What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #2008

THIS :point_up:
Is post no. 2000 on this thread!

Congrats! Your new car should arrive any moment now…


I shall sell it & spend the money on ham, cheese & pickles :grinning:

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #2010

That’s a lot of pickles.
Careful, it might lure Dave in…

(Kristin) #2011

The last 2 days I have been accidentally OMAD. I’ve just been too busy all the way up until night time to eat. Yesterday I was just going to fast all the way through, but my husband wanted to stop and eat on the way home to give traffic a chance to die down. I had a salad, steak and veggie side.

Tonight was a casserole with meat, bell pepper and cheese. Not pictured was nuts, cole slaw, more cheese :flushed: and dark chocolate.


Pork rind donut holes! Fried in tallow, and dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg and monkfruit/erythritol blend.

(it's official - I'm forked) #2013

Pulled Brisket: the Pickle Dave tribute edition - 200g of 36-hour slow-cooked brisket, with pickled jalapenos, fire-roasted capsicum strips and sour cream, with a magnificent dill pickle crowning the dish, giving it the perfect touch of crunch and brightness.


You say so much more with one pickle than I could with half a dozen or so :pray:

(Karen) #2015

Dramatic photo. And yum!


My clock-lunch today. Beef sautéed in butter and garlic and a coffee with cream, cocoa, cinnamon and an egg. First time doing the egg in my coffee thing. Other than making the foam more substantial I don’t really taste any difference. Might be a good way to get eggs in!


I hope you dipped the beef pieces in the egg-coffee. :cut_of_meat::coffee:

I mean, that’s what I was imagining when I looked at the picture.



(it's official - I'm forked) #2019

See, it works! :slight_smile:


You Pickle People are just Dill-lusional! :smile: :crazy_face:

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(Troy) #2022

“Pork rind donut holes! Fried in tallow, and dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg and monkfruit/erythritol blend”

Recipe please?

(it's official - I'm forked) #2023

Masses of market-sourced bacon, with local sous vide eggs for the perfect creaminess to give a classic texture contrast.

(it's official - I'm forked) #2024

Pork Belly with a soy sauce reduction. The pork belly spends the day in the sous vide in a soy sauce and salt mix. Then it is removed and rested, while the juices and soy sauce are reduced in a heritage cast iron pan to a sticky, gooey consistency and then dribbled over the pork, giving a salty counterpoint to the richness of the fat. Cherry tomatoes provide an acidic balance, while pan fried bok choy and steamed broccoli contribute the perfect support.

(Mike W.) #2025

So phallic.

(it's official - I'm forked) #2026

Blame Pickle Dave.


Um, …nope. - I ain’t got nothing to do with your Pickle-Juice. :laughing: