What did you Keto today? Nom Nomvember (Part IX)


That actually sounds good :wink: I don’t think I ever had BBQ sauce (or I didn’t know about it. who knows what I had in restaurants?) but I had BBQ spice and that was awesome. And I like lots of condiments, I just use very little since I try to stay close to carnivore.
Most meat is fine with just salt for me, I am a simple one regarding that, I barely ever even eat stews and I loved them. I have my condiments with eggs and cheese, usually.
Of course it is probably lovely to eat meat with some extra flavor once in a blue moon even if one is me…

(Allie) #62

I just made curry with zero carb noodles because I couldn’t be bothered making naan bread.

(Jane) #63

Leftover turkey in curry sauce. Plus some broccoli and peppers.