Weigh-in Thread

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #61

It’s definitely disconcerting when a whoosh happens, that’s for sure!

(Greta) #62

You know you’re a LC veteran when you eat carbs and inexplicably have a weight drop the next morning.

I’ve heard of this odd happening enough to know it is a thing, but I don’t know why it happens once in a blue moon.

I expect to be confused going forward since this year I’m finally showing signs of maybe menopause coming on. So I expect to get to be quite confused about everything.


I don’t think I ever had it but my weight is the same every morning all year with very few exceptions… I actually expect a little gain after carby days as I simply have way more waste inside… But it depends. I have a new hypothesis that carbs don’t make me hungry anymore - if I don’t eat them all the time, at least. That’s moderately new. They still may mess with my timing and trigger stupid desires but they satiate me well enough. As far as I can tell, I would need experiments, I tend not to track on carby days. And if I eat much carbs, I need less protein for satiation, it seems, weird… But potentially useful. I don’t handle massive protein overeating days nowadays, wasteful.

I still go for carnivore after the holidays but it’s good to know things so some experiments will happen until then.

(Greta) #64

2/1 goal 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3
12/9 164.4
12/16 166.4 day 1 of fast, mid-morning weight
12/27 164.2 day 2

Wasn’t hungry yesterday, just slightly hungry near bedtime but it passed.

(Greta) #65

I’ve never been into the pure carbs that much-never have been into sugar. I’ve always been drawn to the fat/carb combos, heavy on the fat. Carbs for me were vehicles for fat basically.

Favorite orders in the distant past:

-Biscuits and gravy, sausage and bacon

-Fettuccine alfresco—super heavy cream sauce, not interested in the chicken

-Pizza with sausage and pepperoni

-open-faced sandwiches with gravy poured over them as well as mashed potatoes

-potato chips with lots of dip

-nachos with cheese sauce

-popcorn with lots of extra butter

-while not into sweets, if eating cake, I would go for the piece with the most frosting (corner piece) or the donut filled with cream

Well, except for chocolate!! Definitely a favorite and no such thing as too much! Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce!! LOL-

My drive to eat a LOT of fat followed me to low carb and it took me more than a decade to realize why the hard stall then the start of regain. I have to focus more on the protein side of the equation.


Yes, me too. Except fruits. I loved sweets but almost exclusively the fatty kinds.
One big problem with eating carbs (like vegetables) was that they brought a huge amount of not satiating fat…

I always ate high-fat and always will. Just because I dropped my fat intake when I went low-carb, it still rarely was low enough. But whenever I added carbs, they automatically grabbed their own fat mates so my calories shot up.

And I regularly miss fat since I left high-carb. It’s better if I do most things right.

I tried. My fat shot up, usually. It’s better now as I learned to like certain leaner protein sources but it was such a fail before :smiley: My fat went up almost whatever I did. I need to focus on keeping my fat, well, “low” while getting properly satiated. Fortunately most protein sources are pretty good at satiation and I can afford nicely (not too) fatty ones, they are perfect as I need a decent amount of fat too.

I need to minimalize my protein intake too so that’s not free either except on OMAD. It took a lot of effort to figure out what to do.

(Greta) #67

2/1 goal 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3
12/9 164.4
12/16 166.4 day 1 of fast, mid-morning weight
12/17 164.2 day 2, ketones @.5
12/18 162.4 day 3, ketones @4

Whew. I wanted to eat last night, and it lasted for hours. Finally it passed before bedtime. It wasn’t severe anyway. I was too tired to shop and just did a quick trip.

Ketones I measured with urine strips.

(Greta) #68

2/1 goal 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3
12/9 164.4
12/16 166.4 day 1 of fast, mid-morning weight
12/17 164.2 day 2, ketones @.5
12/18 162.4 day 3, ketones @4
12/19 162. ketones @1.5 - might end the end fast today

Yesterday was easy. Went to a mini-zoo. Had more energy.

I hope today goes well. I have to work today.

Ketones before bed were @4. I drank a glass of water before bed which I think maybe affected the reading. I understand the readings are affected by hydration, but who knows.

EDIT: Ending fast today. I just found out I have to give a presentation today. I think I will end the fast today, not sure yet. We’ll see -

(Shannon) #69

I started the year weighing about 206 lbs, and I weighed myself today and I’m at 161.6. Have to say, I can’t be too disappointed with that result. I don’t think I’ve ever lost 45 pounds before. Let’s keep it up in 2023! Happy new year everyone :confetti_ball:!

(Robin) #70

Perfect! Great beginning for a new year.

(Laurie) #71

Congratulations @dfossey ! I’d love to weigh 161.6 pounds.

I’m (approximately) 180 again. Oh well, at least I’m not gaining.

Yes, a new year. Let’s keep going …


76kg (167.5lbs) this morning, I didn’t forget! I suppose it will be 75 again tomorrow, not like it matters, my pants show I stayed about the same as always. My maintenance skills are very good even in wild Decembers but I would love to test them with a lower weight, it’s just hard to go there, have been trying since 11 years. But now I see some chance.


Started keto at 300lbs in May ‘22 and I’ve dropped 83 lbs. I was at a XXXL and today I just bought a size L shirt for the gym. I’m 49 and my best guess would be high school was the last time I was in a size without an “X” in it. I’m a little giddy.

(Robin) #74

Giddy is a very good word to describe a very good process.
Good for you!

(Laurie) #75

@KetoWillnNC Well done! It’s my goal too, to leave the X-rated clothing in the dust.


I’m needing some accountability so this looks like a good place to start. I’ve been experimenting with Keto/carnivore/ketovore for a long time but after getting covid last summer and injuring my foot I have been medicating with carbs. Time to medicate with self love. I’m starting at 182.5 lbs. I’m 5’4.5” (age 56, female) and would love to be in the 140’s but first goal is 165.

(Robin) #77

Good for you. It’s NEVER too late! And smart to start with a reasonable goal.
You got this!


I was way younger but my other numbers were similar… Well my vague goal was 124, not like the weight matters but I had about much fat…
165 was easy. Stalling came later. But you already keep your carbs way lower than I did :wink: Not like it’s needed for everyone, of course but I can’t lose fat if I eat plant carbs in significant amounts.
Good luck!

(Shannon) #79

The start of this year sure has been a yo-yo. I ended 2022 at 161.6. Here’s my January so far:

1/7/2023 163.6
1/12/2023 161
1/20/2023 163.2
1/23/2023 160.6

I can see why people stop using the scales :sweat_smile:

(Robin) #80

Exactly so.