What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

(Jody) #7924

That is one thing I do miss … I have ALWAYS loved Cottage Cheese ! (Even as a kid on the SAD)

(Graci) #7925

Oh my, I loved cottage cheese, when I was a kid I got burnt to a crisp swimming at the river all day and a dear friend of the family who was watching us while my mom was out of town gave me cottage cheese and grapes everyday for “healing purposes” lol, I was in heaven :innocent: However at some point cottage cheese started causing a crazy insulin response for me, I would eat it and gain weight and crash like I had eaten sugar :sob:

(Clare) #7926

I’ll have the seconds then because mine is well and truly broken! :rofl:

(Full Metal Keto) #7927

Antipasto Salad

Pepperoni, mozzarella, peperoncini, kalamata olives, giardiniera, Kumato tomatoes and Parmesan on top. There is a green salad with Italian dressing hiding under all the yummy toppings. I am really loving the giardiniera lately. I’m almost always TMAD except sometimes when my boy is here, but I got hungry early today for some odd reason :thinking:.


(traci simpson) #7928

LOVE IT.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

(Troy) #7929


Shout out to #lazyketo

(Marie Dantoni) #7930

Zoodles with basil,walnuts and parmesan pesto.
Better than pasta !

(traci simpson) #7931

Ham and cheese omelette


I really like Cottage Cheese too, but I actually don’t eat it much? Not sure why though? My wife picked it up the other day, and said she knew I hadn’t eaten it in a while. So I’ll eat it while it’s here, but it’s still not something I keep on hand. … I eat it plain, but do like adding in some stuff from time to time. :slight_smile:

Thanks. … Trying to eat my OMAD’s around mid-day for a week or so, to see if I see any differences. Only thing is, though I don’t mind re-heating foods, if I make a nice steak or something similar, first thing I want is a fork! :smile: … And reheating in a microwave does not usually improve the texture, etc. But I will try it for a while, if nothing else to see if I do see a difference. I surely don’t mind eating earlier. :slight_smile:


Wait til tomorrow, when I attempt my third OMAD! And then I will actually pull a Rabbit, INTO a hat! :smile:


I didn’t feel like thawing anything to cook tonight so I stopped at the store and filet mignon was stupid cheap so I made us 2 a piece. Yes, I ate it all.


Nice! … :+1:

Don’t blame ya one bit! :yum: Steak and Mushrooms are one of my overall favorites. :slight_smile:

(Full Metal Keto) #7936

Ribs & Kraut

Cajun Spiced Ribs and Dill Pickle Sauerkraut.


(Monique) #7937

The simple things are sometimes the most delicious: Smoked ham, cherry tomato, cheese and onion 3 egg (whipped with cream) omelette.
Cooked in olive oil.

(Monique) #7938

Your zoodles look amazing! How do you do them?

(Jane) #7939

Shrimp stuffed with jalapeños and cheese and wrapped in bacon.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #7940

Ughhhh that looks amazing @Janie

(Jane) #7941

I really miss the restaurants in Houston! This was at Pappasito’s and expensive but so yummy. There was drawn butter on the side to dip the shrimp in. My company paid for mine and I treated my son and family.

Was fun talking dinosaurs with my grandsons. They are ages 4 and 7 and they played a game with me to name a dinosaur I didn’t know. They named several I hadn’t heard of! And some I had but I told them I hadn’t because well… that’s what Grandma’s do. :wink:

(Clare) #7942

Cream in my coffee this morning - I tried to fast til lunch yesterday…not sure if that contributed to my awful day. I didn’t necessarily ‘feel’ hungry, more like I needed to feed my brain…does anyone else get this feeling?

(Jody) #7943

I love cream in my coffee, but I noticed it’s easier to fast when I don’t have it.