What am i doing wrong :(

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Welcome Tasnimi, there is a lot of good information here, as you’ve already seen from the replies. You’re at 2 months and down about 10 pounds (going on my first cup of coffee) which puts you right on track for a bit of a body re-set. Do a search for Post Induction Stall Syndrome, this is very common at this point. PISS is what happens after you’ve lost the “easy weight” from losing glycogen stores in your muscles and liver, and when your body really starts to switch to being a fat-burner. Your weight will stay the same for a while and may even go up a few pounds, all totally normal. Pay attention to your measurements and celebrate any NSV (non-scale victories), to keep you on track.
I don’t know if you’re eating too little or not, ignore calories, focus on 20 or so grams of carbs, adequate protein, and fat for the rest. If your satiety signaling is active, use that. If not, use queasiness or other digestive/intestinal signals that will let you know when your fat intake is too high. The calories will sort themselves out.

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Try eating more food. Set your app to “Maintenance,” or just eat to satisfy your hunger. Trust your body to know what it needs; all an app can do is give you advice, but you have to tweak things for yourself.

Even in a low-carb situation, the human body resists giving up its reserves under famine conditions. It cuts BMR, puts non-essential processes on hold, and basically hunkers down in order to get us through. This is why eating less and moving more is generally impossible as a long-term food strategy. As some point, the body rebels and really amps up the hunger signals.

So the solution may seem counter-intuitive, but if you want to lose fat, you need to be eating more, not less. There are studies of low-carb ad libitum diets where participants have eaten as much as 3000 kcal/day and still lost fat. When given abundance, our body knows how to find things to do with it.

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So if i eat more does that mean eat meals without snacking or is snacking permissible in order to be eating more?

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Snacking is a huge mistake. Always. I wouldn’t worry about “eating more” Just eat to satiety when you do eat. And let me re-iterate. Fasting is not the same as “cutting calories”. Very different metabolic effects. If not eating for prolonged periods seems like mission impossible you might start with a fat fast - just eat really fatty foods - avocados, eggs, bacon, olives, healthy fats (butter, ghee, coconut oil, real olive oil, tallow or lard from naturally fed animals and maybe a very few leafy greens - for a few days. Your appetite will naturally fall and you will accelerate fat adaptation which will allow you to do longer fasts. And longer fasts will reduce insulin levels, improve insulin sensitivity and help you lose weight.

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Lots of good things to think about in this video. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Avoid snacking, aim to eat enough at meal times so you don’t need to snack.

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Agree. Snacking is pointless.
And i would like to add: Snacking is psychological nutrition, meals are necessary nutrition.

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I would suggest you hold off on IF until you are fat adapted, or until after about 3-4 months. It is working; it will happen.

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So true. Snacks on not necessary on keto.

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Try to not snack. You want to trigger an insulin response as few times as possible.

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I would revise this. People call it fat adaption. I call it fasting adaption. It is amazing how our body gets used to multiple meals a day. It is also amazing how it gets used to not getting them anymore. When I stopped having breakfast my body gave me crazy hunger at breakfast time. After 2-3 weeks it didn’t anymore. Same with dinner.
All of this while I wasn’t eating Keto, so fat adaption wasn’t the point. It was just my body accepting a new eating pattern.
I never believed in this stuff. Thinking that my body is some kind of machine that runs on calories. Now I know when it comes to nutrition it runs on habits.

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As someone who is also a keto n00b, I just want to offer a different take on snacking, and it is fine if people don’t agree.

During my first few weeks of going keto, I snacked and ate as often as I needed to. I was used to 3 meals plus a small snack around 4pm. I tend to eat dinner late, around 9pm, after I put my kids to bed, so this 4pm snack was critical to me not going crazy and stuffing my mouth with crap as soon as I got home. I simply wasn’t ready to go more than 4 waking hours without eating. I made sure to only have keto snacks - instead of snacking on crackers & chips, I snacked on a string cheese stick, hard boiled egg, or small handful of almonds. I was pretty diligent about tracking, and even with the snacking, I generally hit my target of 25g carbs, and I almost never went over 30g.

After a few weeks, my appetite naturally started subsiding, and I started to change my eating patterns. I started off having only bulletproof coffee for breakfast, but I still kept that 4pm “snack”. After a time, I was able to ditch the 4pm snack for a cup of coffee.

The last couple of weeks I’ve started doing dinner-to-dinner 2-3 times a week. But if I’m hungry that day, I’ll have lunch. And if I’m really hungry at 4pm, I’ll grab a cheese stick or a few almonds to keep me going. I still track most days, but if I go over my targets, screw it, I go over. IMO, it is better to go over my targets than to be hungry. Any diet plan where I am routinely hungry is not sustainable – if I was willing to be hungry every day, I’d go do Weight Watchers again.

I have had a couple of cheat days on the weekends, where I cave in and have a couple of slices of pizza or ravioli dinner – those do take me out of ketosis. But my experience so far is that having a small keto snack here and there isn’t taking me out of ketosis or stopping me from losing weight.

I’ve decided to stop worrying if I’m “doing keto right”, and just stick with what works. If that means I have an occasional keto snack, or I have 30g of carbs instead 20g, that’s totally fine with me. If I stall, then I’ll push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit.

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This is exactly what we all need to do. Take, evaluate what we know, and apply what works.
The challenge is to actually find what works for each of us, individually. When you begin this, you need to be strict just to have a base to start. Just to begin to find out what does and doesn’t work.

There is no one size fits all solution; but everyone suggests what has already worked for them, or what current science is showing, as advice to guide you; one should never look at it as people trying to enforce dogmatic beliefs on another.
Everyone is trying to help, in the way that has worked for them. Help being the key word; otherwise, are you just here to read your own postings?

Snacking sucked for me… made getting rid of my Type 2 longer than was ever needed if I had just practiced a little more self-control… as hard as that was at the start. It takes patience; we all want so much instant gratification.
I didn’t realize at the time that it just kept my insulin raised for longer periods… forcing my body to keep storing and not burning. Yes… I was eating fats… not carbs. My resistance was that bad.
The hard work just made success all that more sweet.

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If you want a snack, eat it along with your meal within your eating window.

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Not sure that’s the definition of a snack :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (Isn’t that called a side dish?)


I was just going to post this by Dr.Berry! He’s amazing!

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Hi Nigam_Shah, Good stuff, which podcast are you listening to? Similar 7 weekish about 6kg.

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