What did you Keto today? Part Deux!


The Wife has taken a liken to the Salt and Pepper Pork Rinds lately. :slight_smile:


Do you have a recipe? This looks incredible!

(Ellen) #8066

I agree, recipe please.

(Alec) #8067

It’s actually really simple as I can’t cope with complicated cooking.

  1. Chop 4 rashers of streaky bacon, half an onion and 4 big mushrooms, and fry in some olive oil for 5 mins.
  2. Put 5 medium eggs into an oven bowl and add 500ml of cream, stir and break up the yolks.
  3. Add some shredded cheddar and shaved Parmesan and some salt and stir some more.
  4. Add in the cooked bacon, mushroom and onion mix, and stir some more.
  5. Cook for 40 mins in the oven at around 200c.
  6. Eat. Numnumnum…

I have in the past put in some sundried tomatoes, but I forgot to buy them yesterday. It tasted just as good (maybe better) without them.

(Ellen) #8068

Thanks, that’s now in recipe pile (plus thanks for using actual measurements rather than cups), sorry US people but a cup isn’t a standard unit of measurement.


I love one-dish meals! I will be trying it this week. Thanks!

(traci simpson) #8070

Two stuffed hamburger patties with lettuce and homemade slaw and on top salsa and guacamole

(Full Metal Keto) #8071

I agree Ellen, and it’s as much of a dilemma for us to figure out an accurate gram equivalent of a cup as it is for anyone, since it’s inaccurate. Lots of people have recipes from family in cups. Cups are good for liquid measure, but not chopped random shaped stuff or flours. I wish the US would convert to metric too.



Made bbq chicken thighs with my homemade sauce from last week, broccoli salad that’s half cheese and bacon, a pile of salt delivery devices, and a homemade keto almond butter bar

(Full Metal Keto) #8073

Smokey Cajun Spare Ribs

More than I can eat!

Homemade Fermented Foods Sampler

Clockwise: Garlic Dill Chips, Kimchi, Indian Currykraut, Experimental Thai Citrus “Kimchi”, Fennel Seed Sauerkraut, Hot & Sweet Pickled Peppers in the center. :man_cook:t3:


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(Jane) #8077

It is for liquid measurements because it measures volume and not weight. I am an engineer so density calcs are in my DNA

(Troy) #8078

Mustard w Horseradish
Not pictured—- 4 eggs that I fried up and ate prior.

(Carol) #8079

I haven’t made a treat in over 9 months but this looks really good to me. Is there a recipe you can share?


Dinner from tonight, kind-of a plate-fest, also about 6-7 hours ago. … Big Salad, Chicken Gizzards, Deviled Eggs (with scallions & Thousand Islands), Pickles, Olives, 3 Bacon wrapped Jalopena Peppers, Kale, Top Sirloin Steak and Mushrooms and even had some Chocolate and Halo Top Ice Cream.

(Allie) #8081

Eggs and avocado, usual fatty coffee and Bulgarian extra fatty yoghurt :heart:

(Jacqueline Porter) #8082

The French call this buerre noisette! Very nice :yum:

(Jacqueline Porter) #8083

Cor! What cut of meat is that?