Waking up hungry


But if you need more food, maybe you need more meals?
I have this weird thing with carnivore (even without it nowadays) that I just can’t eat proper sized meals sometimes. Nowadays quite often, it changes all the time.
So I need to have more meals or choose my food better, optimized to eat more and reach the usual perfect long term satiation. It’s good I can do this, my SO get satiated about the same by almost everything. But I think most of us have less and more satiating items. There is room to experiment! :slight_smile:
I am an afternoon eater so if I need 5 meals in my worst days due to their minuscule size (not convenient), I have them all in the afternoon and maybe in the evening. My not-satiated state easily comes back after tiny meals so I eat ever hour… Inconvenient as I said but what can I do? Dense food may help but with my overeating tendencies I am wary with really fatty food. It still comes handy when I see my meal was tiny and I barely can have a few more bites… And I always can drink a bunch of extra calories, it’s somehow different from eating solid food.

Oh and hunger or appetite isn’t needed for eating, at least for me. It must be inconvenient to feel the need to wait for hunger, mine has quite long holidays sometimes and the most I can get is some subtle borderline baby hunger that has zero power to urge me to eat. A bit odd but I learned to listen to my other signs to decide when to eat.
Eating enough is very important, I don’t ignore it just because I never really get hungry and can’t eat proper sized meals.


Exactly this. It’s incredibly rare for me to ever feel like I need to eat first thing in the morning, and most days it’s entirely unthinkable.

I was up at 06:30 this morning. Started my workout at 07:00 and didn’t feel like I needed to eat immediately after. Then I finally felt hungry just a bit ago around 09:45. Ate a couple of eggs with some feta and spinach and it didn’t feel forced.


Given a bit of a peanut induced spike in my weight recently, I’m now doing OMAD for a while, and staving off morning/afternoon hunger pangs with Matcha green tea with…nothing, just water!

I seem to have adjusted to the taste, so I’m holding off on adding anything like berries, nuts, seeds, cream etc. unless I fancy one during my eating window. Seems to be working.
I’m currently on my second one this morning, hunger/cravings are being managed.


until it changes again :slight_smile:

as we heal/repair the body will flip us around. 8 wks and you are in a ‘prime time’ for a whole new you change kinda and just eat and go with the flow. Your appetite will flip again probably.

key being just eat when the body wants it. just eat what little to make ya satisfied or if jumbo hunger, go all in and eat a big ol’ steak and eggs in the morning and even tho inconvenient right now…it usually doesn’t last, this eating flip change. But many of us walk thru it.

Your body can be doing alot of heal/repair work at night you don’t feel so in the morn, you could wake up very hungry where this was never the case…roll with the tide on this one!

You will hit YOU in this. might be a 2mad or end up an Omad or ?? but time on plan and more we heal and our bodies become very nutrient fed, it flips it around for us mostly and we just settle on a great eating pattern that suits our bodies.

good luck moving forward, ya got this!


Thanks, appreciate this : )

I will see where I settle in!


but yea it can be very unnerving a bit for us. we find our sweet spot and then WTH? WHY did this change and why am I ‘off’ now but it is an internal change and it is a natural change. Anyone longer time on a lifestyle change finds diff. hits at diff. moments as the internal body changes, but yea it can upset the darn apple cart of our ‘regimented’ mind LOL I know I thought WTH? but when I asked for advice like you, I got one response only from everyone long term and they said, deal with it, eat at all times YOU NEED it and then you will change again, and when that happens, LISTEN again :wink: and I was like, ‘is it that easy?’’ but why is it so darn ‘annoying to me also!’ and that is US putting ourselves in a box, it is ok to be out of the box sometimes :slight_smile: but in the end, let the body take ya where it needs to go til it desires its’ change again but then ‘settles’ into a real life nature suited just for you personally eating pattern. feels great when we get right there and you will!!

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You have been following keto for eight weeks. That means you are getting to the point where you are fat adapted: your body has gotten used to fat as it’s new fuel source. I think the initial stage of less hunger occurs because our body says, “Hey, I need you to slow down consumption until I figure out this new fuel source.” Now that your are more fat adapted, your body says, “Okay, you can ramp things back up.”

So, if you were slightly undereating during that time, your body is saying it is ready more nourishment. If you were sick with COVID, maybe your body is telling you it still has some healing to do and needs more nutrients. If you are exercising every day, your body may be wanting more nutrients for recovery. Even where you are in your cycle may be playing a part. I had a day last week where I could not get satiated. I was hungry all day and could not stop thinking about food. My period started the next day.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. If your body is being reasonable and asking for more food that the moment, maybe it needs it. If could be that after a few days of breakfast, you go back to your normal eating window.


That all makes very good sense : )

As for where I am in my cycle, the only indicator I generally have that it’s ‘that time’ is when I start to get irrationally ratty and combative. Had my uterus done away with a few years ago because it was pretty much trying to kill me xD

But yeah, I think that time is actually now and that may very well be affecting my hunger levels; always did before, so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it actually!


learning about more ‘about the true you’ and that is key. All about you and flux changes we have happening and I am glad ya see things and that draws us into a good forward future! Cool


I understand the body wanting more food, I just don’t know why it should affect our eating window… It never does that to mine (even though it’s hard to tell as my eating window is all over the place - except in the morning, I don’t eat before noon. Even eating at 3am happens more often than eating at 11am or earlier…
But if someone can’t eat the needed food only after noon, they need an earlier meal as well, I agree with that.
And annoying hunger must be handled. Today I got hungry super early (subtle as always but in a way where it bothered me) so I had some fried liver at 12:30. It was a tiny meal but did the trick :slight_smile: My early meals are never big. I am surprised that 3 hours passed and I am still not hungry, very unusual but happened with very early (morning) meals before…


Well, what d’you know…

No hunger at all this morning. None. Zero. Zilch.

Got up early and did my workout first thing again. It’s now 3 hours later and not a sausage.

Guess I’ll hold this pattern for now in case my body decides to change things up again, but if not, I’ll be happy to go back to a lunch time workout instead as that honestly feels better for me… ‘zombie’ workouts are weird xD



You are a hero, I can’t do a workout in my morning zombie state… I can hike and hammer apart hard objects or whatever but lifting is different.

And after my night eating, I stopped being satiated super early and ate a lot before noon… Me, Disturbing. Tomorrow I will soooo enforce fasting until mid-afternoon at least, it’s not like I get hungry until then… I just can’t handle being not satiated while having delicious meat at hand.
And as it’s a workout day for me, it interferes. I am bad at not fasted workouts but they aren’t impossible… I just can’t do it right after eating.