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My gym has a saltwater pool. Maybe you can find somewhere else to go.

(Moriah ) #746

Hey everyone, checking in. just read about a guy that started keto March 6th and has lost 21 lbs. frustrating!
So I continue to loose about 1 lb a month since starting keto the end of Jan. measured today, recalculated and I’m on track. waist and hips are down at least 2 inches from November. I was IF every other day from November to Jan and lost around 10 lbs.
I’ve finally been able to do fasting on keto, did a 40 hour fast which went really well, a 36 hour and a 24 hour fast. I have to feast today to make sure my metabolism is up. It seems the only way I loose is when I fast. All that fasting and I’m down about 1lb. I got a cheap breath meter which registers ketosis and seems to be increasing from .2 to .3 the past few days. I know Richard says he is a sluggish ketone producer and struggles to have the meter over .5 which only happens after a several day fast.
the fact that its this hard to loose weight is an eye opener for me. I could not loose weight before finding IF/keto and my AlC was 5.7 the last I had a value done. That is in the bottom range of prediabetes. I’m going in the next several weeks to have another done. Even though its so slow, I am grateful every day for finding this way of living. KCKO have a great weekend!

(Karen) #747

Welcome Moriah. I lose weight very slowly. Some weeks not at all. A pound a week would be lovely. I would take 1/2 pound.


(Ginger Sugrue-Trimbach) #748

Hi new ketoer here! I am 49, postmeno total hysterectomy at 32. Off hormones for last 5 yrs😠. Weight loss/gain roller coaster. Boderline T2 on Januvia. Last year my provider asked me to go on a plant based vegan diet and I lost about 25 lbs. But it slowly came back as soon as i reintroduced sugar😖. My weight was back up to 195 and fasting blood sugars were 170 range, this was only 4 weeks ago. I started out keto slow, dropped sugar, increased fats, increased plant based proteins. This week I am down 9 lbs. I know I am a slow loser, allways have been! But you girls have helped me realize I am on the right path.

I had my first NSV on wednesday this week, my blood sugar dropped to 90 2 hrs after a meal! I am seriously thi king about dropping the Januvia as a trial to see the effect on my blood sugar. Any thoughts?

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NSV coming up! I have a dress that I bought 10 or more years ago. It is a little summer sheath that I love because it looked good on me and I bought it while out with my young daughter and my sister-in-law. I just couldn’t part with it when I got too heavy to wear it. I put it on yesterday. It fits! I’m p planning on wearing to a family reunion in June. This is a silly thing, I know, but I felt so wonderful when I slid that zipper up so easily yesterday!

Thanks keto!

(Karen) #750

Rock that sheath!


(Moriah ) #751

Hello Ladies, checking in!
My History: IF 36 hour EOD from middle of November to last week of January. Keto from last week of January to current. REActive hypoglycemic and last Hb1C, before any of this, was 5.7 (low range prediabetes)
So, I have been doing the cheapo keto breathalyzer (blood alcohol breath tester) which went up this week from .02 to .04. ( I’m waiting until it says I can’t drive! ) I have been doing about 1 36 hour fast and 2 36 hour fasts plus fat bomb at 24 hours, per week. I’m thinking that the increase in the keto meter is due to continuing to be fat adapted, last week it read .02 with the same fasting schedule. So if that is true, basically that would be over 13 weeks for keto to really settle in. My weight is measured one pound down today. So total so far, since November 14-15 lbs down. Since starting keto in January, down about 5. Honestly, the only way I loose is to fast. waiting to see as the keto meter is measuring an increase, I might be (hopefully) loosing more rapidly.
I like to put all this in so others who are sluggish losers can see that progress is made over an amount of time.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

(Julia) #752

HI @Keto6468 Karen - not sure if this “cure” suggestion works within KETO, but … “back in the day”, my late Father-in-law used cherries as his remedy for gout. This was long before I had ever heard of “keto” or “ketogentic”. As far as I know, he wasn’t diabetic (my late MIL was, however T2D though I don’t think she ever took insulin.). He did have a bit of low blood pressure, drank coffee every morning, black, and probably was instinctively keto without even knowing it. He was 93 when he passed away, which I don’t think is too shabby these days!! But when I was on KETO the first time around (not familiar with this group, back then), I found the beef bacon, when I could find it, or really too much red meat in general, tended to give me “gout” (meaning, I self-diagnosed by the achey-breakey toe feeling - I wasn’t about to get the doctor involved in an official diagnosis…). So… moved off it and went to like sardines or poultry for my proteins, or eggs… and voila! the “gout” went away…oh and I also ate cherries !! (but seemed to me the cherries were a bit TOO sweet.).


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Hi ya’ll, not sure yet exactly (or already went senior and forgot) how to just start a question within this topic without it being a reply, so I’ll just do it as a reply, and if our adorable little @discobot doesn’t approve, I’m sure I’ll be set straight…

Sooo @CandyLindTX told me ALL about this group in a private note on the SparkPeople website (which is a pretty good support group, but their dietary overlords are pro-CARB as a “diabetes cure”? and tend to discount low-carb or nutritional ketosis. I came right on over, Red Rover!

:fox_face::fox_face::fox_face: (yea, so this is a red fox, not Red Rover, the dog. Have to suspend belief…).

I first really got serious trying out KETO a couple years ago, after my girlfriend locally had been nagging me for a few years before that. Had to basically do my own reading and research, because of course, the search engine results are skewed to all of the “ketosis is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it” naysayers. So I had to sift the pepper from the fly-specks and got the “KETO Clarity” book from Jimmy Moore (which I haven’t looked for here in this webforums, but wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t been mentioned a time or two.). I did it for I guess 2 months or so, lost 20 pounds pretty much right away, and then Passover came and well, Passover is kinda all about the carbs - matzo this and wine that and sweet apples and so…

Since then, I’ve been regaining, but also with all this hormonal mess (probably undiagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome for years, before I had hit menopause 4 or 5 years ago) and being 57 now (although at times, I feel like I’m a day over 77… whatever that feels like ??)… and at some point, I read something about KETO not working as well for post menopausal older women, and I thought “WELL NOW YOU TELL ME!!”…

I’m fixing to start Virta Health (insert long story but I’m gonna have to sign off pretty quick, as my husband is coming home from his first day back at work after being laid off 18 months ago.)… so then Candy suggested this group and I thought I’d at least learn what I can while I’m waiting for the other thing to start (probably within a week).

Oh and the other things that derailed me before was family not wanting to do keto with me… resenting it when I was in IF mode, or just not interested in going out to the restaurant for hamburgers. Although - in the meantime - the DS has decided to stop drinking pop and eating french fries, so it’s a little bit less keno-hostile than it was…

Talk later!

Cheers -


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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

(Candy Lind) #755

I’m so glad you came over! This place ROCKS. And I think you’re going to see great results with Virta. That is an awesome program headed by low-carb all-stars.

(Karen) #756

Thanks so much. I think I am eating way more beef these days! Sounds like a wonderful man.


(Carole) #757

They have a Stevie with monk fruit. Very delicious

(Jane) #758

Being blessed that my Husband is on board with me, but it really hit home for him when he watched “The Magic Pill” on Netflix with me. Day 10 for us. Good Luck!


Being a non-IR and non-obese, biologically intact, unmedicated 52 y.o. female at the one-year mark of LCHF/keto, I feel very very blessed with my keto brainz, the knowledge of many unseen healing process, and reasonable fat recomposition proof via measurements.

My body and brain are in the notorious midlife female zone, where primordial forces make recomposition extremely slow … so as to store “super-grandmother” shock-absorbing (cortisol managing) fat for steady state reliability and backup community mothering (regardless of whether we’ve produced offspring or not). My stress level is pretty high, and though I manage it well, it’s definitely a factor.

Though I’ve def lost inches at least one clothing size and am in the lower range of fat to be recomposed - the summer heat in my current southern location which I’m not adapted for has brought on water retention that has increased my measurements this week and given me cause to reflect on my long term & short term goals, on my past and future.

Throughout my adult life, it’s been “normal” for me to retain water at the beginning of humid heat summer, and then to have a swoosh come August and be much leaner (apart from mosquito bite swelling on ankles). It’s just that being in the interesting climacteric stages of female existence (which spans 10-12 years in the natural female physiology before reaching the point of 2 years without menses), the laws of nature are such that without weekly strength training (which I’ve not been able to do for a while now) keeping the mitochondrial boosting going can get really slooooooooow.

This summer, I’ve decided to up my game on the supplements front - and see how this further assists my personal midlife LCHF/keto olympics.

For at least five years I’ve taken weekly Vit. D3 (15,000 iu on Sundays), angstrom magnesium 1-2 teaspoons several times a week, and daily himalayan salt water - and the last six months added daily Ginger capsules (4-6 per day) with noticeable benefits.

All is well - I just want to change up some nutrients and have a new experiment in this long haul climacteric shift.

Until I can start strength training again upon a change in environment/schedule - I’m relegated to walking, basically. I’ve decided to take a metabolic enhancement formula created by the LCHF physicians Dr. Mary Dan Eades and Dr. Michael Eades. It’s a lipolysis enhancer used in conjunction with a LCHF way of life.

Its main ingredients are Hydroxycitric Acid (from the famous Garcinia fruit extract), along with carnitine, chromium, aspartic acid, and biotin - no ephredra ingrediants, no gluten. I know about several of these ingredients separately, and because I respect the Eades work and smarts and pleased the ingredients are combined in this formula, albeit, a rather ‘high tech’ supplement of the kind I generally avoid.

Wanted to report here in case any of ya’ll are keen to learn about these potential allies. I won’t post any links about the stuff I ordered here as it’s not readily available in main places like Amazon and I don’t want to seem spammy etc. It helps my vintage keto sanity to boost my metabolism however I can in my present situation, and I needed a new experiment, so I’ve ordered a six month supply (with a coupon I found, yay) and here goes - adding more vavoom to the vavoom LOL.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #760

Hi ladies. I have posted “whined “ elsewhere on the forum. Two months in and pleased with a ten pound weight loss. However, ever since menopause seven years ago my body does not like digesting fats. So kinda miserable and gassy, or worse on keto. But then again I am not yet fat adapted. Would digestive enzymes help? My doctor can’t find anything wrong. Has anyone else had digestive issues after menopause?

(Cindy) #761

Hi Regina,

I’ve had severe gallbladder pain, plus gas and other pain, since going keto. I read somewhere that I’ve forgotten that the amino acid taurine helps make the gall bladder function better and helps keep gall liquid, so I take a TON of it - about 2000-3000 mg per day. It works like magic for me. I don’t know if it will for you, but in case it’s gall bladder, it’s an inexpensive supplement that you could try.


I’ve had miserable heartburn at weird times, most recently twice in the morning, right after I get up. Drinking apple cider vinegar(diluted) seems to help. Maybe my body is saying it can’t handle Fresca at 8 am!

(Karen) #763

Honestly I only get heartburn no, with too much meat at a meal.


(Suzanne Le Bon) #764

I use a hand blender some dijon and salt
Works every time