What are you having today?


(Marianne) #44

We get the 73/27 ground beef at BJs. OMG, so juicy!

Having pork chops and chicken wings in the air fryer with buffalo hot sauce for dinner. Already had three scrambled eggs with a piece of fake American cheese. I’m sure it’s not the greatest thing, or even real cheese, but there’s nothing like it for melting; I don’t sweat it.


You are quick (even if you exaggerated a little but photos truly can take a very little time), my photos took longer but I use the camera that was half-professional 15 years ago and I need to bother with the CF card (I always forget). At least I only need to crop and resize the photos, not making them from raw and making 2-3 photos into 1 is for my flower shots only! :smiley:
But I could spend hours on insect photos…
I need to arrange my food items too, without a photo I don’t always put everything on a plate at the same time, I eat more if I am still hungry…

For some reason, food photography and me, that’s not so great. But it’s fine, it’s good enough to be informative. But IDK when I can make them as tempting as Linda’s last shot, that’s so, so pretty :smiley: My roasts aren’t so bad either but for reasons my next one won’t happen until 2 days from now. I may make some extra efforts to make it pretty. I have no ideas though, I will do what I always do, I suppose. Maybe I can play with the settings, I can use different lenses and compare the results…

It’s SO easier with a pretty flower as my model…

Oh my I promised photos next time so I will wait with sending this…

And I made photos! It’s only partial today.
It’s an unusual day as I barely have eggs and just before my meatier times, I have these things, big roast, I eat a lot first then less and then I take a break and eat less and different meat, organs, processed, more eggs, sometimes dairy… You will see in the future I guess. I ate some more meat and quark and other things but it was a low-meat low-egg day, very unusual but happens.

1st photo: Cheese, pork chop (below the camambert. I ate them together, the lean thing would be near inedible without the fatty soft cheese but together? okay), pork belly (with almost no meat), bresaola and a leftover pancake filled with head cheese.
2nd: Two cheesy baked whipped egg whites (it has no proper name, I refer to it with a short Hungarian name but I can’t translate it well, probably it’s impossible due to language differrences) and my experimental steamed egg white with buttery spread on it.

I had this myself. I tried out carnivore maybe 9 years after I went low-carb? It was an interesting journey. My woe changed drastically!
(I half-lived on sweets on keto, it’s lucky carnivore pretty much takes away my sweets desire. If I eat desserts, that’s because I am bored with my normal food but I got better at that.)

Nice ham, Laurie! Just what I like, nice pink meat, nice fat! I saw ham in a supermarket, it was on sale but I already filled my freezer and they were HUGE. And all the fat was in one layer as it was that type of ham, allegedly a great cut… I will try it out one day.

(Laurie) #46

Lunch: 4 eggs, some ham, hot sauce.

Still hungry after, so I had some yogurt and deviled eggs.

(Laurie) #47

The deviled eggs are almost gone, so I need more snacks/side dishes. I usually pan fry my salmon patties (canned salmon, egg, parmesan cheese), but it makes a mess. Tried the oven this time. They look different; I just hope they hold together when dipped in homemade yogurt dip.

(Butter Withaspoon) #48

How did I never discover this way to fancy up tinned salmon?! Thanks from the bottom of my belly!


Wow is this a thing? I will remember but I will use tuna as I can’t buy tinned salmon - I find it once but too much non-salmon in it and a surprising amount of sugar… So I stick to my rare tuna in brine tins (and my spreads, not carnivore but very low-carb and delicious. and I eat it very, very occasionally).

(Now that I think about, I used to mix eggs with meat and fry it but never used tinned fish and no cheese either.)

Tell us what they were like! Some baked things get too dry for me while the fried counterparts are nice. But others are great baked… You use some dip though, that may change things…


I don’t either. the fake plastic cheese is out there in the world and at some point, yea most of us carnivores will eat some LOL nothing wrong with it but when I googled ‘processed cheese’ I was truly shocked at the ‘icky processing methods and oils’ in that cheese but darn I still have some every now and then tho HA

@Islandlight, we have to know how they turned out from the oven :slight_smile:
when I started carnivore I made crab cakes. Just crab from a tin, 1 egg and a tad shake of Old Bay seasoning and they were good, but darn they came out kinda too mushy for me from the fry pan, never did oven on them. Now they are too much work to make HAHA

---------today I woke up with food not being any kind of priority. No ‘tastes’ desired ya know so I got a massive Tbone from the freezer and he is defrosted then I got a smaller NY Strip steak for second meal later if wanted. Beef, it’s what’s for all my meals today.

(Butter Withaspoon) #51

I made them tonight @islandlight, they were a bit messy looking but a nice crunch on the outside. I think I needed more eggs, and I added a bit too much salt. Good for a first go and it’s fun to try something new


You have crab in tins there?
Wow. Never saw such a thing!

But we have close to no seafood in total :frowning:
And they complain that Hungarians barely eat fish (we have our own fishes though… expensive in the shops for some mostly lean, not so substantial thing).
I am not very much into fish and seafood but I do like some. But price and availability is quite bad here. Despite seas aren’t THAT far from here, I am living in Europe! My country had seashores in the past…


yea I am fortunate but it is darn pricey. When I used it years ago it was easier on the wallet, it went up alot in price for what ya do get in that tin :slight_smile:

I wish you had alot more access to good seafood. It truly is a great factor on carnivore…plus as one progresses on plan with longer time on this lifestyle, we do want more leaner type foods sometimes and seafood really is a fab option for this.

(Ivy) #54

Chuck roast in broth and 3:2:1 egg white: casein: whey isolate bread

(Laurie) #55

@IvyKCKO, the bread looks fantastic! So does the meat, yum.

@Shinita, @Hallie, and others: I use 1 egg per tin (213 g/7 oz) of salmon. The grated parmesan acts as a binder – instead of using almond flour, pork rinds, or whatever. If the salmon patties taste dry, you can add oil/melted fat next time.

Also, I make them small (no more than 2" across) so they won’t crumble.

I haven’t tried eating the oven version yet. With the yogurt dip, they’ll be fine.


I can’t imagine ever wanting leaner food, honestly :smiley: It never happened in my whole life. I need bigger, fattier meals all the time and when I only eat smaller (fatty) ones, I need many meals a day, hopefully I never will have that again, inconvenient.

But some variety and certain nice seafood occasionally, that would be nice. I almost bought shrimps last time but I still rather buy something substantial. Maybe for Christmas but I rather buy salmon with that money, that’s good stuff!

Still no photos, sorry but I had a simple meal (in my world, at least)!
A little pork chuck roast… At least it looked little. Almost a pound in raw weight.
Some leftover, mostly egg whites… 2 pancakes with quark and mascarpone. And as those aren’t a good end, some pork belly, that always gives me the needed little extra (or much extra if I didn’t eat enough before) to stop being hungry and unsatisfied.
I am not really satiated but satiation will arrive, I ate well. 6:30pm was a bit too late, I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual just ate as fuel. I already decided I will eat earlier even if I feel zero hunger and even less appetite but I forgot on this gloomy scatterbrained day.
But it was fine. The meat was just as fatty as I like. There is a reason pork chuck is my fav! :smiley: It usually has the perfect fattiness. Never too fat, sometimes a bit too lean but I have items which can help with that. Right after the super lean pork chop I surely couldn’t complain even having a leaner piece but nope, I had a good one.

Wow, the bread looks amazing! I suddenly got inspired and will make my “sponge cakes” (I use them as bread) tomorrow a bit differently…

(Laurie) #57

Lunch: 5 eggs and ham.

Supper: Salmon patties and sliced beef. The homemade yogurt dip/spread is for both.



yesterday I ate the big boy only…today is start my food with the smaller NY Strip I couldn’t get to yesterday.

I got a hankering for a few nice cheeseburger patties, maybe with some bacon to boot.

so steak and burgers, bacon if I get enough gumption to bother frying any LOL


I won’t make many shots. Just my main food for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
My biggest staple (except eggs but now I eat few for a while), pork chuck roast.
This pan lacks the over 600g meat I ate for yesterday dinner and second dinner.

Fattiness: perfect. If a piece is too lean, there is the fat below. I probably will fry eggs with the leftover fat.

The middle piece is another ~600g piece in raw weight. It’s just the right size to be the base of my OMAD dinner tomorrow.
It’s an oven pan for a mini oven, by the way. But it’s a bigger mini oven. 2 kg meat fits into this pan in cute pieces like this, 3.5kg is 1-2 bigger slab stuffed into it, that’s not ideal.

Today I got hungry earlier so I ate lunch. I had the 2 small pieces on the right (a bit left) and had lots of meat (the same pork chuck slab just the bony part) and 2 poached egg with my soup. And ate 0.5 pancake, leftover from yesterday, with a tiny mascarpone and instant coffee powder. I like that. My only proper dessert pancake that is carnivore enough. It probably will lose its importance now that I can eat bigger pieces of meat.
No numbers as I didn’t grabbed the calculator yet and I left from both meat and bone was involved, why do I try to track, again? It’s not like I have any idea about the fat content… But I am still curious how much meat I ate. Oh well.

(Linda ) #60

Yes its normal when eating lower fat to eat more but the idea is to mix it up alittle so your body doesn’t just get used to eating just all fat or all leaning meats esp if you want to lose weight.
Infact they also say eating different amounts of times is also good for us sometimes once sometimes twice and sometimes without any I.F at all for our hormones to regulate…thought that was interesting


I scored 3 lbs of my 90/10 burger sirloin on markdown at my little market.
I am thrilled…me wanna eat it all!


I always was flexible at it, if I want to eat, I eat. I got a bit hungry after 2pm so I ate lunch. I do my absolute best to avoid not doing IF (with a small window, at that) as it never ends well.

My calories, those vary. Fat too. Carbs too but that’s not so great that I go off keto very often but it’s still kinda low almost all the time. Whatever low means to me :slight_smile:
My protein varies but it’s always in its good range, no problem with that at all.

But I had times with very similar days, the same type of IF, it worked great. Except I surely had my high-cal days now and then even at that time. It’s something my body likes to have so it must be something important and useful.

And my SO eats very similarly every day and it works for him. So surely it’s individual like almost everything.
Some things are natural or useful to change, others shouldn’t ever change. Like high-fat for me :slight_smile: I don’t need carbier days either. I just happen to have them but not nearly as wildly as some years ago.

(Linda ) #63

Strip steak was lunch I could only eat the one