Weigh-in Thread

(Greta) #1

If anyone wants a place to weigh in - come on in. I’d love to lose 15 pounds before the end of the year. I find low carb and IF to be extremely effective.

10/27 166.2

(Laurie) #2

I’m weighing myself on the last morning of each month. September 30 weight was 190 pounds.

I’ll check in again on October 31.

(Greta) #3

Goal for 1/1/2023 150 pounds

10/27 166.2
10/28 165.7

(Pete A) #4

I’ve been thirsty so I’ll post my weight here too, in addition to the Maintenace page and the Pete Accoutabilty page.

I’d like to stay in the 140s through winter. I lost around 10 pounds since Spring.

Keto on!

(Greta) #5

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2
10/28 165.7
10/29 164.4

(Greta) #6

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2
10/28 165.7
10/29 164.4
10/30 164.0

(Greta) #7

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2
10/28 165.7
10/29 164.4
10/30 164.0
10/31 164.4

(Laurie) #8

I’m weighing monthly. I have an old-fashioned (mechanical) scale, and the display is hard (for me) to read, so my numbers are approximate.

Last month: 190 lb (86 kg)
This month: 180 lb (82 kg)

Goal weight: 160 lb (72.5 kg)

(Greta) #9

Laurie-that’s great progress!

I bought a smart scale recently. I like it more than I thought I would since it has trending graphs. I bought the simplest one I could find since I am technologically challenged :joy:

I wish I had done it from the beginning so I would have captured all my weight loss, but oh well.

(Laurie) #10

I’m techno challenged too. My scale was a freebie I think! Works for me.

It can be fun and worthwhile to keep track. But of course, the main thing is to be healthier, and headed in the right direction weight wise.

(Greta) #11


I love my old school scale too. I creep up on it to see what I weigh before I get on the smart scale which is going to record it. I know that sounds silly, but the recording part is kind of stressful too, LOL!


I have a traditional old one. Very stubborn so my body and that is a good combo. I saw almost always the same number on it so I rarely weigh myself… No need to record anything, in 2021 and 2022 I was 75kg all the time until recently.
Now I went down to 73 but yesterday it was 74 as I had some overeating carby days before I guess (didn’t track). But I weighed myself in clothes and after drinking (I subtracted 1 kg for that and it sounds right). It’s cold and I just dressed, no need to undress just to see the usual number :smiley: But tomorrow I will do that. I expect 73. What else would it be, it’s my new weight and it hardly will change soon. If I am super lucky and will eat really little in November, I may go down to 72, who knows? :smiley: (I am a big optimist so I hope for 71.)

(Greta) #13

Oh I strip everything off, I want that last ounce off the reading :rofl:

In the old days when I went to weight watchers, I used to wear the same exact clothes every week. People probably thought I did not own anything else to wear :rofl::rofl:


My scale isn’t that accurate but when I stood on a digital one twice on a relative, I got very different numbers… And I never saw a smart one. And don’t need even this one but I like numbers. I have no idea about my ketones, BG, no one ever checks my blood, I can’t measure my waist (I get vastly different numbers every time. I am soft, not some hard stuff that stays the same and I probably have antitalent to measure myself)… So I want my macros and weight at least.
My weight doesn’t matter but it shows if a miracle happened and I started to lose fat… I have no idea why it happened now, it wasn’t a disciplined time at all… But maybe my carnivore habits helped enough even me being off almost all the time…?

When I will go out of ketosis in December (if I do November right, one can always hope), I will do it in a somewhat controlled way (i.e. no overeating), I am quite curious if my weight will change then or not. At this point there is a chance for both.

(Robin) #15

You and me, girl! I even hold my long hair up in the air… hah!

(Greta) #16

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2
10/28 165.7
10/29 164.4
10/30 164.0
10/31 164.4
11/1 164.0

We have at team work lunch tomorrow, sigh. I’ll be disciplined, but I usually bloat up due to the salt or something.

(Becky S.) #17

Late to the party:

Goal: 125 no set timeframe…just sure would be nice to see that again someday…

10/6: 140.1
10/13: 138.3
10/20: 136.6

(Becky S.) #18

As for scales, I have a digital but my bathroom tiles are so cracked/broken/crooked that it depends on where I put the scale. I actually put a dot on the floor with a sharpie so I put that corner in the same place every time image


My scale never changes its place, I have a dedicated place for it in my room :slight_smile:
My bathroom is tiny, even the washing machine didn’t fit into it (it could have but it would have ruined its prettiness. my fav room looks wise) let alone an unnecessary stuff like a scale…
I almost never am undressed when I am in my room but it’s not important to use the scale every year, the number doesn’t change anyway. (I do use it more often but I don’t even know why.)

But now that I remember, I weigh myself.
75kg! That’s good, I have plenty of clothes on and I just had my OMAD-sized meal and lots of drink… I definitely won’t be this much in the morning naked, right? :upside_down_face:

Evening dressed weighing is nice for my mental state. The scale number has little effect on it but still, every little thing matters.
And it’s against the crowd! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve tried keto before and enjoyed it but have not been taking care of myself recently (last year or so).

I weighed myself two days ago and am the heaviest ive ever been so am restarting keto, hopefully forever.

So my weigh in is:

2022-11-01 - 280lbs