What did you Keto today? Part Deux!

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Thanks Safi!
Love this forum and this thread’s my favorite because there’s a lot of food love goin’ on!


I get loads of ideas here :grin: Part of the reason I don’t fast!


I think this is one reason keto works for me. Instead of the self flagellation of calorie counting, we’re learning healthy ways to enjoy our food. It’s a celebration of what we can have, not guilt trips about what we can’t.

Both ways are about increasing self-control. But positive reinforcement works better than negative as a first step in learning. Negative reinforcement has its place, but should be used more sparingly.

I see it with my students all the time. Instead of yelling at them to sit down and pay attention, we sing a silly hello song. Emotionally easier for everyone involved, and much quicker results. Grownups are the same. You just change what the positive reinforcement is. Personally, I prefer bacon to a silly hello song.

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Wise words from the East. As ever.

And that’s why we call it “carb withdrawal” :slight_smile:

(Allie) #1992

Still not well here, decided to have breakfast at 630am :joy: sausages (Tesco Finest which are 1.5 carbs each), four eggs scrambled in ghee with salt and pepper, and of course my homemade turmeric mayo - oh, and a fatty decaf coffee with a raw egg blended into it.

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:joy: no really not, I struggled to finish it :joy:

(Bob M) #1995

No picture (doesn’t look great). Seafood “salad” for “blunch” (no breakfast, went to gym, ate blunch at 10:45am). 3 tablespoons EVOO, red wine and apple cider vinegar (did not measure), 11 ounces shrimp, 1 package mussels, 1 can tuna, 58g olives. 1001 calories, 67.75g fat (61%), 98g protein (39%), 6g carbs (estimated - jar of olives says zero grams carbs per 15g olives, but I assumed 4g carbs for the 58g of olives I ate, 2g from mussels; probably higher, though, as shrimp usually has carbs in them too).

Would probably drop 1 tablespoon or more EVOO, as I don’t mind drinking vinegar, but don’t see the need to drink EVOO.


Eggcellent! :egg:

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This exactly.
I’ve read SO many posts from people in distress about foods they cannot have. I rarely have this problem because it’s easy to focus on wonderful foods that I can have!
These meals I post pics of usually take only about 5-15 minutes of active prep/cooking time.


The same is true when talking to people about what I eat. They are far more distressed than I am. Comforting them takes so much unnecessary mental energy. :roll_eyes:

(Diane) #1999

Late breakfast. Cheddar jalapeño sausages with a large omelet with carmelized onions, blackened (accidentally!) broccoli & sharp cheddar with a dollop of sour cream

(Jase) #2000

Struggling to keep up with this, been a couple of months.back in Poland and meat feast as good as ever

(Karen) #2001

Almost completely done with putting ornaments on our tiny tree. I probably have 30 more ornaments. Was wanting fish and salad this evening. Pecans and Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and bacon fat. DH Ended up with some pesto, sun-dried tomato cavatappi too.

Getting all artsy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit low effort today but pretty tasty :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aussie Pickle Dave :slight_smile:

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Relaxing outdoors on our alfresco terrace as the weather warms up, dining on our finest handcrafted chicken sausages topped with swiss-brown mushrooms and house-blend gravy. Pan-fried broccoli and cabbage round out the dish.

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This should be goal for us all… Low effort and tasty!


True that - & it still beats peeling the lid off of a low fat yoghurt :grin:


The pared back version but I won’t deny Pickle Dave was my inspiration :slightly_smiling_face: