #50

Those meatballs look fantastic. I’ve decided that’s what I will be having for my Christmas Eve meal.


Forgot to make photos, maybe I will shot the leftovers tomorrow but today we (my SO and I) cooked the family Christmas dinner at his Mom’s. My beloved pork chuck roast never was this pretty, it was made in an earthenware dish. I must check out my old earthenware dish, my mini oven is bigger now, maybe it fits into it just like it did into my very first and quite big mini oven (I love those things but they don’t last for many years, I have a new one every few years).
Everyone liked it and it was the easiest item to make, by far… And the best, no matter how I look at it. Nutrition, health, taste, satiation, everything.

(Robin) #52

Yay Hurray and woo hoo!

(Laurie) #53

Charcutewreath, ready to take to a festive get-together. More a disk than a wreath …


It looks very very good! :smiley:

(And I barely but CAN put my earthenware dish into my mini oven so I envision the prettiest roasts in my future, not like the previous ones were ugly but the upper part got a way deeper color instead of some more uniform prettiness.)


(Laurie) #55

Tuna crust pizza. Toppings are leftovers from keto wreath, plus bocconcini that I had bought for the wreath but didn’t use. Turned out really nice!

(Robin) #56

And so pretty!

(Laurie) #57

Cold pizza, breakfast of champions.

(Laurie) #58

A change from ground beef with ham: Ham with Boursin.

(Butter Withaspoon) #59

That pizza looks delish Laurie! I can tell when I’ve had a good meal with enough nutrition because coming here afterwards triggers No wanting at all. Today I’ve had cold chops cold sausages cheese and a salad and a few strawberries and a cup of tea or 6.
About to go for a nice hot Aussie summer hike

(Allie) #60

I’m just here to show off the amazing yolks in the eggs my hens gift to me, crafted with care, infused with love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But on topic, they go really well on top of 100% beef homemade burgers, seasoned with just salt and pepper.