What did you Keto today? Nom Nomvember (Part IX)



Left over pork tenderloin, soft boiled eggs, and avocado.

(Robin) #22

Colors are yummy too!


IDK how you make these painterly, a bit out-of-world photos but I always like to look at them :smiley:
Nice colors now, the orange-red and the green, wow.

You can peel soft-boiled eggs? Oh it’s almost a fully rhetorical question, I am aware I never will have that skill and no tricks ever could work. I like such eggs but almost never eat them due to the peeling problem. I can do it with a spoon so if I really want, I do but the whites aren’t perfect when the yolks are anyway so I just forget about my unrealistic desires.

Now as I can eat more meat and that’s more satiating anyway, it’s less and less of a problem, fortunately.


I’m not going to say that it isn’t a struggle sometimes :rofl:


Sigh. I want it to have perfectly hard-boiled egg whites anyway. And soft-boiled yolks. Sometimes I wonder about cooking them separately somehow but eggs don’t really work that way.
The closest I get is poached eggs, I love them but only if they are made in a tasty soup…

Maybe I should look up egg dishes, I lost a big of my passion towards eggs. Maybe it’s fine, meat is more satiating anyway… But it was nice to enjoy my beloved eggs.

(Shannon) #26

I have found that this method from the NY Times yields really well-cooked eggs, and ones that are really easy to peel. You basically steam the eggs rather than fully submerse them in boiling water. I have not tried 6 minutes for a warm, liquid yolk yet, but your picture looks so good, I will do it next time.

(Doug) #27

Shannon, I agree that it’s a good way to do it. Not sure why it makes a difference, but I’ve had better luck that way. I don’t remember having trouble with peeling eggs for most of my life, but about 3 years ago it just seemed to get brutally hard. It’s said that peeling goes better with eggs a few weeks old, rather than totally ‘fresh’ - may be, and I swear it’s still always somewhat of a roll of the dice.


I can’t read the article without creating a NY Times account, which I’d prefer not to do just for that xD But I’m sure I can Google the method : )

Aye, that’s the impression I had. The company that I get my eggs from even notes this on their orders, as the eggs are delivered freshly laid.

My method has always been to lightly crack the shells of the eggs after they’re boiled and sitting in cold water, making sure to also break the membrane so the water can seep in between. Does seem to help : )

(Doug) #29

:slightly_smiling_face: Ha! Have to try this. In all my years, I never heard of it, but yes - dealing with that membrane surely must be the key.


I tried every tricks, nothing helped with not fully cooked eggs.
Fully cooked eggs are ridiculously easy, no problem.

It seems not fully cooked eggs always produce too soft whites when I boil them.
While very hard-boiled eggs peel like a dream but we need to cook them on open fire or else I am just unable to set the timer for more than 15 mins and they won’t get fully cooked… But today I did 16 minutes, they must be okay! I left them in the hot water as I wasn’t there when it finished but it shouldn’t matter a thing.


Pork belly slices. Spinach, broccoli and bacon in a blue cheese sauce.

(Bob M) #32

Dare I put this here for soft boiled eggs?

I’ve never done this, though.

Oops, I meant this one:


Thanks, it’s a lovely read, I like the style :smiley:

Oh the texture of my boiled eggs may be important for me but not nearly important enough to warrant such experiments! :smiley: And I like experiments, actually… They usually are about eating the least (or cheapest in special experiments I didn’t do yet) and in a chillest way while being the most satiated all day.
I made plenty of recipes too when I wanted something but I was okay enough with my hard-boiled eggs (peeling is no issue, can be done over open fire using 30-50 eggs… and our pot isn’t even big, one day we buy a bigger one. not for eggs, we kinda regretted the 50 eggs too :smiley: it’s always 30 now), poached eggs (only for soups) and very soft-boiled eggs (can be poured out of the shell. and some spoon work for the white stuck to the shell).
But maybe I will experiment a tiny bit now… Blindly, I won’t be able to tell the temperature… Steaming eggs, I never did that except for egg pudding… And what if I don’t boil the water first when cooking eggs…? But I can’t lower the power below 200W… And that cooks the egg after boiled the water but maybe it’s different without…? Maybe I should know more about eggs with my (past?) egg mania (oh no I am sure I still have it, I just eat less eggs)…


I don’t know why this photo looks so disturbing… but it does xD

Beef and broccoli bake (topped with Stilton and pine nuts).

(Allie) #35

I’m sure it tasted better than that pic makes it look.

What have I had today… three eggs and a can of sardines for breakfast, two homemade burgers (each with 125g raw weight of 20% fat beef) and one two chicken thighs at work, then extra meal this evening that was a repeat of breakfast just because I felt hungry.

(J) #36

Center-cut sirloin and loaded broccoli.

(Shannon) #37

My equally disturbing photo of leftover zucchini boats.

(Robin) #38

Oh, I could handle that.


Spaetzle ramen noodles with stir fried beef and vegetables

(Spaetzle noodles made from egg yolk using spherification/noodlefication)

(Shannon) #40

Yum, is there a recipe out there for these? Are they difficult to make?