Weigh-in Thread

(Robin) #21

Welcome! I am actually kinda jealous. You are at the beginnings of a great transformation. Don’t focus too much on calories. Just stay under 20g carbs and stay steady. Be patient… great things ahead!
You got this!


Thanks :slight_smile:

(Laurie) #23

Welcome, @HeavyTed ! Good luck getting back on track.

(Shannon) #24

I’ll jump in. Goal weight is 150. I don’t really have a timeline, maybe end of the year but that seems like a stretch. Honestly, when I think of this as a permanent WOE, it kind-of doesn’t matter when I reach it, which gives me some sense of serenity about it all.

10/11/22 168.7
10/17/22 170.2
10/22/22 168.3
11/03/22 168.1


74kg this morning, dressed, after drinking :slight_smile:
One day I will undress but why bother, my figure is the same without me knowing the number my scale happen to favor… But I am glad I seem to go back to my recent 73.

I never had a timeline. And it’s good because I have been stalling since 10 years or something, not exactly as there were some unique times but mostly.
My first goal is reaching my weight I had about 11 years ago - and years later when I went keto, that’s 69kg (but it was 67 on keto due to water weight loss).
It would be nice to reach that in a few years but actually, I would want that way before winter ends…

The next goal is 62kg, my minimum this far. I hopefully will have a better figure there than last time already but below? Things I never saw will happen! Exciting!

Then I should go down to about 56kg (just a guess as I never was that light with this height. not like I remember my childhood weight but I always was chubby after my first year of my life. I was light as a baby, 1750g was my minimum) unless I gain much muscle but why would I? I am a 46 years old lazy woman who lifts.

And after that I need to gain as much muscle as possible for me. Except on my legs, I don’t want that (sure, some is needed but not the maximum. I so don’t care that I don’t even have leg exercises but maybe I add a tiny bit. I know I don’t need lifting for legs, running and cycling would do the trick, my SO has very impressive ones due to that while his other muscles are tiny). I want nice arms though. And everything, of course, balance is important. But muscular arms are cool…

(Robin) #26

Good and practical attitude. Less stress, more success.

(Becky S.) #27

Welcome Back @HeavyTed! Restarting is exciting and hard - You’ve got this!!!

(Greta) #28

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4

I’ll do another big push this week. Last weekend I went out to eat twice but both times was during what I wanted to be my fasting window, but socializing was more important at the moment. Same thing Monday. I prefer to skip lunch over dinner, but oh well, will make it work.


Me too but my body isn’t always on board with that… :frowning: I got hungry at 1pm today. And ate at 2:40pm, it was high time!
I had a decent sized meal, a bit tricky for OMAD (it was potentially a bit small for that) but borderline enough protein (just above 120g. I can’t eat less than that, I get hungry at night then), we will see.

(B Creighton) #30

Welcome Ted. Stick around and keep learning. I chose keto to lose fat while trying to gain muscle. It worked. However, I lost my initial 18 pounds by just discontinuing a potato chip habit I had picked up. This last winter I did keto to lose the rest. I thought it would be hard, but trying to eat enough to get in 180 g of protein a day, I found I wasn’t very hungry… and I don’t think I ever reached that protein goal. In fact when I finally stopped and tried to add up what I was doing, I found I wasn’t even getting 100 g of protein a day, so I adjusted some things. I believe I’ve also found some new things that helped me lose weight even when I brought back more carbs and fell out of ketosis… like switching to goat yogurt for breakfast. Anyway, keto worked great for me, and my overall health has improved. My suggestion is to prioritize protein, and eat what natural fats come with those proteins. Avoid all processed fats… margarines, “vegetable oils” (that does not include EV olive oil), transfats, etc. I was successful with carbs as high as about 65 g/day, but was doing resistance training x3/wk, and essentially no sugar. However, you will find you can lose weight with even no exercise. Again, welcome!

(Greta) #31

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5 woot!

Fortunately, our work lunch got cancelled!! Fasting day for me.

(Laurie) #32

Nice downward trend, @Greta !


Congrats :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I have NO idea why but I got 72kg on my scale. Yay.

(Greta) #34

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162


I feel that the work I do always seems to show up two weeks later! Happy I am not gaining weight like in years past (set off by buying more Halloween candy and eating the leftovers, then buying the clearance candy and eating that too).

I have a way of denying all this where I feel like I’ve always been careful and inexplicably gained weight over the years, but I can remember doing things like sneaking thirds when the office brought in birthday cake (which was gigantic and happened all the time) or eating a lot of pizza, then eating a lot of pizza again cold in the morning.

Ima carb monster, LOL. Doing the opposite now!!!

(Laurie) #35

I think a lot of us have sneaked food, or told ourselves it doesn’t count because [insert weird reason here].

On to better times!

(Shannon) #36

Goal someday: 150. Maybe I can hit 160 by 1/1/23 :grin:

11/03/22 168.1
11/08/22 167.4
11/14/22 165.6

(Robin) #37

You never know. I’m 5’7”. Two and a half years ago, I weighed 215. Started keto that very day.
180 was my realistic goal and I did indeed settle there after about 6 months. Then it slowly SLOWLY went down and down… I weighed at Doc’s last week and I’m at 151. I’ll surely stay around here.

(Greta) #38

Goal for 1/1/2023 150

10/27 166.2 re-start
11/4 164.4
11/7 163.5
11/12 162
11/20 161.3

I’ll have to pick up some momentum to get to 150. We’ll see. Thanksgiving coming up.

(Robin) #39

That IS momentum! It’s the kind you can sustain.

(Shannon) #40

Check this out, after gaining weight in Sept (I did have 2 vacations that month), then being flat in Oct, I am finally starting to lose again in Nov. Not even totally sure what I’m doing differently, haha. Other than this, I have been eating much more meat and less veggies. I’m pretty much limiting veggies to just one meal, usually dinner. I’m considering doing a month of Carnivore after the holidays, just to see how it works for me.

9/5/22 170.2
9/8/22 171.1
9/15/22 171.7
9/19/22 172.3
10/3/22 168.2
10/11/22 168.7
10/17/22 170.2
10/22/22 168.3
11/3/22 168.1
11/8/22 167.4
11/14/22 165.6
11/21/22 163.2

5am and I have been crying for an hour