Weigh-in Thread

(Laurie) #41

Nice progress, @dfossey ! Good luck with the carnivore experiment.

(Robin) #42

Everything good there! Time and learning what works for you. Lots of us end up limiting or eliminating veggies for various reasons.

(Greta) #43

Very nice whoosh there Shannon.

(Greta) #44

Well, I meant to take a couple of days off of my big push for Thanksgiving, but it ended up being several days. Getting back on track today.

There is a food event tomorrow, but I already planned for it to be a fasting day, so be it! I will go but stick to my plan. I will step into December hitting the ground running.

I’ll weigh in after I debloat to see where I’m at.

(Robin) #45

Good plan. Sometimes not weighing at all is a good choice, if you are sticking to plan. Just trust the process and try not to let the scales determine your mood.

(Laurie) #46

Tomorrow is weigh day. I’ve sneaked a peek a few times, and I don’t seem to have lost anything. Not too worried. At least I’m not gaining.


I surely didn’t lose lately but I didn’t seem to gain either or it’s minimal (I use my slightly tight pants to see where I am) and I am below my old 75kg I had for 2 years since some time so good enough for now.

December is when I plan to do OMAD but definitely never eat before sunset (it’s not like I get hungry or need to eat earlier). It should help something. Actually, a bunch of things. I don’t know why I don’t do the right thing automatically but we don’t live in such a world I suppose…

(Laurie) #48

180 pounds (82 kg), same as a month ago.

Maybe from cream in my hot drinks? I buy a liter of cream maybe twice a month, then I use it up in a couple of days. I could restrict my cream consumption to when I have coffee in a restaurant. That’s just once a week.

In the aftermath of having taken antibiotics, I’m eating yogurt daily. That won’t be permanent.

Anyway, I seem to be eating less in general. In particular, I seldom have an evening snack.

So we’ll see what happens in a month. Next weigh day is December 31.

I’m happy that I weigh 10 pounds (4.5 kg) less than I did 2 months ago. Thank you for your support!

(Greta) #49

Well, me too. Pretty much not seeing any progress. I have to revise my goal. I’ll make it Feb.

2/1 goal 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3
12/9 164.4

I should have known I was up to no good when I grabbed some sugar free white chocolate chips, LOL. I’m the type that does great with sweeteners. Sweetener coffee, sweetened Greek yogurt, weight drops.

As soon as I get my hands on fat, all bets are off. I eat too much if I get my hands on nuts, cheese, sour cream, coffee cream (this is insane how much I will suck down), etc.

Sweetened fat for me is just stupid!! Those sweetened cream cheese things, chocolate avocado pudding, sugar free chocolate-all really bad ideas.

I know this, yet I do this.

I felt kind of weak there is so much carbage in the office right now. Literally bags of Halloween candy, vendors sending treat baskets, we keep having parties at work, ugh!!!

So, I’ve been hitting exercise anyway. Not trying to burn calories, I’m working on strength building and just a tiny bit of stamina. It has tightened up the body. I’ve been sore all over from the efforts. The boss noticed and said it was noticeable that I’ve lost weight again. Huh. I haven’t lost anything. My clothes are a little looser in the thighs and the waist though, but I didn’t think it was noticeable.

(Laurie) #50

It’s all a learning experience, isn’t it?

When you exercise, don’t forget to stretch! It really helps prevent muscle soreness – for me anyway.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #51

I find this fascinating, because I don’t gain weight when I eat a lot of fat. Instead, my body turns the extra fat into waste heat, and I sweat a lot.

These individual differences are intriguing to me.


Me too. If I eat too much (it can be carbs too), I don’t gain either (or just extremely slowly) but I don’t sweat more or get warmer, I don’t notice anything, I just don’t gain (at a logical speed) so my metabolism must speed up somehow… WHAT does it do with the extra energy? No idea.

But I never felt cold when fasting or even starving either. Maybe my body kept my metabolism okay enough as I had plenty of bodyfat (though probably not enough to fuel me fully… but I can’t possibly know, the formula for it isn’t perfect and there are so many unknown things)…

(Greta) #53

Interesting thing about stretching-I have this low-level pain in my legs that I interpret as weakness, but it isn’t. I found out if I stretch I don’t feel it at all.

If I stretch before going up the stairs, I don’t feel “weakness”. It is interesting. It is similar to mild tendonitis.

(Pete A) #54

I stretch all day hah I love it. :slight_smile:

(Greta) #55

OK, I’m watching a Dom D’Agostino YouTube interview, and also just watched Peter Attia interview “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth. Suddenly, I feel like bio-hacking again, LOL. I want to start a fast (dirty fast). I can’t do a clean fast for a couple of reasons. The big one is I have gallstones, which I found out as an incidental finding on MRI. So I need to make my gallbladder squeeze down. So midway, I’m going to take a bit tablespoon of peanut butter. I’ve done this before, and it doesn’t trigger my appetite at all. I know it sounds like the tastiest thing ever and it would, but it doesn’t somehow. I tried it with butter before, but it feels like it runs through my stomach without doing anything. The peanut butter “sticks” in the stomach a while and makes it churn, so I feel like it is going something.

I have a hard stop on Thursday since a friend wants to go to dinner and a show, so I actually need to stop Wednesday so I don’t have an unfortunate embarrassing event in the pants that day (HA!). Five days is long enough. I don’t know what that is about-even if I fast for 24 hours this can happen, and it never used to! It’s just been a thing the past few months. I guess I’ve impacted the microbiome in some way, not sure. Hope it quits.

It has been a while since I’ve done a fast. I imagine the hunger waves might be terrible this time, since we just had our Christmas party at work, which was catered brunch, and I got a whole lot of salt onboard. Nonetheless, I’m going to weigh in and start.

It isn’t quite an equivalent weigh in to my others since I got this bug to fast after I already had my morning coffee. Oh well!

Thanks for reading. I do far better with sticking to it when I talk about it!

(Greta) #56

2/1 goal 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3
12/9 164.4
12/16 166.4 day 1 of fast, mid-morning weight

Well, the weigh in wasn’t that terrible! I thought it was going to be around 170, LOL! I guess I didn’t bloat up as much from the party as I thought.

(Robin) #57

I would suggest weighing once every few months at most. Then you see the trend. Otherwise that occasional bump is so disheartening it can mess with your head. At least, that was my case.


When I weighed myself every day, I wanted to see the little drop! Wouldn’t wanted to miss it with weekly weigh-ins let alone some more rare ones! :smiley:
But I can’t get easily disheartened (okay, sometimes a tiny bit but I really handle it much better than most).

But sometimes I just tracked. I am simple, if I eat little enough, I know I lose fat. So I patiently looked at the scale showing the same weight for 13 days once while I ate at a deficit every day. And then the drop came and it was nice.

But now I just go for a walk and feel my pants. It’s more informative as my current pair is just a tiny bit tight.

(Greta) #59

I want to know with this fast what will happen on the scale, more out of curiosity. I did one of these before where I literally lost no appreciable weight until the very end when it suddenly just all whooshed out at once. Definitely can mess with your head when that happens! That was kind of crazy-

I think I like data, so I weigh quite often on the smart scale. I find that I shy away from the scale when I know it’s not going to be good, LOL!


If I could do EF again, I would be curious about my weight changes there :slight_smile: Not like it would matter much as I clearly would lose too little fat to be able to measure but still. I like numbers and I am very curious.

I am curious about weight changes after a carby day too but I keep forgetting weighing myself. That would be informative too, I don’t know if I have water weight changes nowadays or not. I had none then I lost it and now I have no idea.