What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



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This was last night’s dinner: Grass fed smoked beef Sausage w/ roasted peppers and onions. Dipped in brown mustard. Air fried Cauliflower ‘Tots’ with spicy mayo. Dessert was no-churn strawberry ice cream and sugar free chocolate syrup with some brownie brittle sprinkled in.

For the most part I’ve adapted to eating keto/low carb. I find the foods to be not very different than what I used to it, e.g. veggies, meat, dairy. I’ve tried hard to recreate those items that are missing with this WOE, like the ice cream, syrup, etc. But I’m getting a bit annoyed (?) with DH’s comments that the regular version is better. He eats pretty much everything I fix, but will often fill in with carb types of food. Sigh.
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(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1429

Shredded chicken tacos with crystal farms marble jack cheese wraps :yum:



Lunch… Fried Eggs, Bacon and Sausage.

('Jackie P') #1431

Steak and eggs! Broke one of my ruddy eggs :confused:


Always a favorite


Brunch was egg salad on homemade keto bread, and homemade Greek yogurt with organic strawberries, homemade keto blueberry syrup and homemade keto granola. Granola was made with toasted coconut, seeds, and nuts. image

(Jane) #1434

Dining in (yay!) at a new Mexican restaurant in Searcy called Guacamole’s.

Spied a dish on their extensive menu called Diet Avocado. Avocado with bacon, cheese and fajita steak. TOTALLY keto! Didn’t come with rice or beans :smiley:


I do understand how it works - but have no idea how to adjust picture size on my camera. I can reduce picture size using paint, but that is time consuming. Maybe there is a mod for the forum that downsizes images automatically? I am not familiar with the message board program you are using.

(Mame) #1436

How awesome!!
this is what I eat (without) bacon I guess, when I eat at a mexican restaurant but I have to combine things and ask that the beans and rice be held.


Dinner a little while ago before cutting grass… 4 Dungeness Crab and 1 Snow Crab.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1438

Baked pork chops topped with Rao’s marinara & mozzarella



Today’s lunch… and definitely a NEW FAVORITE!!! … Taco Omelette! :yum:

(Ashley) #1440

That looks fantastic


Thanks Ashley! :slight_smile::+1: … Just finished loading up the recipe in my Recipe Thread. … Recipe

I really like the way it came out, and it was quite tasty indeed. :slight_smile:


Easy Microwaved Cheese Sauce!

Wow! I am in awe.

I had read about sodium citrate, but had never really thought it was so easy to make a cheese sauce with it. I am wrong. I finally ordered some from Amazon. It came Friday and I immediately tried it. Wow. I did a half-batch of this recipe:

  • 1+1/8 cup of water
  • 11 grams sodium citrate
  • 4 cups of cheese

So I did just over a half-cup of water, 5 grams of sodium citrate, and an 8-ounce bag of shredded Mexican cheese. I did it in the microwave by pulse cooking it – nuke for 60 seconds, whisk, nuke for 30 seconds, whisk, and repeat until it’s nice and creamy.

A luxurious cheese sauce in just minutes! And just imagine all the variations that can be done with different cheeses and spices!

I put most of the batch into a storage container, and it firmed up a bit in the fridge. Less firm than a block of Velveeta cheese, but probably still sliceable, but a bit sticky. Later, when I spooned out a few portions into a silicone baking cup to reheat in the microwave, it left indentations where I spooned it out. But later, it was back to a smooth surface in the container.

I’ve had it on nacho chips (made with Joseph’s Lavash Bread) and scrambled eggs. Delicious! And so much better than just melting shredded cheese on them, because the cheese stays nice and runny.

Our local Albertson’s had cheese on sale this weekend, so I bought five 8-ounce bags of finely shredded sharp cheddar for $1 per bag.

(Mame) #1443


Coronation chicken on a bit of shredded cabbage with fried paneer

(Jane) #1444

Strawberries from the garden

Keto bread french toast with cream cheese and strawberries


Tonight’s dinner was 100% grass fed Beef patties with spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles. The buns were homemade and I thought they turned out pretty decent. Served with chipotle coleslaw. F428F38C-BD93-424A-A007-7736F520F444