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I did full-on carnivore for a few days. My kryptonite isn’t cheese, but nuts. Macadamia nuts, pecans or walnuts. So, dropping those was hard. I did meat (mainly beef); butter, HWC in my coffee, unsweetened iced tea- which isn’t carnivore- but I hardly think it matters. I felt amazing, too! Mental clarity - check. Energy - check. Weight loss- check. looked leaner- check. No aches or pains whatsoever. I’m thinking total carnivore is the way to go now. I rarely touch veggies nowadays.

I love cooking, so limiting myself to meats only is saddening to me. But, I am figuring out new ways to improve taste and texture, and create other textures - like crispy beef crackling, and chicken skin crackling. Yum.

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LMAOOO see my self hatred thread re: PECAN BINGE :smile:

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This has been my biggest issue with keto and as of yet nothing has solved it and I’ve been at it for two years now. Mine is a bit worse than yours. I generally go ten to twelve days between bms with the last few days being fairly uncomfortable.

Unlike you I never really used laxatives much but I’ve had digestion issues my whole life which led to what I used to call “tumble poo”. Basically, a single massive morning urge where very unformed poo would fall out of me in an instant. I thought it was a fine thing in my youth not to have to sit ages on the toilet like other folks but now I recognize it was always a symptom of IBS. Anyhow, as a result of three decades of this I now have extremely messed up motility. My body doesn’t know how to push poo through my intestines unless it’s essentially “flowing”.

I’ve tried everything recommended here. One thing that does work for me, although I only use it rarely since I’m trying to retrain my bowels to function without aids, is magnesium citrate. I was foolish and in spite of repeatedly seeing this recommendation I only finally tried it very recently because I’ve been so anti aids of any sort. But now, if the discomfort gets too bad a single capsule at night will free me of it the next day. Once, I had to take a second in the morning but that’s it.

I hope this helps.


When I went full carnivore, I ended up taking the magnesium citrate too. I figured out that the nuts I was eating in between meat servings must have been providing the necessary “roughage” so that I wasn’t ever constipated. Minus the nuts, things changed. So, I take one mag cit in the am, and one in the evening/before bed. Now everything seems to be in harmony. A long swig of coffee in the morning, and things move along quite efficiently.
However, that wasn’t my only motive for taking mag… After I went full carnivore and then segued off, I started getting horrific leg /foot cramps from being on my feet all day, so I took the mag and potassium before bed, and it alleviated the cramping for the most part.
I go back and forth now. I’ll go a few days full carnivore, and a few days not. IF is kind of sporadic now. Some days, 20/4; some days 17/7; some days, I just fast. Mostly, depends on work.

Does anyone find taking probiotics to be helpful or beneficial in any way? I know there are “colon health” probiotics, and “digestive” probiotics. Didn’t know if it was worth it to invest in any of that stuff.

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Thanks for the helpful advice =) I have been taking 2 magnesium citrate for a few weeks (I included it when I started taking the Pink Himalyan Salt daily. It wasn’t helping, but yesterday afternoon I took 2 more (so 4 for the day) and I drank 4 cups of boiled water, 1 heaping tablespoon of the Salt, (because Dena had posted before that that works for her) and I broke my fast and had 2 sausages my hubby had barbecued, and a spinach salad. Shortly after eating I went 3 times in a row in short succession… had to rush to bathroom each time. I am not sure which of the 4 things(the additional tablets, the hot water, the salt or the eating) or it was the combination of the four that triggered it, but I went a bunch (it was extremely loose, no form) but I felt sooooo much better afterwards.

I think I have figured out that it is Coconut Oil that is causing my distress; I know others have commented that Coconut products make them go, but I have been taking them daily, and never did prior to Keto.
I have already eliminated all artificial sweeteners, coffee, dairy and now coconut products. I am not sure if I have to permanent delete all of them (the cheese I am missing, the rest I can easily live without).

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I take the following supplements daily, and the last one is a prescription for my asthma from my doctor, that I hope in time I can get rid of:

The digestive enzymes I just started recently because of a thread on here when we were all discussing gallbladder removal and other ladies that have had theirs out as well (I had mine out in December, 2003) were saying that they had bloating, and other symptoms and they took these, so I have been taking them since then too.

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I had noticed in your posts that you take “high absorption” magnesium citrate. It’s actually the lower absorption of the citrite that causes it’s bowel action. When magnesium isn’t absorbed it draws water into the intestines and softens things up helping it to move along.

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Oh no! I bought the wrong one?? I bought 3 bottles of it, to spend enough for free shipping, and still on first bottle… =(. Thanks for noticing and pointing it out for me =).


Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple) says one of his goals is to “LGN”–look good naked. I don’t think it’s hopeless, but it does require some fitness goals in addition to losing weight. 80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd is definitely one of my role models. If I look half as good as she does at 80 when I’m 60, I’ll be happy.

Just remember that he is trying to maintain his weight, not lose, and never had significant metabolism problems. IDM typically doesn’t recommend a lot of OMAD for losing weight or fixing metabolism issues. I think mixing in a few days of it is good as you’re transitioning to fasting or just to mix things up sometimes, so your body doesn’t get into too much of a routine.

Did you have any issues with loose skin afterwards? Fasts of at least 42 hours increase autophagy which helps with preventing the loose skin that people have after significant weight loss. I’m betting this is an even bigger problem for those of us that are older and losing skin elasticity. (BTW–65 lbs. is amazing! Congratulations on that!).

LOL. For me, that does not sound like “a lot” for one day. That sounds like maybe 1000 calories. That’s a big meal, but I’d be hungry (and worried about my metabolism tanking), if I ate like that daily. But I’d definitely drop weight. I don’t mean to sound like I’m criticizing. It’s amazing that you found something that worked so well for you. I’m just laughing, because my “satiety” point is waaay higher than that. I think that’s why the whole “eat to satiety” thing never works for me.

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HOLY COW she is stunning. She looks 50. I met a black lady once in a thrift store, we were both shopping. I was staring at her because she was so fabulous looking. Tall, slender, dressed beautifully, face like a Vogue cover (kinda like the gal you linked to, bone structure to die for), she looked about my age (55) MAX but could have been 45ish and next to her I looked like the scullery maid.

I finally said something to her to the effect of sorry for staring but you are so striking.
Her: “ha I look pretty good for 50, yeah?”
Me: “heckyeah you do”
Her: (laughing) “I have a son who is 50” :flushed:

Sure do. My formerly round buttocks that was the envy of females and the source of admiration for males (prior to getting fat after menopause I mean) resembles accordion folds as it droops nicely, and is so flat I get coccygeal pain after sitting at my desk too long.
Interestingly, my abdomen which had grown to barrel-esque proportions when fat, is flat and sleek looking (I never got stretch marks though I have multiple children most of whom were 9+lbs) though still has some flab in the suprapubic region. Thighs? Loose as heck and flabby too.

May be, I never count cals but that’s not every day. Some days it’s even more. It varies. It def goes up to prob 3000 cals some days.

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