What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Karen) #3327

image image
Delicata, and sausage

(Karen) #3328

Dinnerimage chicken piccata with zoodles

(Karen) #3329

Sheet Pan salmon with chimichurriimage

(Ashley) #3330

Not much to look at but chicken and burger with bacon and cheese cut up


Dinner… Chicken Liver and Collard Greens.


(Alex ) #3332

it was actually really nice, probably because of the amount of butter in it!

(Alex ) #3333

Some food happenings from the last few days, have had some carby days over Christmas & NY, not gonna lie, so going kicking and screaming back into some high fat living!

(Jody) #3334

Made this and it was AMAZING! Even non-keto people liked it.


Lunch… Chopped Steak and Eggs.


(Tracy) #3336

I assume you make your own kimchi? My gochugaru will be here tomorrow so I can get my ferment on. I wonder how other veggies would turn out if you used all the kimchi ingredients but swapped out the Napa cabbage? I could see cauliflower being a good option.

(Tracy) #3337

That’s creative. I like it.

(Neil) #3338

Sadly no, I can’t take any credit for the kimchi. I just bought it from the grocery store. I checked the label to make sure there was nothing fishy in there, though – apart from the fish sauce :slight_smile:

(Neil) #3339

Feta with olive oil and Greek herbs:

Avocado and baked eggs with mint and feta:

Vietnamese coconut and turmeric omelettes:

Bacon-wrapped sausages stuffed with jalapeños and cheese:

Baked Brie with balsamic pecans and herbs:

(Tracy) #3340

It’s the easiest thing you could ever make. You just stuff it into a jar and wait. I’ll upload some pics and a recipe when I get my pepper powder.


Last night’s Dinner…

IMG_6497 IMG_6496

Today’s meals…

IMG_6498 IMG_6501

IMG_6510 IMG_6513

Didn’t eat but a little of the Cauliflower. Just wasn’t feeling it, so put it away for tomorrow. … Also decided on making a first run on a keto Coconut Cream Cheese Cake. - I need to finish topping tomorrow. Trying a few ideas I had and go from there. But at least the first part looks ok so far.



Pastrami. From brisket. Sous vide and smoked. With sauerkraut.


(Karen) #3343

I am seeing kettle and fire keto soups. Has anyone tried them.? Seems to be a new product and fairly in the keto range for one cup

(Bacon for the Win) #3344

what times did you use for the sous vide and then for the smoker? I think I want to do it this way next time.


I used the approach described here https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/forum/the-pit-mastery-program/beef-steak-brisket-roasts-prime-rib-etc/148541-svq-pastrami-perfected

You might have to be a member but you can get a free trial. Only web forum i pay for gladly


Here’s the basic recipe https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/beef-and-bison-recipes/home-made-pastrami-thats-close-katzs-recipe but sv instead of steam