What are you having today?


(Laurie) #64

Lunch and dinner – same as yesterday.


yea us carnivores will be saying that alot on a what do you eat each day food thread HAHA

steak and burgers today
might get fancy with a bit of melty cheese on those burgers :slight_smile:


A few eggs, 3 pancakes (with quark and mascarpone) and a little meat (pork chuck roast and bresaola) today. 185g meat after the 1030g or something similar yesterday :smiley:
It’s the very first time that I can go through my decent amount of roast (2kg) without getting a tad bored and mixing in some other meat. Yeah I ate bresaola because I need to eat that already and it was just some snack before dinner but I can’t do snack sized meals so I just ate normally a bit later.

(Laurie) #67

Ground beef with curry seasoning and sour cream.


today is big steak then another big steak
I need it and want it and will have just that

(Linda ) #69


Pork belly and bacon for fist meal there is a small steak thing on the plate but the dogs got that and one of my bacon

(Linda ) #70

(Eric) #71

I’ll have to work on the photo part. Had a 6oz First Light Grass Fed Wagyu filet mignon and asparagus for lunch. Melts in your mouth. Might as well spoil myself.


today is that little NY strip, 1/2 lb only and will have to hit up my chicken or shrimp with it to make it a meal LOL

after I don’t know…I didn’t bulk cook or defrost so I, wait, best get my azz off the 'puter and defrost like a lb of burgers NOW for I know I am gonna wanna eat later HA

me gone to defrost and get food in order :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #73

Todays first meal was short ribs I only ate one big one and the small one rest is in fridge for tomorrow

2nd meal will be lean ground beef 93/7

(Laurie) #74

Supper yesterday: Liver.
Lunch today: Ham and eggs.
Both were really delicious!

(Linda ) #75

Yeah liver been calling me too

(Laurie) #76

I eat liver once a week. Yummy.

Today for supper I had ground beef with Thai red curry sauce, and high-fat yogurt. I eat a lot of ground beef, because I have trouble eating some “solid” meats.

(Laurie) #77

1 pound of ground beef with chili powder. (Temperature not hot enough to melt the cheese.) I was still hungry after, so I had pork rinds with yogurt dip.


big ribeye and a big Tbone steak

beefy day

(Linda ) #79

(Linda ) #80

I couldn’t eat both lol I ate the first one then took one slice off the second …then shared a bit with dogs save rest for tomorrow…

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #81


@Azi I know your pets are at your feet just loving you :slight_smile: Makes me smile!

(Linda ) #83

Todays food1st meal left over steak with some bacon 2nd meal will prob be ground beef