What are you having today?


(Jamie Brown) #1

For me, mince meat and three eggs soaked in beef dripping.

(Laurie) #2

Lunch: beef liver

Supper: cold roast beef


pizza (made with meat, cheese, and eggs only)

high-fat yogurt

Sorry, no photos!


2MAD for today, my diminishing OMAD meals couldn’t continue.


  • scrambled eggs with lean pork and fatty one (only fat tissue for the latter to balance things out)
  • more pork chop with camembert
  • sponge cake with butter spread
  • pancake with quark
  • coffee (with milk now but I strongly prefer cream. best would be stop drinking coffee but that’s not that easy)


  • tiny leftover pork chop with camembert
  • pancake with quark
  • coffee with milk

My sponge cake is 99% eggs (it has some vinegar, no idea if it helps anything though) and I use it as bread, it’s quite awesome :smiley: Pancake is eggs and sour cream and fried in butter now.

I have no idea how to eat simpler though once I ate fried beef and a single yolk and that’s it.

I made no photos today.

(Laurie) #5

I’ll try the photo thing. Here’s the liver, cooked in butter, with a bit of peri-peri sauce added at the end.

(Carnivore for the win) #6

I made a three pound, pork shoulder picnic. 60 minutes in the instant pot, then 15 minutes in the air fryer to crisp it up. Didn’t take a picture though. I ate about 2/3 of it around noon. It was a tasty, inexpensive meal at $4 per pound.

(Jamie Brown) #7

I just had some more mince and three more eggs.

(Laurie) #8

Sorry, correction: My pizza crust was tuna based. The pizza also had pesto. The next one might have tomato sauce.

Some seem to think I’m not carnivore enough. I have my own reasons for eating the way I do. I have unpleasant reactions to many foods, so I eat what I can, including some dairy. I seem unaffected by spices, coffee, etc., so I have those too.

Thank you for the thread.


Maybe you aren’t pure carnivore but if it works for you, you are carnivore enough I would say :smiley:
But I am not a real carnivore myself so what can I know? :upside_down_face: I do know that keeping my plant matter and net carbs quite low feels way, way better than simply being in ketosis. I try stricter styles here and there. Doesn’t seem to matter much but true, I don’t stick to it for very long. I usually feel the effect of my dietary changes very quickly. Surely not all, some changes need time but no way I stay super strict for long just out of curiosity when I feel quite okay without that.
I don’t eat (most) plants (or dairy or added fat) “just because”, on a whim, no. They enhance my food even using them in small amounts. Or I couldn’t eat enough without them because of my circumstances at the moment. So giving them up would come with a too high cost while they are mostly harmless. Bad deal.

(Laurie) #10

I made deviled eggs for the next few days. As snacks and side dishes.

(Jamie Brown) #11

Well you know what they say, sharing is caring :wink:

(Doug) #12

Oh Heck Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jamie Brown) #13

Day 2 chicken legs, and more mince and three more eggs. I found this red hot sauce goes well with mince meat, helps break the monotony. :wink:


today is a NY Strip steak paired with probably shrimp later when I get hungry

then tonight I have a small pork tenderloin roast defrosting, probably just cut that up into slices and fry fast and enjoy

food as much as I love love love my carnivore almost in a way means nothing to me anymore…but darn I love my meals when I eat them.

plus I am fantasizing right now about a ton of snow crab legs…I gotta get my paws on some LOL

(Laurie) #15

Scrambled eggs for lunch. 6 eggs cooked slowly with 40 g (1.5 ounces) of butter and nothing else.

(Laurie) #16

Supper. About a pound (450 g) of ground beef with Italian seasonings, Cheddar cheese. Afterwards, a spoonful of yogurt for digestive problems.

(April Siokos) #17

My favourite :drooling_face:
I didn’t think of these for snacks. Thanks :+1:


Your posts are giving me a hankering for bacon and eggs.


Not to be super picky here, but this IS a zero carb/carnivore eating chat thread. :sunny:

We don’t eat avacado or tomatoe or creamed mushrooms and onions

I don’t know if you noticed this was a carnivore eating thread tho :slight_smile:


today I will be eating another NY Strip steak

but I want something, like maybe chicken wings or ??? I don’t know, I got that hankering for something just different I haven’t had in a while.

ohhhhh, might get my hubby to go to fav ol’ BBQ joint and buy me a rack of ribs…with plying him with BBQ and fries and hushpuppies etc I know I can get him to go get me a big ol’ rack LOL

we shall see what I do end up with…but a steak today is my first eat


I was not at all hungry on Friday, so I finished off a sirloin joint, which was only about 400g (14oz).

Then I was super hungry on Saturday and ate 3/4 of a rib eye joint - which was 1300g (46oz). I’m going to eat the rest of it in a minute.

@Shatz - both joints cooked up amazingly in the Ninja if it was something you were interested in trying.