Waking up hungry


Hey all : )

So I’ve been following Keto for about 8 weeks now, though I’d be inclined to write off the first couple of weeks as I definitely made some errors and also that time includes me coming down with Covid and being wiped out for a good 5 days.

Waking up hungry is not something that has ever happened to me before (with the exception of when I caved to a late night snack) and it was this that actually made it super easy for me to slide naturally into IF/OMAD/2MAD.

For the last week or so though, I’ve been waking up feeling like I need to eat.

My eating window is in the latter half of the day (it’s most convenient this way to fit around around work and exercise) so I suppose that could be a possible factor? Though honestly, that’s not really a change from how I ate before.

So if it’s not that, then maybe I’m simply not taking in enough calories. Certainly, according to Cronometer, I’m ending each day with a calorie deficit. It’s calculating my daily needs as 2060 calories, and I’m not sure whether that’s going to be accurate or not. I’m 6’2", starting weight I can’t be sure of what with not using scales, but I would guess at around 110 kilos. I’m a 45 year old woman and am moderately active.

I wasn’t calculating calorie intake before starting on Keto, but I know my eating was sporadic and I don’t feel I was always hitting that amount.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(Alec) #2

My advice would be: if you are hungry, you need to eat a good keto meal. Keto does help us get our hunger hormones back to balance. My advice is (as long as you haven’t just had a carb blowout) trust your body’s signals.

Don’t go mad, eat something small and keto eg 3 egg cheese omelette?


Thanks, Alec. That does seem like the most obvious solution, which is kind of unfortunate as it means I’m going to have to completely change the way I do things, and it’ll be a lot less convenient for me : (

I don’t want to expand my eating window massively, so if I eat first thing, I’m going to have to bring my next meal forward too. As it stands, I’m up early-ish (7am) on a working day. I currently use my lunch hour (1pm - 2pm) to do my workout, then will eat my first meal mid afternoon. This will be something quick to throw together so I’m not away from my work for very long. Then I make my main meal after work is done with at 6.30pm.

I suppose I could start meal prepping instead, and move my workout to after work. Definitely a possible solution, though one I’m slightly resistant to as it means no ‘fresh’ meals every day, and not getting some movement in to break up my sedentary work day. But if it’s best for my health, I guess I will have to let go of being so stubborn and unchangeable!


Actually, your morning hunger pangs are something that I’m currently experiencing, like this morning.

I’m currently trying to do OMAD after a period of grazing on pork scratchings and nuts (to compensate for the absence of alcohol no doubt) which saw me put on a kilo or two.

This morning I countered the pangs with a green tea, but thickened it up with chia and flax seeds (blitzed in the nutri bullet). It seems to have staved off the hunger and perked me up at the same time.


(From other thread)

However, matcha green tea had flax and chia seeds added, about 4 blueberries, 2 cherry tomatoes and a heaped tsp of soured cream before being blitzed in nutri bullet. Quite satisfying tbh.


Sounds good! But ultimately, that’s still breakfast so the same would apply ; )

Complete tangent, but I recognise that keyboard… standard issue Dell, no? The one I brought back from the office has been relegated to collecting dust after I finally caved and bought a mechanical. My typing skills are much akin to a spider running across the keys, and I’m liking the improved experience now xD


Well, not really the same.

The seeds you can judge the amount or leave out, if you want, but,
“Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are highly nutritious. They’re packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and various micronutrients.”, and
" Flax seeds are very high in fiber and provide good amounts of protein. They’re also rich in fat and one of the best plant-based sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids."

You can skip the blueberries/cherry tomatoes and cream…add something like non sugar almond milk if required.

And all this takes no time at all- just slightly longer than it takes to make an ordinary cup of tea.
And it is keto.


Yeah, standard issue Dell from work.

I have a work docking station and widescreen for the work laptops…but I’ve switched to using my own personal laptop for things like this forum, lest nosey HR get grand ideas :wink: even though it is out of work hours!

I keep meaning to convert the small bedroom into an office, but because it’s just Carly and I here at moment, I’ve just set up on the dining table. It doesn’t bother me! And carly can run in and out of outside with me knowing where she is.

Maybe now I’m off the booze I’ll plan that in as project to be done…it’ll join the queue behind other priority projects!


I can’t possibly know what is the reason but I think your guess has a big chance, I would think about the same myself. Can’t you eat more in the afternoon?

I am never hungry when I wake unless I go to bed hungry (I never do that but had such a day once) but when I keep a small deficit for days, I do tend to get hungry earlier than normal. Breakfast is completely out for me (it’s bad enough to start to eat already at 3pm) but it’s me. But it seems you don’t like eating in the morning either so I would try to eat more (or more satiating food) in my eating window.

Of course, it may be a temporal thing, who knows? The human body is complex and our mind can influence things, even hunger feelings…

But it IS a breakfast with all the disadvantages of one and more consider it’s not even some proper, satiating one. It may work for you and may or may not for the OP. It would be a horrible idea for some of us. The OP isn’t a breakfast type, apparently and I can understand that as I am a big hater of all breakfasts myself.


The docking station they provided for us was utter pants so that’s also collecting dust.

Just connected my lovely 40" 4k direct to the lappy. It’s a brand new gaming spec that utterly outdoes the performance of my poor old personal rig, so until I can afford to replace that, I use the work machine machine for everything. Nothing untoward goes on here so HR can kiss my butt :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made the sun room my office and art/craft space. When the weather’s good, I can open everything up and it’s like sitting outside. I just have a blind over the one window directly to my right so no direct sun and glare. I get the terrible SADs so I like to hoover up every last drop of sunlight I can get!


Yes, that’s absolutely the case. That’s why this morning hunger was so alarming to me!

I can certainly test out bulking up my post workout meal and see how that affects me : )


Yes Shinita, I know it is technically a breakfast!

OP was considering changing her routine, maybe eating scrambled eggs etc. but had intimated that it would be inconvenient for her. I was merely suggesting a quick alternative. (See below)

Toy, maybe just load up on a few coffees and/or teas in the morning to stave off the pangs?

I mean, without adding the nutritional extras that I add. You’ll still be compliant IF and won’t have to change your routine.
I don’t know- sometimes filling up with fluids can stave off hunger pangs in some people; it works for me to a certain degree.


I interpreted that as breakfasts in general is an inconvenience.
And scrambled eggs sound quicker and way superior but I am an egg freak so of course I say that :smiley:

With lots of calories? Breakfast again but if it’s mostly fat, that’s different! I never could try that myself but heard about many others who found it helpful. Some people even find black coffee effective, it’s strange to me but apparently is a thing.


Every day starts with coffee and then herbal teas, without fail ; ) Unless somebody gives me a solid reason not to do that, it’s a habit that won’t be going away! Oh, and you can call me ‘El’. That’s how I’m generally known in online circles, and it’s comfy and familiar… like an old sock xD

I LOVE eggs. Always have done. So I absolutely wouldn’t be averse to eating them for breakfast every day for life, it’s just that issue of migrating my eating window that I need to contend with : )


No, I meant tea/coffee without the calories.

(Bill) #16

Coffee with cream to start the day?
I have 3 in the morning to keep me sated before first solids at about 3 pm.

(Allie) #17

Listen to your body and change your eating window. Mine is early and always works well, sleep is lots better with no food after 1pm.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #18

Hunger is your body’s way of telling you you need food. Trying to manage fat loss by restricting calories can be counter-productive, since the metabolism slows down to match intake. This is an evolutionary response to periods of famine. Try eating when you are hungry, and eating enough at each meal to satisfy your hunger. See what happes.


Oh, I’m not deliberately restricting calories at all. If there’s a deficit, it’s because I simply couldn’t have eaten more than I did.

I’m certainly up for changing the amount of meals I eat, and when I eat. As I say though, the issue here will be my ability to eat anything significant during my working hours. I can’t just slope off and cook a meal, so I’ll need to put some thought into how I can make this all work, with both making my food, and allowing a fasted window for exercise that also doesn’t fall within working hours (assuming I can’t use my lunch hour due to having eaten soon before, or needing to eat then).

It’s a bit tricksy : )


Thinking about it. I may want to move my workout to first thing in the morning. I’ve always noticed that after a workout, I’m often not as hungry as I was before. But if I am, then I can have an actual breakfast while I settle in to work for the day, and can cook a full meal during my lunch hour.

As I’m off work today, I thought I’d test this out (was too late for a super early workout, but I got it in before 1pm, then cooked a lunch).

Will see how I fare on this today and tomorrow : )