What did you Keto today? Nom Nomvember (Part IX)


First meal of Nomvember : )

Last of my left over pork roast (and crackling).

Meat was diced up and fried with par boiled sprouts in some rendered pork fat and a little unsalted butter.

(Robin) #2

Nice title! And lovely meal!

(Doug) #3

There were 15 packages of beef, but only this one had the nice fat all dispersed throughout, so well.

(Robin) #4

Well played! Those look perfect!

(Christian Hirose Romeo Graham/廣瀬 グラハム クリスティン 路美男) #5

I had nothing all day, as I’m doing OMAD.


I ate all these, a tad more meat and an eggy, creamy coffee as well:

I didn’t eat it, I have a carni November and I don’t really desire fruit even when I have fruit seasons and I eat them but isn’t it cute? :smiley: A November strawberry! And it fits into keto easily as it must be below 1g (the whole fruit, I mean), it’s a mini strawberry. I have a big (I mean, numerous, the volume must be tiny) bunch of them every year, between June and November. The after-frost ones taste bad but we didn’t have frost yet.


Cooked up a few batches of things this evening as I’ll be working for 4 long-ass shifts after today, and decided on a ‘mixed platter’ for dinner ; )

Roasted chicken breast with smoked bacon, a ‘sort of chili’ with grated parmesan, and some tenderstem broccoli lurking underneath : )

(Karen) #8

Nothing. I was fasting. But I’m very much interested in having My breakfast. Ha ha

(Marianne) #9

Looks delicious! Brussels sprouts are my favorite, although I don’t eat them anymore. We used to have them every night for over a year and we never tired of them.

(Marianne) #10

This meal is a thing of beauty! On what other “diet” can people eat this way? I love keto! And they say it’s not sustainable.

(Shannon) #11

Slow-baked, bone-in chicken thighs cooked with olive oil, lemon and seasoning. Then throw in some Brussels Sprouts, turnip root, and green beans on a flat sheet so they soften from the leaky chicken fat.

(Allie) #12

Home made burgers with bacon, cheese, soured cream and guacamole.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #13

This morning I had six fried eggs over half a bag of spinach and arugula, I’ve been off the keto WOE/L due to my wife being in the hospital the last several months with liver failure due to an infection that ran through her body after a double mastectomy.
I’ve been driving around 200K weekly, back and forth from her hospital in DC and my house in Virginia Beach and mostly eating garbage along the way.
She received a transplant last weekend and I have been living in a hotel since with minimal resources kitchen wise so after feeling like hell I went out and bought a small Foreman Grill and a single burner hot plate and filled the mini fridge with greens, meat and eggs. I had my first Keto meal in weeks this morning and feel so much better for it.

Have a great day!

(Laurie) #14

Hi Shawn. When traveling, or in a new place, I live on fast food burger patties.

Congratulations on figuring out what needed to be done!

(Robin) #15

Good idea! Traveling plus stress can test us and our resolve. You did good!
Hope your wife is healing too!

(Allie) #16

I hope your wife recovers soon.


Pork tenderloin and some cheesy cauliflower with a sprinkle of pine nuts : )

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #18

I think I was eating garbage due to the stress of the situation. Usually stress doesn’t phase me but this was a different situation. Thanks for the suggestion.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #19

She’s doing well, thank you. She’ll be released from the hospital tomorrow, way ahead of schedule. She has done everything needed post surgery. The medical staff is very impressed.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #20

Thank you. She is well ahead of post op recovery and is being released tomorrow. We will be staying in the area for a post op appointment that should be either Tuesday or Wednesday.