What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


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Went out to dinner this evening. I got grilled mahi-mahi with a charred tomato sauce and shrimp. As well as green beans. Non-keto girlfriend also ate a keto meal - herbed chicken with crab meat and green beans. The food was delicious!

image image

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That is true. No bread involved. BMT

With carbs at 13. This is with a single serving of meat. For an additional two dollars from the website shown above you get twice the protein. Still I know not homemade and maybe not the best choice

(Jody) #3370

Finished my fastest logged 9.2 mile run today … so I fueled up tonight.

1.2lb Ribeye, 1 pack bacon, some shrimp and 3 tbs butter. Not pictured were 3 raw chicken livers.

(Look … something other than ground beef :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Leftovers for breakfastimage

(Karen) #3372

Lemon grass beef leftovers for lunchimage

(Neil) #3373

Started the day off with cheese, as usual:

Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, avocado:

Pork tenderloin stuffed with blue cheese, pecans, diced onions, and herbs:

(Karen) #3374

Italian sausage, purple cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, and green harissaimage

(Jody) #3375

Sunday OMAD:

Smoked Chicken Thigns

Pork belly cooked in its own rendered fat.


There is a Korean radish called moo that is traditional - and I love the Kimchi made from it. It stays crispy through the fermentation process, even if you leave it sit a long time. It is mild flavored, so doesn’t interfere with the Kimchi spiced flavors. It’s my favorite - I love Kimchi.

(Tracy) #3377

I’d love to know how to smoke chicken without the skin turning to leather. I’ve tried brining, patting it dry, only smoking for a short time then finishing in the oven. Nothing has worked. Any advice?

(Anthony) #3378

Hotter temperature, 325. There’s no/little collagen or connective tissue to break down which is why pork/beef respond so well to low and slow.

(Tracy) #3379

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

(Jody) #3380

There is a point where it will go from leather to crispy.

I put a pat of butter under the skin (on the meat and cover with the skin) and put that on the grill. That’s all I do for the thighs.

When I do a whole chicken, I just do it long enough that it just crispy (the fat will melt, drain and then the skin starts to get crispy).


I cook any chicken with skin in the oven, in a water bath. To my surprise, humidity at high temps (400 degree oven) crisps chicken amazingly. I love the crispy skin, it’s chicken bacon to me. The meat is incredibly tender that way too. And the remaining water is delicious broth, for soup, or gravy, or just a cup of hot broth, or whatever tickles your fancy.

(Laurie) #3382

Wow, how much water?


A finger deep or so, depends on the height of the piece of chicken. Just to keep the no-skin side wet and let water evaporate. You may want to check and refill as needed at first. It also keeps the meat super tender, even if you cook too long. If you want more broth, use more water, but of course make sure the skin is exposed, otherwise no chicken bacon. And now I have talked myself into making some chicken. :slight_smile: Oh, and I test for doneness by simply hitting it with a fork. If it sounds/feels hollow, it’s done, the skin has separated from the chicken meat.

(Laurie) #3384

Thank you for the detailed instructions!

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Dinner. Red curry chicken with jicama, cabbage, oranges, mint, lime. Bit too spicy for me