What did you Keto today? Nom Nomvember (Part IX)


The noodles are pretty straight forward to make once you have the spherification ingredients.

You can follow the recipe below. You can omit the lupin flour. You can also use boiled egg yolk in place of egg yolk powder. To make spaetzle shape, you just need to start/stop quite often when squeezing the noodle. Otherwise, to make regular noodles - just squeeze continuously like in the video.

PS: To get the ramen flavour, just add ramen seasoning or ramen broth once the noodles are done & being cooked. I just put some olive oil in a pan, add the noodles, add ramen seasoning & some pepper (optional) and stir fry for a few minutes. Butter is better to use though.

For the beef stir fry, you can use any recipe really. This below is good & keto. If you don’t use soy (I don’t), you can omit completely or use coconut aminos.

(Shannon) #42

Tried a keto friendly osso buco recipe with cauliflower rice last night. I splurged a little and added some rainbow carrots to the sauce, which I don’t normally eat.


Nigerian Cauliflower Fried Rice (cauliflower rice, curry, fried diced cow liver, prawns, green beans, peppers, red onions, carrots, thyme, ground white & black pepper)

Meal prep for next few days. I think I’ll have with turkey wings.

(Cathy) #44

Looks amazing and interesting noodles!

(Jane) #45

Faix spaghetti with angel hair cabbage and Rao sauce. Much quicker than spaghetti and only one skillet to clean up.

Not shown: sprinkled grated Parmesan cheese on top.

(Karen) #46


(Robin) #47

Yum. What kind of bread?


Cabbage Fufu and Efo Riro

Fufu is a kind of African dumpling but made with cabbage instead of the traditional starchy vegetables.

Efo Riro is a vegetable stew using amaranth leaves & various animal proteins. I am using beef, cow leg, cow skin, tripe, catfish, smoked prawns & dried hake fish.

I really love eating this :drooling_face:

(Allie) #49

It looks really interesting! :slightly_smiling_face:


I put it into another thread but I just must show it :smiley:
My marshmallow fluff!

Best carnivore dessert ever if you ask me. Except when I really desire sour cream.

I eat lots of pork as always (fried and roast, different cuts) and they are lovely and pretty but I just eat them without taking a shot. The camera was upstairs to make photos of Tofu (one of our cats) curled up on my bean bag anyway.


I reaaaaally want to make marshmallows. Is this using eggs whites?


Yes! I never cared about the not eggy ones as I really, really love whipped egg whites, not alone of course as that is very tasteless but with some flavoring, a tiny fat :slight_smile:
It’s heavily based on whipped egg whites. It has a tiny water for the gelatin, one yolk for 3 whites and not much whipped cream but it is still very noticeable and lovely in it. The original only had the yolk and flavorings and sweetener, no cream. It was nice but not as substantial (I added some melted chocolate but still wasn’t) and the texture is fluffy but not as creamy and I always ate up the whole thing…


Mmn, that sounds good. I try not to have dairy due to personal issues but I wonder if coconut cream will work. I might try this weekend.

(Jane) #54

Forgot to put anything out for dinner so whipped this up.

Riced cauliflower with onion, garlic and a small amount of jalapeño peppers. Added frozen shrimp I thawed out in 5 min and scrambled 2 eggs in it.

Wasn’t half bad! And ready in about 10-15 min


It’s useful to have quick recipes… I can wait a little nowadays but I like that I can make a tiny dish (like scrambled eggs from 2-5 eggs, I don’t like to make them bigger) in a few minutes, too bad it just makes me hungrier. But that’s why I always have some pork roast and sausages to eat :wink: The roast takes a long time but then I have food for a few meals. The meat slabs got so tiny lately at most places (most supermarkets I visit have no meat counters, just fridges with prepacked meat), I should train myself to put TWO into my mini oven… I easily eat up 600-700g pork a day lately (I try not to and fail. I don’t try too hard though, I don’t eat way too much, my non-meat food consumption dropped) and I liked when my roast lasted longer than 2 days…

(Laurie) #56

@Shinita I eat about that much meat per day, but mostly beef. Plus 3 eggs.



Two salmon fillets, creamy scrambled eggs, and an avocado.

(Jane) #58

Burnt ends pork belly

First smoke (2 hrs)

Added sauce, covered (1 hr)

Uncovered smoked another 20 min. Melt in your mouth good!


Oh my these photos are beautiful and I still have some fried pork in my fridge but I am glad I finally stopped eating, it was already too late for that but what can I do when unsatiated…?

And smoked, that must be really nice… I am quite in love with my perfectly fatty fried/roasted supermarket pork! If I had something better, that would be something extraordinary now…

What kind of sauce?

(Jane) #60

As low sugar BBQ sauce i can find with 2 Tablespoons of melted butter mixed in