What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

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“The best meat is the on-sale meat” Juice 2019

(Sophie) #3173


This is really lovely. I remember my first Scotch egg. It was 1998 and my first trip to North Yorkshire, in a small local pub that had free range chickens. We sat at picnic tables outside with the chickens all around us. I remember coming home and looking for recipes online. Ha! I only found one in the whole www.! So much has changed. Keep up the good work! :+1:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3174

Sophisticated breakfast: creamy sous vide eggs, market-sourced crispy bacon, pan-fried garlic bread, and finished with house-made Hollandaise sauce.

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A slow-cooked (36-hour) brisket, cooked in a Cajun/tomato sauce, and presented with a cauliflower puree and Asian greens, both dressed with a salted Australian butter pat.

(Candice) #3176

Are you married? (Just asking :wink:)

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Difficult as it is to believe, yes indeed. 24 years last week.


(Jody) #3178

OMAD for Sunday night. Salad (w/ homemade Mayo, butter lettuce, shredded cheese, Shrimp and bacon), Teaton Waters Sausage, 2 deviled eggs, Ham, swiss cheese, olives, and 1/4 roasted duck (breast/wing quarter).

Not pictured: 1 string cheese, 1 cube Keto-fied peanut butter fudge

Here is the fudge (BEFORE the Lily’s Dark Chocolate layer):

and after the dark chocolate layer:

(Jane) #3179

I have two plates just like that! Can’t remember where we picked them up… World Market or Kohl’s maybe. Or Kroger.

Love them.

Bulletproof Coffee
(Stylee) #3180

Sorry no pics, but I have never been a fan of arugula. I think it’s mostly the smell and I am no real fond of mustard type veggies anyway. But I bought a package of arugula and spinach for my lady friend whom I am visiting. She said she liked arugula but after a salad said “I don’t like this as much as I thought “. So a big tub of arugula mix in the fridge this morning and I decided to use a huge handful in my scrambled eggs and added some machego cheese and a Roma tomato fried up in bacon grease after cooking up my morning bacon and guess what, :yum: YUMMY! I will buy arugula again when I get home.

(Stylee) #3181

Baby Bok Choy is my favorite green veg. Goes with anything. I blanch for 30 seconds and stir fry it with coconut oil and pink salt, white pepper. Maybe a bit of garlic sometimes.

That’s an awesome OMAD you have there. Any low carb meal with shrimp, duck and sausage too is a total yum fest.

(Diane) #3182

Breakfast today is doctored up leftovers. Fried meatloaf with sharp cheddar, carmelized onions, quick homemade BBQ sauce (no sugar ketchup, Frank’s hot sauce, a bit of Worcestershire sauce, pink salt and fresh cracked black pepper), baby dill pickles and olives.


My first OMAD meal ever! And maybe the hugest meal I’ve ever made for myself :joy:

  • avocado mash (just one medium sized organic avocado smushed up)
  • asparagus with 20g of grassfed butter (just before it melted :yum:)
  • local butchers bacon
  • same local butchers sausage (hashed with one egg)
    aaaaand lots of pink salt and some cracked pepper. let’s see how long it takes to eat (jk i’m a pro - it’ll be gone in moments)

ps there was an unphotographed block of cheddar cheese eaten and one coffee with hwc drank during this meal prep. and that’s all 'til tomorrow! wheeeee can’t wait.


:drooling_face: olives with everything - yes plz!

(Stylee) #3185


Especially true for myself and especially true if the green olives have jalapeño pepper inside of them :yum:


Mine too, but only because when I was a cashier it came up on the register screen as “Bok Choy, Baby”

(Stylee) #3187

I recently read an article about Bok Choy becoming the next broccoli/kale superfood status veg. It has the most balanced mix of antioxidants of any vegetable meaning it has significant quantities of most of them. Top of the list balance wise.

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(Doug) #3189

You good people are killing it, as far as posting some beautiful pictures. :slightly_smiling_face:


(Deborah ) #3190

Those look delicious!!

(Allie) #3191

Prepped for tomorrow. Pickles, olives, Boursin, and mackerel in one tub. Plain Bulgarian yoghurt and nutritional yeast flakes (it’s actually really good, sometimes I add chia seeds too) in the other.

I’ll be having ribeye and eggs for breakfast with a fatty decaf coffee.