Weight Loss Impasse


My wife and I (both 47 years old) both started on a Keto diet 2.5 weeks ago. My weight was 102.3kgs (177cm tall) with a waist of 46cm. In the first week I lost 2kgs however for the past 1.5 weeks both myself and my wife are stuck at the same weight and waist measurements.

We do not eat anything for breakfast except for the following:

Black Coffee with no milk or sugar

All the below mixed together in water

Water Soluble Vitamin C

One scoop of Collagen

For our gut, we take the following two:

1.5 teaspoons of Inulin

One sachet of prebiotic


At around noon we eat a salad (tuna or egg or smoke salmon). I sprinkle the salad with a teaspoon of white chia seeds. I also take a handful of pecan nuts and 3 Brazil Nuts.


For dinner (at around 5pm) my wife cooks a meal from a Diet Doctor recipe. I also take a handful of pecan nuts and 3 Brazil Nuts.

We both don’t snack except for a cup of green tea, ginger tea etc. My wife takes 2 to a maximum of 3 teas with a little whole milk but no sugar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we must be doing something wrong. Thank you all in advance for your help

(Shanda) #2

Hi! And welcome to the group. I have no idea about all those supplements you are taking. I do ketoade to up my potassium and magnesium levels and that’s about it. My big question for you is are you tracking your carb / fat / protein consumption? When you do make sure to count those splashes of milk here and there because the carbs will add up before you know it. Some nuts can be high in carbs too. Input everything you’ve eaten for the last week in a tracking app and make sure you are staying below that 20 net carb cap. The only other piece of advice would be that I dont see a whole lot of healthy fats in your diet. Don’t be scared of them! You need the healthy fat to fuel your body!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #3

First you’re only 2 1/2 weeks in and you lost water weight quickly because you were losing water your body was holding onto. Normal weight loss when you get into things for a while could be 1-2 lbs per week of fat and probably not more. So we consider a stall 6-8 weeks without change and that’s when you need to do something different. Right now you’re goal is to become fat adapted so your body is used to burning fats instead of sugars and carbs for fuel. This takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks to start kicking in. It’s a process that continues to change you for a couple of years. Don’t look at this a a quick weight loss and go back to your old eating habits, you’ll regain it all most likely. Keto is best thought of as a way of eating that will help maintain maximum health and that includes healthy weight. I have never used supplements or shake type stuff, just eat real food. You don’t need special products to do KETO. Just meats eggs healthy fatty proteins some vegetables if you like and high fat dairy if you’re good with it.

Good luck and be patient about weight loss. Look for other stuff like if you clothes are looser because changes aren’t always on the scale. You might notice feeling better if you haven’t already. :cowboy_hat_face:


Collagen is a great supplement, does a ton for us I use that same one, but don’t count it as protein in your diet, it’s not complete and doesn’t replace real food. Do you have gut problems you’re working with? That’s a SERIOUS fiber supplement! 42g carbs and 15 from sugar? Seems like serious overkill plus almost 300cals just from that? Same goes for the inulin, another 200+ cals and 7g more carbs, granted they’re not sugar and will do their thing in your gut but it seems you’re taking in more supplements than food!

(Tracey ) #5

Seconding what was just said … you may be doing a keto diet but your supplements are not keto friendly. You are getting 2-3 days worth of carbs in just your supplements.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #6

That’s per 100 grams. A sachet contains 2g. carbs. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Peter) #7

No supplements, eat real food, including plenty of fat. Fat adaptation is the goal currently.


My take on it is that you need to track your macros. Use cronometer.com and makes sure to keep your carbs under 20g/day. I think all those nuts could be stalling you because there are a lot of carbs in them. Also- I take mineral pills every day - but maybe you might want to stick to real foods? Like eggs and bacon? Coffee with a lot of powers doesn’t sound very tasty to me. Also if IF is what you are aiming for, eating proteins will break the fast and in that case you need to avoid eating until lunchtime altogether.

(Tracey ) #9

Good catch, thanks. Some days I fail at reading. :expressionless:

(The crazy German guy) #10

The entry post doesn‘t help. You lost 2kg due to depleting glycogen and now you don‘t lose, so most likely you eat too much food.
Most people here will tell you that your body needs to adjust and all of that soft lala. I‘m happy that my predecessors actually didn‘t do that. But the obvious people will also come to this thread.

So, you‘re doing KETO for weight loss.
The fact of calories in, calories out doesn‘t magically go away with that.
I can make a KETO salad that has 200 calories, i can make one that has 1.000.
If i eat the latter 3 times per day and don‘t exercise - I’ll gain weight. And I‘m 1,92m tall.
Put the fork down and be as active as you can.

Also, get the basics right before going to specifics like supplements.
Count calories
Moderate protein
LOTS of vegetables (KETO friendly…)

I know, I’ll again raise hell with this. But what do i know. Lost 55kg so far.

Count your calories. Every. Bite. You. Take. It‘s literally that simple.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

I won’t even waste my time arguing against this utter nonsense. You’re not a believer in basic ketogenic principles so why bother? Is that what’s your predecessors did? :cowboy_hat_face:

(The crazy German guy) #12

Yet you take the time. But heck, what do I know about a calorie deficit. I only lost 55kg in 16 months.
The diet is insignificant.

I lost weight doing keto. I lost weight doing carnivore. I lost weight high carb, I lost weight on OMAD with and without carbs.
I can go on and on.
The bottom line: I ate less and moved more. Can’t beat thermodynamics.

I have nothing against keto. It’s my favorite diet… But it’s not the diet that supported my lifestyle (highly active, lifting heavy weights) the best, so I’m not doing it. What’s up with making an educated choice on what’s best for your lifestyle?

Im not talking anybody out of keto, I’m just trying to talk people out of being stupid.

(Linda ) #13

The thing is most of us with alot of weight to lose already know how to lose weight we prob all done the range of fad diets and lost and regained before. but its keeping it off without regaining it all is the hard part… and that’s the part most of us im sure are aiming for. Not just another diet…The best advice I’ve heard based on ketogenic life style actually came from listening to the bariatric surgeon carbaddict doc Robert Cywes whose job it is to help obese patients … That was to not count macros not to count calories and to take up sequential eating til your body tells you your fill…but carbs you do count cos your aim is as low as possible…he suggests not giving yourself an allowance as that just sets your self up to aim for that number instead he suggests adding the carbs from incidentals in your food. Like eggs and sugar substitute and he said to add all carbs except leafy vegetables…so yeah I think ill listen to the experts…and get help and support here…

(Peter) #14

It’s a credit to your European Socialism that you hang around here helping people get over the misconceptions fed to them by actual experts than. Thank you for your service.

Next up: Why hormones are a myth.


Thank you all for your replies and help. Subscribed to CarbManager to track what I’m eating and limiting carbs to 20g net.

It seems that I was eating too much nuts as, even though Keto approved, I was astonished how carbs add up with a couple of handfuls. I’m having issues keeping with the 114g Fat limit but still manage to remain within the 92g Protein and just below 1470 calories a day.

Can’t say weight loss is fast though

(The crazy German guy) #16

Love this answer :wink:

(The crazy German guy) #17

People will hate once again. But if you didn’t track your nuts correctly, there’s a chance you don’t get the ~1.500kcal right as well.

Now you know what calories/macros nuts have you know how easy it is to screw up.

Getting and measuring your caloric intake right is difficult for beginners. Getting it right with the prescribed keto macro split is a little harder still.
Don’t beat yourself up over it or start wondering if keto works or not.
It works, but you need to stay on the pitch to play the game.

(The crazy German guy) #18

People say that, yes.
When I weighed 170kg there was no way I could tell when I was full or hungry. You don’t get that fat by having a healthy relation to food.
It is because you stuff your face too much.

From my perspective it is quite ironic to tell people that want to lose weight to listen to their body. The mind is a powerful instrument, also when it’s working against you. Having a healthy relation to food is a great aspirational goal.

For most fatties, believe putting rigorous control on their caloric intake is the #1 thing. I do agree, though, when my goal is 1.800kcal I eat 1.800kcal. There’s a risk I eat more than I need/feel like that day because I’m allowed to go to 1.800kcal, at which I’m still in a significant deficit.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #19

@steka What you say may be true for you. Anyone can lose weight limiting calories but generally it isn’t sustainable over time. You obviously have a inappropriate relationship and an eating disorder. And don’t refer to people as “fatties”. That’s derogatory and against forum policy. Honestly why are you here giving people advice when you couldn’t make keto work for you. We don’t need your advice and it especially isn’t helpful to newbies. Why don’t you find a more appropriate forum for your nonsense? :cowboy_hat_face:

(The crazy German guy) #20

Holy moly. You take it to another level. I’ve never been diagnosed so quickly with an eating disorder. You must be a super PhD, or full of whatever…
Look, keto worked for me as well as any other diet worked for me. But for the time being I’m not making keto my way of life.
If you want to keep being dogmatic about this and see people that aren’t excluded from this board, go ahead nonesense crusader.

Notice also that i referred to myself by „fattie“. Probably realizing that you are actually fat when you don’t fit into an airplane seat anymore is a healthy realization to kick off a lifestyle change with.