Weigh-in Thread

(Chuck) #81

It is perfectly normal for me, I am losing slowly and every time I’m see a new low I will show a higher weight for as much as a week before I have another new low. My doctor says that it is a good thing as it means I am slowly losing fat and not just water weight.


There is already a downward trend, I don’t really see the problem especially at that weight.
I am 75kg/165lbs since years (lately I may have 74 too sometimes) :smiley: Okay, that’s not ideal but if I had a slow loss, that would be superb. Not my speedy one with 3lbs per month in the past, I was younger and fatter then :smiley:
Anyway, it’s normal for the bodyweight to do these waves. The trend is more important but people say they have the same weight for a while even if they do everything right.
Once I knew I am losing fat as I ate little (that pretty much guarantees it for me) but it didn’t show for 13 days if I remember correctly. I had the same weight every morning until I got my drop. Pretty normal. I had waves too but it’s very rare for me, it seems I don’t have much water weight fluctuations but many/most people have them. My waves were very slow but my body seems to like my correct (since 2020 November) weight. And it’s natural for me to eat in my maintenance range, almost no matter what I try. No problem, I got more determined in the last days regarding all kinds of things, I still have a few ideas that could work, I just need to pull them off.

(Greta) #83

Goal 140

10/27 166.2 re-start
12/19 162
5/5 171.5

Wow, I really needed to weigh in!! Did not realize how much I am up. I don’t feel like I’ve been overeating, but there it is. Sigh.

I actually want to be 140, wrong way, LOL!

(Shannon) #84

You’ll get there. I had finally broken the 160 mark after going back and forth between 161 and 163 for months. Got down to 158 a week or so ago, but then I was right back up to 160 the other day. At least now I feel like I know all the tools to help me go lower if I really want to do it. I’ve been drinking Prosecco more than I should (only 1 carb for 5 oz!), and I lift weights, so maybe the weight gain is sometimes due to that. I just know that if I stop the alcohol and throw in some IF days during the week, it would probably go a long way in about 2-3 weeks, you know?

As Robin often says, you got this!

(Greta) #85

Goal 140

10/27 166.2 re-start
12/19 162
5/5 171.5
7/5 174

Weighing in again - ate out too much this weekend!! I think I can get back into the 160s quickly. Starting an IF schedule.

(Robin) #86

Get right back on the horse and you’ll be fine.


191 this morning. Considering that I am a very tall, broad-shouldered Amazonian type woman, and my lowest adult weight ever (late teens/early 20s and slender) was 175, I am doing more than fine. I weighed 320 before embarking on this journey. I am not even actively trying to lose at this time, just eating what I have come to enjoy best.

(Shannon) #88

I’m at 157 as of yesterday morning. This is the first time I’ve dropped below the 160s in quite a while. I decided to give MacroFactor a try, been using it for about a month now. I think it’s helping, but I’m not sure how much longer I want to pay the $11.99 monthly subscription fee!