What did you Keto today? Part Deux!


Mom still in town but is visiting with friends again tonight so I cooked up steaks and only steaks for dinner because my brain has snapped and it’s all I want to eat now. Earlier today I ate bacon and only bacon. So weird for me, lol. Getting much better at steak making. These are just $8 a pack steaks I got at Target and all I seasoned them with is salt and put a pat of butter on top and they are the best I have cooked so far.
I like a nice crispy sear and I’m starting to think they should make the smell of a good steak sear into a perfume

(Karen) #7704

Another meal from Mealime
Chicken korma with cilantro cauliflower rice. Thickened with a bit of Xantham gum, but I don’t really love the mouth feel of Xantham gum.

(Ashley) #7705

Your dog is so hopeful!


I may have saved several bites for her and her sibling :shushing_face:


I’ve been adding it to baked goods but I haven’t tried a sauce with it yet because it thickens sooooo fast. I tried to add some to some chicken soup recently and it clumped into a blob even though I tried premixing it with water first. That you were able to blend it so well into the sauce is amazing to me, lol


Tried it in some Chicken soup (just thrown together) recently, and it actually made it like almost jellied? and couldn’t get it to smooth too well. Didn’t think I added much, but maybe it was still too much?

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Great. Thanks for the info!

(Jane) #7710

In return for the delicious bacon/chicken/mushroom/Alfredo dinner my husband cooked, I made him a vanilla mug cake topped with homemade clotted cream, blueberries and strawberries I picked this evening from the garden.

In addition to cinnamon I add a pinch of cardamom and grate some nutmeg. I also sprinkled a bit of erithrytol over the fruit. He loves these keto desserts!

Btw, pre-keto chicken Alfredo over pasta was one of his go-to meals. He winked at me and said he “keto-fied” it. No pasta, extra butter, bacon. So much better than the old way! I don’t miss the pasta at all. I did early on because we made it a lot since quick and easy dinner but now I don’t.


I ended up with gelatinous globs that I was thankfully able to strain out. I guess it’s super effective and I need to learn more about it :grimacing:


You and me both, @Acnickel. :slight_smile: … But I purchased it a while back but just never fooled with it much. But I do plan to try working with it more to see if I can get a handle on it.

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What I do with stir fry is when the food is cooked, all the seasoning are in, I grab pinches with my finger and thumb and dust as little into the boiling liquid at a time as I can stirring vigorously. Thickening happens a little slower with no clumping. The other way is to use the same technique but into a little bowl as you mentioned. But sprinkle with pinched fingers whisking vigorously at the same time. It takes about 10 minutes to fully thicken and will thicken more when it gets heated. Tricky for sure but not bad if you get the hang of it and not a yuck mouth feel if you don’t over add it. Easy to put too much and end up with a clumpy mess and this works best for me. I use about 1/8 teaspoon for a stir fry, usually I don’t need more. You can also make roux with it, doesn’t take much and it will brown much faster than flour so you have to be watchful.

1 1/2 tsp. Xanthan Gum

1 stick of butter or half cup of fat


(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #7714

I agree with @David_Stilley, they aren’t disgusting. But I also think they aren’t worth the trouble. I think they demonstrate that entertainment has always been an aspect of cuisine.

I do quite like tea eggs though.

(Full Metal Keto) #7715

@Ruina I’m planning to do keto Red Cooked Chicken and Eggs soon. Tea eggs reminded me of it. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Karen) #7716

To start with a used very little and I sprinkled it over the entire pan, but still it just has a Gelatinous mouth feel

(Jacqueline Porter) #7717

Omg I love your little dog in the background!:heart_eyes:

(Allie) #7718

Avocado, eggs and sour cream. With the size of the eggs my clever girls are producing, I may have to reduce from four to three eggs each time :joy:

@x-Dena-x Maud’s egg isn’t so distinctive today, it’s the best she’s made yet as she’s feeling proud :grinning:

(Diane) #7719

I like glucomannan powder (AKA konjac flour or powder) for thickening hot liquids. It’s a much better low carb replacement for cornstarch. I’m attaching the notes I made for myself regarding low carb thickeners after listening to a podcast with Carrie Brown (back in September 2018).

(Allie) #7720

I made celeriac fries.



I’ve heard her talk about konjac flour before and I meant to add it to my next foodstuffs order from vitacost it amazon but completely forgot. I like a good gravy so I really need to try it. The xantham gum does work well in baked goods, especially cookies.

(Full Metal Keto) #7722

Okay @Shortstuff, I gotta ask about the celeriac fries (surprised you didn’t refer to them as chips), how are they? I always thought celeriac was too high carb to mess with, I have been thinking about trying Jicama fries as jicama is quite inexpensive here compared with celeriac. :cowboy_hat_face: