What are your top 5 Keto meals?


I’ve found that pork rinds dip nicely into queso, ranch dip, and guacamole. Pretty much an edible spoon.:grinning:

(Blessed with butter ) #84

3 boiled eggs with some butter and little round cheezes melted on it…mixed it all up! Man was that good.

(Randy) #85

I saute’ some mushrooms, onion and celery in a bit of butter or bacon fat. Once they get a bit of color, I add a pound of pork sausage, salt and pepper a bit, and break it up good. Mix it together good and cover for a few minutes. Once the sausage is close to done, I add some Braggs liquid aminos, chili paste to desired heat, plenty of garlic powder, about 1/2 tsp ginger powder and a little stevia powder.
stir it up good and add a bunch of chopped up cabbage. Mix and leave covered on medium until cabbage is the desired consistency.
When it’s done, I drizzle on some sesame oil and mix it together one more time.

I don’t really measure anything. But too much ginger powder gets overpowering, so I’m careful with that.

And of course fresh ginger and garlic would be awesome.

(MelissaH) #86

Thanks so much! I’ll give it another go😊

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #87

I’m going to make crack slaw too. Sounds yummy!

(Deah Blanke) #88

For the life of me I cannot make pork chops without them turning out dry. Is this a good recipe for non-dry pork chops?

(Running from stupidity) #89

My wife is interstate for work this week (yet again), and is having pork rinds with chicken pate for lunch, apparently :slight_smile:

(Tara) #90

I think the trick to good pork chops is to choose some that are thick cut and bone in. And don’t over cook them. I cook them until they’re medium-well, leave the slightest bit of pink otherwise they get dry and rubbery.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #91

Wow! You want a job as a cook?

(Diane) #92

Here you go:

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #93

Both good ideas, guys! Thanks! Still fairly new to Keto. Been Keto for three months.

(MelissaH) #94

@Elle1 you don’t need a slow cooker for these. Keto connect and headbangers kitchen both have great recipes for these.

(MelissaH) #95
  1. Scrambled eggs, topped with pico and sour cream.
  2. Buffalo chicken salad
  3. Steak with Brussels sprouts, bacon, and cream cheese(this is seriously so damn good)
  4. Zuppa tocana soup- made with cauliflower instead of potatoes.
  5. Indian curry anything

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #96

Thanks Melissa. I’m going to look these up!

(Caryl) #97

My top 5 meals are:

  1. Ribeye steak, brown butter sauce, fried mushrooms, creamed spinach or crisp lettuce with a ranch dressing
  2. Smoked salmon (dill cure) with creamy scrambled eggs
  3. Lamb kleftiko, made with Swede or radishes instead of potato
  4. Pork belly slices, fried until crispy, with a mayo-mustard-Worcestershire sauce dip
  5. Chicken wings, hot sauce, blue cheese dip

(Alec) #98

That wouldn’t be pork steak and pork sausage by any chance? :joy::joy::joy:

King Of Pork.

  1. Keto chili
  2. Salmon with asparagus
  3. Bratwurst dipped in mustard
  4. Eggs and sausage
  5. Cheddar broccoli soup

(traci simpson) #101

chicken strips made with pork panko and parm cheese mixture
salmon cakes (same batter)

(Not a cow) #102

I always loved a bacon cheese tomato sandwich , but now i use 2 cheeseburgers (upside down) as the bread with bacon and tomato in the middle. Sometimes I’ll add a fried egg on top. Very filling for an OMAD meal.

My go too, when hungry, is chicken wings and I double bake with Franks Hot Sauce and use sour cream to help reduce the heat. I always have a dozen wings in the fridge to use as an appetizer, or dessert, or a snack. Keeps me sane.

Salad with cheese, bacon, tomato, hard boiled egg, with Oil and Vinegar dressing and throw on some parmesan cheese. Usually with a ribeye, a filet of salmon, or any hunk of meat. Easy Peasy.

Any ground beef casserole with cheese including meatloaf.

Bacon cheese burgers.

(Not a cow) #103

That looks awesome, haha, and on a fasting day, I gotta get out of this section .