What are your top 5 Keto meals?

(traci simpson) #124

I buy so much ground beef and sausage now! You can make so many good things with it or just eat it alone with some cheese!

(Marianne) #125

I agree - we love both.

Can’t live without pork steaks and boneless pork ribs (very inexpensive cuts of meat). I pan sear them until the fat is caramelized, then put a dollup of bacon grease on them. We also like horseradish - love to serve meat with horseradish sour cream!

(Windmill Tilter) #126

Meal 1: 1lb of 80/20 hamburger crumbles with fat retained, salt pepper
Meal 2: 6 eggs, salt, pepper
Meal 3. 14.5 oz canned pink salmon, salt, pepper
Meal 4: 7 oz canned smoked herring, salt, pepper
Meal 5: See meal 1

That’s about 90% of my meals/calories for the last couple of months. I can’t decide whether to simply things a bit and get rid of the pepper, or add more variety by adding a sweet potato to meal 5.

It’s already two days into the new year but I’m still on the fence. :thinking:

(traci simpson) #127

I found some great shredded sirloin at an Amish market and let me tell you, it just melts in my mouth!

(Paulene ) #128

Made a version of the Keto Chicken Casserole with Pesto and Cheese over the weekend for my non-keto visitors - they loved it as much as I did. (I sort of feel bad giving them such a high fat meal, knowing they will store that fat away instead of burning it. I got over it. :smirk: ). I’m not a huge chicken fan, but this was delicious and will be a go-to for me from now on.
I dropped the leek (out of season here and priced at $10/kg) and cherry tomato, and added zucchini. The zucchini introduced a bit more liquid so I added an egg to stabilise the sauce a bit more. I blended fresh basil with the cream cheese & sour cream instead of using pesto. Yum.

(Lesli Ross) #129

This is a super old post, but do you have the cauliflower Mac and cheese recipe by chance? The only one I can find has “dry” mustard and I have no idea what that is.

(Susan) #130

I don’t have a recipe, I just wing it. I make a large batch with 2lbs (1kg) of ground beef and 2 heads of cauliflower cooked separately then added together. I use sharp cheddar 1lb/450 g and 250 ml/ 1/2 a pint? of HWC. I use salt and pepper to taste and about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard in the cheese sauce. Put in a large lasagna pan and cover with crushed pork rinds. Cook at 375 for about 45 minutes. I put it in individual servings and freeze it.

(Susan) #131

It just came out of the oven.


Fun thread!

I like chicken wings with blue cheese. (I am a Western NY girl so I am picky about my wings.) Chicken thighs with Franks is also acceptable.

Scrambled eggs or an omelette with cheese.

Broccoli dipped in guacamole. (I know that isn’t a “meal” but I eat much less than I used to so it is a meal to me now.)

Five Guys double cheeseburger, no bun, with mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and mayo drenched in malt vinegar. (Weird right? SO good.)

Cobb salad.

Honorable mention treat: Shrimp with no-sugar cocktail sauce.

Oddly I have been on a tuna kick lately though. I doesn’t feel like it qualifies for “favorite status,” but I make it with avo mayo, throw on a piece of cheese, and melt/warm like a tuna melt without the bread.


Roasted beef shredded fine and mixed with soft butter, salt and pepper and horseradish

Any kind of protein dipped in melted butter (like lobster) - then I drink any leftover butter

Tuna with cream cheese and chopped dill pickles

Bacon topped with cream cheese

Taco salad without the salad, just the toppings -cheese, avocado, green onions ,taco sauce and sour cream

Hamburger Stroganoff no vegetables

Chicken and broccoli with cheese and sour cream and butter

Cauliflower mash with butter, cheddar and cream cheese

Pizza roll ups, (melted mozzarella melted til bubbly in a small pan, thinly spread pizza sauce, tons of pepperoni slices cooked til pepperoni crisps and cheese can be rolled into a tube

Sausage round, cheese slice, scrambled egg

Hot bacon dressing on cauliflower(heavy on the bacon grease and mayo)

Shredded chicken, cheese curds and homemade keto gravy made from roast chicken drippings and schmaltz
(hurrying to mop up the drool)

As I think of more favourites, I’ll update this post…

Zucchini fried with garlic, onion and bacon

Cracked black pepper steak - fried on cast iron

(Alex ) #134

mine are constantly evolving, but…

Cooked gammon Slices with mixed mayo/avocado and cracked black pepper and chilli flakes
Belly pork from the oven with home made cheese dipping sauce
Chilli/Garlic Chicken Thighs
A good old sirloin steak fried in coconut oil
Chicken, bacon and avocado salad with avocado oil

(Laurie) #135

Unfortunately, I can’t eat solid meats like steaks and pork chops. Also, I need quick and easy. I eat a lot of ground beef, but my “top” (i.e., favorite) meals are:

  1. Fried eggs, sausage rounds, a bit of 10% yogurt. I enjoy this so much.

  2. Cooked ribs from Costco (sold next to the rotisserie chickens).

  3. Packaged pot roast with the gravy rinsed off (Lou’s brand from Canadian Walmart).

  4. Pork rinds with homemade dip (not really a meal; a rare snack when I’m still hungry after supper).

  5. Salmon “sandwich”: 2 salmon patties on the outside, 2 slices cheese and bacon crumbles (optional) inside. Best when salmon patties are freshly cooked and hot enough to melt cheese.

** With supper I usually add Cambozola cheese for extra fat (42% fat!) and delightful flavor.

  1. Pork made in the pressure cooker
  2. Eggs cooked in many different ways
  3. Salmon
  4. Butter
  5. Hard cheese (Gouda, Emmental)

(Bethany Hanna) #137

Bacon spread with cream cheese or triple cream brie
Scrambled eggs w/sharp cheddar, hot sauce, & sour cream plus bacon and sausage and maybe avocado
Roasted chicken smothered in butter and sharp cheddar
Buffalo chicken dip spread on bacon and cucumber with blue cheese in the dip
Smoked turkey, keto stuffing, keto green-bean casserole, and keto gravy - sooooo good

(Glenn Hirst) #139

You had me at cheeseburger casserole!!:crazy_face: recipe?


Ribeye and butter
NY Strip and butter
TBone and butter
Ground beef patties and butter (or cheddar)
Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and yep…more butter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is it possible I never wrote mine? It seems so.
It’s quite different from my top 5 when I was in my first on/off keto years and didn’t eat meat…

  1. (Most frequent meals) Eggs. My favs are pancakes, sponge cakes and egg sandwiches (boiled eggs with twice as many whites and some processed pork or some other meat. but it’s usually pork sausage with lots of paprika, I don’t buy or make any other kind of sausage). Okay, this is a wide range of simple egg dishes :wink:

  2. (Tastiest meal, my big fav, if I had a feast, it would contain this. and it happens so many times a month, yay!) Pork roast, usually shoulders or chuck, I prefer the fattiest parts now…

  3. Beef stew (usually using beef leg, it’s the least expensive cut I can find in a supermarket, often on sale and perfect for stew). I only know the normal Hungarian stews, fat, onion, lots of paprika, salt and meat (egg stew is a thing but that originally has tomato too).
    I add sour cream sometimes because sour cream is like eggs, makes almost everything better if you ask me :slight_smile: But I try to use it sparingly as unlike eggs, it’s not satiating for me - just like added fat.

  4. Some tasty organ, liver, heart, surely tongue will be fabulous too, I plan to try it tomorrow but it’s known it’s a quite tasty meat.

  5. I really don’t have many options here as I barely eat anything else on keto… But this is good too. Turkey. Some roasted turkey wings, that sounds good.

I don’t overcomplicate things when I just want a good meal (sometimes I like to play though, cooking and baking is my hobby). Meat, a little salt, oven pan, heat and time. Nothing to add (maybe some water if the meat is too little, a big slab produces enough).
Organs need some added fat but the other meats and eggs very rarely, they should bring their own or be paired with some fattier stuff.

(Marianne) #142
  1. Strip Steak
  2. Pork spareribs
  3. Pork Steaks
  4. Hamburger (77%)
  5. Chicken breast with cream sauce

I have gone almost zero carb. Depending on the size of meat above, I may supplement with air fryer chicken wings.

(Jane) #144
  1. Steak
  2. Burger patties
  3. Shredded cabbage “spaghetti”
  4. Chicken with Alfredo sauce
  5. Bacon & eggs

(Jenn) #145
  1. Burger patty with cheese and mayo with a side salad.
  2. Steak with cauliflower mash.
  3. Bacon and eggs.
  4. Cold chicken with buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese dressing
  5. Salmon with asparagus.