What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Tracy) #3347

They sell them where I live. The price prevented me from trying.

(Bacon for the Win) #3348

thank you!


Dinner… Coconut Cream Cheese Cake, Cauliflower and Top Sirloin.


IMG_6526 IMG_6525

(Neil) #3350

Rogue River Blue, the best cheese in the world:

Leftovers - flank steak, spinach, avocado, egg, Parmesan:

Sausages and eggs fried in heavy cream. Delicious! Definitely adding that to my bag of tricks for cooking eggs.

Sausages with onions and peppers in tomato sauce, topped with fresh basil and cheese:


Lunch… Top Sirloin, Fried Eggs and Onions. Also a slice of Coconut Cream Cheese Cake.



Dinner… Mushroom Chicken Bites, Spinach, and another slice of Coconut Cream Cheese Cake.


IMG_6531 IMG_6532

(Mame) #3352

Yum, reminds me of a parsnip pear soup I love so much!!
And now I am so curious about a tumeric/coconut Vietnamese omelette…
and @Digital_Dave thanks for the reminder that I want some egg fu yung! Have you updated your recipe recently?

I love, love, love fermented radish. I think it’s my favorite, I get it with just the radish


Needed some veg today. Stuffed mushrooms.

(Karen) #3354

image Delicata, kale, pork with harissa, mustard vinaigrette, pepitas

(Tracy) #3355

My kimchi is making all kinds of demonic sounds. That means it’s fermenting.


Pastrami short ribs

(Neil) #3357

Caramelized cream fried eggs, bacon-wrapped sausages stuffed with jalapeños and cheese, enoki mushrooms sautéed with garlic and drizzled with toasted sesame oil, and a sliced avocado:

Harvest salad: ribeye (sous vide), charred Brussels sprouts, local arugula, pecans, pepitas, red onion, Rogue Creamery “Brutal Blue” cheese, and a white wine vinaigrette:

(Karen) #3358

New subway protein bowls plus double your meat

Sounds good

(Karen) #3359

Dinner: beef strips with lemon grass/ turmeric, zoodles, cabbage, and pickled radishes/carrotsimage

(Diane) #3360

I was thinking bad ass!

(Jody) #3361

To go with my raw ground beef tonight, I made some carnivore egg salad (eggs and butter). Tonight, I decided to use soft-boiled eggs, so it would be even more moist … got this shot as I started, just look at the color of those yolks!!!

Here is the final outcome alongside the 1lb of ground beef.

(FRANK) #3362

@Digital_Dave: Recipe for the coconut cream cheese cake?

(Tracy) #3363

That’s better than a foot of bread if you have to eat out. I still can’t bring myself to eat anything someone else makes. But again, a better option than bread.

(Laurie) #3364

For years I would order a “meatball salad” at Subway. Spinach, peppers – whatever I wanted for the salad part – with meatballs and sauce on top. Plus shredded cheese and chipotle dressing. People standing in line would always say, “That looks so good!”

And I did enjoy it. But keep in mind that the meat portions are small, and both meatballs and sliced meats contain carby fillers. And shredded cheese and salad dressing contain carbs …

Still, better than eating Subway bread.


Here’s the recipe I use. I tried to keep it simple, but there are other things one can add such as pees, onions, etc. But this keeps it simple and it works for me. … The steps I used are located further up in the post linked below, but the only real change was the suggestion of using Glucomannan Powder to thicken the sauce, which works quite well and I use it for thickening a lot of sauce now. … I just make sure to get the pan hot which helps give the crispier edges. :slight_smile:


I plan on tweaking the recipe some more, especially since It was my first run at creating one. So I just winged it with basic ingredients I wanted to use. But though it actually came out pretty good as is, I did change up some stuff the last minute and I don’t think it helped overall. I should have stuck with the one I had originally came up with. … I’ll try to get to it sometime this weekend, and if so, will post the recipe. The crust was one thing I wasn’t sure of for this one, but really liked the results, but just need to cut back the ingredients to work better. It was a bit too thick, but almost reminded me of a Coconut Cookie base so I think it will work well once it’s the right amount. Some might find the thicker sides a bit too hard overall.