What did you Keto today? Part Deux!


Whenever my husband does something in a less than stellar fashion (very rare!) it’s all about ‘getting a baseline’ :laughing:


:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: my husband and I go through the same thing, except we are on opposite sides, I tell him to make it like the recipe to get a baseline and he always wants to add just a few little other things.

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Well dang, I didn’t think I was hungry until reading the new posts in this thread. LOL I seriously want to come live with some of you!!

Hubby and I went to an early dinner. I came home after running some errands and he said “When did you last eat?” I said “Yesterday.” lololol

I had some prime rib with braised cabbage. I only ate a couple of bites of the cabbage…wasn’t a fan. It was over-cooked to me…had lost all “bite” and was kind of mushy. I also think it might have had some sugar in it (I didn’t think to ask ahead of time).


Well, the duck finally got done. :+1: … So we just finished up and since I’m not working tomorrow, plan to put a little time in before bed to let the tummy settle. - Rotisserie Duck, (Including Heart, Liver and Gizzard) home made Cole Slaw, Deviled Eggs, piece of Salmon, Pickles, Olives, Cauliflower/Egg Salad and a Salad.

And for those who actually read all the silliness with these images, please keep in mind that when typing in the words, ‘Rotisserie Duck’, that the letters U and I, are right next to each other!!! :flushed::crazy_face: :smile: The wife was cracking up laughing when I told her what I did. Saw it and said, NOPE! that’s a major typo!

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As are D and F :slight_smile:

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At least you understand the rules of marriage.


Ya know, I didn’t even think of that. :smile:

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That duck looks delicious. I’m getting good at spotting your meals, without looking at the posters name. Those pickles, olives and deviled eggs are your signature.


lol :smile: … Thanks!

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24 years, have learned SOME things :wink:

You get to know relative key positions pretty well when you are checking stuff as your job. And that’s a pretty dangerous one :slight_smile:

“pickles, olives and deviled eggs Dave” is just too long to be an effective nickname :slight_smile:

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Mmm, that does look good.


Thank you for the inspiration :grin:

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I used to live in Maryland–I miss this! :sob:


My first chicharones! Ever!

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And they’re special!


That’s how I roll.


Roasted Chicken Thigh Salad with Sweet Chilli Mayo & Sriracha

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I always want to eat this stuff :slight_smile:

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If you’re tired of the whole “our steak is thicker than Jenny McCarthy” competition that seems to go on with other restaurants, this 24 hour sous vide rump is for you! Sliced thinner means more surface area for the same weight, which means more flash-seared crust to enjoy! On the side is our house-created Doodlezoodles, a special combination of daikon and zucchini noodles, bringing an exotic fusion element to the dish. Chef’s special wasabi paste is the final zing that takes this dish beyond perfection to you.



Making up for years of ‘undressed’ salads. They’re not nearly as interesting as they sound :grin: