Waking up hungry


Yes, we often have circumstances so we can’t just eat using perfect timing… Fortunately our body can adapt to some extent, food choices matter too…
I still am so glad I don’t need to start to cook at 10pm anymore (I was way more productive working late and then I traveled home and needed fresh food. my main meal HAD to be at home, in peace. it was the best option. I had a meal during the day but not my main one despite I strongly prefer my main one in the afternoon, that was always the natural way of my body)…

But you don’t need to cook when you need a meal… Nice, dense keto food can be eaten quickly and cold as well though it depends on your taste.

Oh, you will experiment, it’s interesting to me second hand as well :slight_smile: Good luck, I hope you find a good option!


Absolutely! But me being me, I do love a ‘proper’ cooked meal once a day rather than solely grabbing cold things/leftovers : )

Hopefully, my little experiment with bringing my workout to the very start of the day will allow for me to have my cooked meal at lunch time. We’ll see : )

Thanks! I’m sure I’ll post back on this!

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Oh my gosh… you want a proper cooked meal? I could use you around here. I tend to cook in big batches then live off quick bites of leftovers for days… usually cold. No good reason. Just lazy in the food department.
I admire you having a schedule and being so purposeful.

Love the name El. Sounds like someone you could share secrets with.


But leftover is a proper cooked meal… Oh well. I wrote I cooked every day myself back then. When I was at home. Other meals can be different - but if you can fast, that’s good too…
Good that you have this 3rd option!


It works perfectly… I make a roast and live on it for days :slight_smile: Though I still cook and bake other things but those can be done in advance too…


Oh yes, of course pre-cooked is still a proper cooked meal ; ) But I just love having something freshly cooked. With the exception of things like soups and casseroles that are generally better the second and third times around, I’m not massively keen on reheated stuff, and don’t want just cold things the whole day.

I think it’s just that I’m a total foodie, always have been. I really enjoy the creative aspect of cooking and I love sitting down to eat a freshly cooked whatever xD

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I never deliberately cut calories, I simply eat to satisfy my hunger, however little or however much food that may entail.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #29

That’s how we are advised to do it! :+1:

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I have breakfast before work, lunch at my desk while I’m working, and nothing in the evening. No cooking facilities at my work, not even a microwave, so I prep food that can be eaten cold at my desk. It works well.


I work from home, so that’s one issue I thankfully don’t have. Definitely thinking workout first thing followed by breakfast and then lunch… at lunch ; ) Seems like it should work : )


"Do employers have to provide a microwave UK?

The only kitchen appliance that could be deemed a legal requirement is a microwave . Workers must be able to access hot food whilst at work, and if there is no place to obtain this near to or on the premises, then a microwave should be provided."

"Does an employer have to provide kitchen facilities UK?

Employers need to make arrangements for their workforce to take rest breaks, prepare or obtain hot drinks and be able to eat. In some cases they may need to provide rest rooms and kitchen areas"

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Tell that to my manager who doesn’t like the smell of food in the office 🫤

We have a kitchen, it has hot and cold water, and a fridge…

A fridge is not a legal requirement. A microwave only needs to be provided if there is nowhere in or reasonably near the workplace to obtain hot food

There’s places we can go off site to get hot food, so it wouldn’t apply.

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Probably good to see what type of hunger you’re having. I remember watching this video a while ago, since I always ate when hungry (and bored and stressed and excited) It’s interesting he dismisses hunger altogether. But feeling like you need nutrition is the ancient instinct he talks about too.


Ooohhh, interesting. Thanks : ) Will give that a watch shortly!


@Milliecake1234 What an enjoyably frank speaker this guy is : )

I will fully admit to being an emotional eater. I’ve been aware of this for years. I’m in fact very addiction prone in general : (

I don’t think this thing that’s started now is quite like that, but I guess I can’t absolutely rule it out either. He did make me laugh with the comment about the rumbling stomach though, as that was really my main indicator for this new morning hunger… perhaps I just need a really big fart xD

I guess it could also just be part of a natural adjustment to this new WOE. I think it would certainly still be worth me trying to bring my eating window forward and see how that pans out for me, but I’ll most definitely be paying closer attention now to any perceived hunger signals and having a proper think on them too :+1:

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Eating late at night was part of my addictive routine with food. Although physical cravings went away quickly with keto, I still had to arm wrestle those nightly emotional cravings until they eventually gave in. Tough mothers.

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Hey El, welcome to the forum. One thing I’m wondering about after reading this thread is maybe this earlier than usual feeling of hunger is just what’s happening at the moment, rather than something you’ll experience from this point onwards.

I started keto late May this year, then quickly moved to carnivore, and I’ve experienced all sorts of variations in when I start to feel hungry on any given day. Now I have relaxed a lot (I spent a lot of energy initially “trying to do it right”) I just eat when my body tells me it’s hungry. Some days that’s hours earlier than most days but I just go with it.

I have the advantage of not working so I don’t have a schedule I need to fit eating into tho.

I also had to learn what actual hunger felt like after decades of eating for many reasons other than hunger. It still feels a bit weird how simple my relationship with food has become.


Nothing weird about waking up hungry, you haven’t eaten in a while at that point. Without tracking you have no clue whether you’re eating enough or not, but working out absolutely increases hunger, as it should. Around 2000cals isn’t a lot, so you should really start tracking everything so you can figure out what you need / are taking in.


I was wondering that too.

Yep! Going to be paying closer attention to that after watching the video that Millie posted : )

I already am tracking what I eat. I’m just not weighing myself ; ) My intake varies quite a bit from day to day some days at around 2,000 cals, sometimes lower. But when it’s lower, it’s only because I didn’t feel I could physically eat any more than I already had.

Today I’ve tried getting my workout in first thing. Just finished, having my usual coffee and actually not feeling hungry right now. As I mentioned before though, I have generally found that exercising staves off any feelings of hunger I may have had before. Though today, I don’t think there were any such feelings at all.

I definitely don’t feel like I could eat right now at all which would be the usual ‘morning me’. Will see how I feel in a bit.


Of course, it’s normal for many people.
But it can be super weird if one never was hungry in the morning in their life, at least not without extreme circumstances when the body signs were off… I would get quite shocked and disturbed! I always get more satiated if I sleep, it’s one of the non-changing things of my body. I know very well that I never should eat in the morning (and if possible, I should skip lunch too). So even if I was hungry, I would ignore it. My hunger is less and less reliable anyway unlike on high-carb and even on my original low-carb.

It may be happening because of too little food, I wrote that before myself. I don’t get that but I never eat at a deficit for long either… (But I doubt I ever could wake up hungry without going VERY hungry to bed but I hardly could fall asleep then.)

Of course, it may be different for the OP but getting a morning hunger after NOT having it ever? That can be perceived weird.