What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

(Stylee) #3252

I used to cook Chinese food for a living, I use a tiny amount of xantham gum whisked into the bubbling sauce to do the same. Careful it’s easy to put too much, I pinch and sprinkle into the hot liquid while vigorously stirring. And I love Túong Ót Tói, careful about the quality though. Chili paste is more of a weakness than sugar for me, also Oyster Sauce.

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So good I had to have it today again, Dirty scrambled eggs with sweet peppers, arugula and spinach with machego cheese and a dollop of sour cream. And the obligatory :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:of course!

(Dirty eggs is when you cooked some bacon first and scrape all the yummy residue from the bacon free and it makes the eggs look dirty!:yum:)

And I love all you guy’s keto food porn!

(Claudia) #3254

Doesn’t look like much but it was really yummy.
I had to fix my overly salted and spiced red curry ground beef, so I added Mascarpone, and since I was throwing some cabbage into my food processor for coleslaw, I added the sliced stalks into the container. Really good flavor balance…

(Clare) #3255

Good old Diet Doctor came to the rescue tonight! Eggs baked in ground beef and sprinkled with grated cheese. Very nice actually!

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Such a creature has never existed at my place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ellen) #3257

No pic (in deference to @dlc96_darren distaste of previous) but tonight was a fry up, bacon, sausages & scrambled eggs with some s/f ketchup for sausage dipping.


Had fajitas for lunch.

(Photos from before I mixed it all up!)

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Today I tried my hand at keto lasagne inspired by the “Help, my friend invited me to dinner and she’s making lasagne” thread. I grilled the eggplant and zucchini to use as “noodles”. Didn’t quite set up even though I added eggs to the ricotta cheese. Tasty though😋!

(Roxanne) #3260

After several days of converting 40 pounds of pork leg/shoulder into sausage, I was left with a lot of skin. Google to the rescue! https://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/homemade-chicharrones-pork-rinds-low-carb-and-gluten-free/

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@juice take a look at these…!

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3262

Ayup, that’s basically how I did mine, too, and they appear to be great. Well, apart from the fact that I oversalted them…

I have a photo, and will do a writeup today (err, hopefully, not making many promises about things right now) about the process, but yeah, simple once you have it down.

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(Heather Meyer) #3264

24hr Break-Fast meal… A simple, easy meal post workout.

OMAD of Fresh Cucumber slices and homemade Ranch alongside Europian Weiners. I figure somthing light right before bed.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3265

Yesterday lunch: stuffed beef burger, bacon, sous vide poached egg, avocado, sour cream, masadam cheese.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3266

Yesterday dinner: rump steak, cauliflower puree, cherry tomatoes


Well, I ran out of likes somewhere around a hundred-plus post ago, but was nice to finally get caught up on this thread at least. (First of many for my being gone the past week) … But my first Keto-Meal back at home last night was great. - Piece of Salmon, Bacon, Pickles & Olives. And a type of Creamy, Cheesy-Brussel Sprouts mix with Shrimp & Bacon the wife made up. Which was really quite good. … But very good to be back home! :slight_smile:


This was my diner. A little steak, sausage and fish. With cabbage carrots and some jalapeño juice all over the food.

(Ellen) #3269

Beef stew, perfect for coldish nights, 3 lots bagged up & frozen.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #3270

Friday night is burger night. Bacon/Cheeseburger Salad with Cornichons & Sriracha

(Allie) #3271

Sitting at my desk eating. There’s olives and sardines under these pickles… and extra EVOO.