Weigh-in Thread

(Laurie) #41

Nice progress, @dfossey ! Good luck with the carnivore experiment.

(Robin) #42

Everything good there! Time and learning what works for you. Lots of us end up limiting or eliminating veggies for various reasons.

(Greta) #43

Very nice whoosh there Shannon.

(Greta) #44

Well, I meant to take a couple of days off of my big push for Thanksgiving, but it ended up being several days. Getting back on track today.

There is a food event tomorrow, but I already planned for it to be a fasting day, so be it! I will go but stick to my plan. I will step into December hitting the ground running.

I’ll weigh in after I debloat to see where I’m at.

(Robin) #45

Good plan. Sometimes not weighing at all is a good choice, if you are sticking to plan. Just trust the process and try not to let the scales determine your mood.

(Laurie) #46

Tomorrow is weigh day. I’ve sneaked a peek a few times, and I don’t seem to have lost anything. Not too worried. At least I’m not gaining.


I surely didn’t lose lately but I didn’t seem to gain either or it’s minimal (I use my slightly tight pants to see where I am) and I am below my old 75kg I had for 2 years since some time so good enough for now.

December is when I plan to do OMAD but definitely never eat before sunset (it’s not like I get hungry or need to eat earlier). It should help something. Actually, a bunch of things. I don’t know why I don’t do the right thing automatically but we don’t live in such a world I suppose…

(Laurie) #48

180 pounds (82 kg), same as a month ago.

Maybe from cream in my hot drinks? I buy a liter of cream maybe twice a month, then I use it up in a couple of days. I could restrict my cream consumption to when I have coffee in a restaurant. That’s just once a week.

In the aftermath of having taken antibiotics, I’m eating yogurt daily. That won’t be permanent.

Anyway, I seem to be eating less in general. In particular, I seldom have an evening snack.

So we’ll see what happens in a month. Next weigh day is December 31.

I’m happy that I weigh 10 pounds (4.5 kg) less than I did 2 months ago. Thank you for your support!