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(Moriah ) #725

Hey All,
I went shopping yesterday (in a singsongy voice) I am now a size smaller, 2 inches off my tush and fanny pack since I started my weight loss journey. I am now a missy size not a Woman size !
I have 10 more lbs before I would be officially in the overweight category and not obese. For someone who had been seeking medical help and so close to type II diabetes that I could feel it breathing down my neck, I am elated that I have made progress. Summer here I come!


Thanks, Moriah! I really appreciate the advice. I’ve done a keto calculator and should be getting 20/71/127 as far as my macros go. Calories are 1548. Some days I’m closer to that than others. I’ll start tracking again and see where I’m landing.

I did feel a lot better yesterday evening and this morning after consuming more salt and water. It’s tricky getting these electrolytes in balance!

(Karen) #727

I am always surprised but the varying amount different site give me for calories 1843 on that one. Fasting, but maybe I need to feast more. Welcome ladies.


(Melissa Marie) #728

@CandyLindTX You can do donkey (glute) kickbacks and achieve similar results… just protect your knee you have on the floor with good cushion. My knees are going and I can’t do squats.

If you have access to a pool there are other options that aren’t weight bearing.

(Candy Lind) #729

I LOVE water exercise, but I started getting chlorine lesions. I’d stay out for a while, but as soon as I’d go back to class, I’d break out again. :sob:


Hi Everyone. Just found this forum today. Listened to a few podcasts so far and stumbled upon your group. I came to this site to find answers to very bad keto flu (I guess). On keto for 3 weeks and still feel awful (very weak muscles, easily exhausted, bad brain fog). I’ve done the recommended things (more water, salt, electrolytes etc), but no help. Finding different suggestions on different sites and getting very confused. I did get a reply from Carl which I greatly appreciated. (Add much more salt, cut out good carbs at night which one site recommended, and possibly intermittent fasting).
Just wondering if anyone has had my experience and how you resolved it.

(Ida) #731

One way I do is leaning on my shower wall and doing back leg lifts. They won’t require a bent knee. Of course you can do them using a chair or even a shower chair. The steam heat will help you relax too. So sorry about your knee, it must be very painful.

(Moriah ) #732

I’ve been 36 hour fasting every other day since the middle of November and switched to keto on January 25th.
I have tried to fast several times since the end of March and only reached 20 hours before I hit a wall (I was eating salt) So this afternoon I just finished a 40 hour fast. I went 40 hours because I was not hungry ! So the only thing I can think is that it took me N=1 almost 12 weeks (11 weeks and 5 days) to become completely fat adapted. I don’t think it was because I feasted so much before hand because I really didn’t.
This was by far the easiest fast I have done.

(Moriah ) #733

Welcome! make sure you are eating enough and enough fat. Until you are fat adapted, no telling how much your body can burn of your own fat. worst case is that your body has no access to fat stores which means you have to eat your energy. Once fat adapted, its a different story.
hope you feel better ! keep us updated.

(Candy Lind) #734

Not near as much, with 60 pounds gone. :wink: And much less inflammation, as well. Thanks, #keto !

(Candy Lind) #735

AWESOME SAUCE! I will be SO HAPPY when I can get back to misses - and to Men’s sizes in Walmart (I want POCKETS, not purses. CARGO PANTS R US. :smiling_imp: So unladylike, but so much easier when I am on the truck, to fill my pockets and have everything I need without the danger of putting it down and forgetting it (which I have been prone to do since I was a kid. I have lost THOUSANDS of items.). I am NEARLY down to wearing Walmart pants, SO EXCITED! I actually got some on and zipped them up, but they’re not quite comfy enough to drive in. Next goal in sight!

(Cindy) #736

Yes, for me fat was the answer too - masses of it. I had severe keto flu that lasted for a long time, and it didn’t get better until I added a lot of fat. I had used severe low/non-fat diets for so many years that I just couldn’t switch gears. Once I did though, I lost weight and felt much better.


Hi, Babs! Hope your symptoms have improved some by the time you’re reading this, but I completely understand where you’re coming from with the issues. I struggled for several weeks with pretty bad tiredness, brain fog, racing heart, etc.

I’m feeling much, much, much better now.

What I did to turn the corner:

  • Make sure to drink at least 70 ounces of water min
  • In the a.m. I take a multi-vitamin, potassium supplement, and take 40,000 volts (electrolyte supp.)
  • Put pink Himalayan salt under my tongue a few times a day
  • Salt all of my food
  • Take Natural Calm at night (one teaspoon in 6 to 8 ounces of water)

I think there are potentially other supplements I need to add in, but that combo above seems to have kicked my previous symptoms!

If any of you vets have any suggestions on other good supplements, I would love to hear about them!

(Karen) #738

Great advice!


(C Del) #739

Extra magnesium stopped my heart palpitations.
If they come back with lower carbs you might try that.

(Edith) #740

Hi Luvketo,

I actually found I was not eating enough salt. I upped my intake to 5g (give or take) of sodium a day and that helped tremendously.


(C Del) #741

Thank you! Now that you mention it, I was having trouble in the summer while sweating during my daily long walk. I will try salt if I have any more issues.

(Liz ) #742

I just want to thank you all for sharing your experiences & advice! I’m 48, low carb since 2003, Keto since 3/2017, down 45 pounds, about 20 pounds from goal.

I just got my T2D sister who is 55 to go Keto but she’s in California & I’m here near Boston so I’m coaching her (and her husband) through texts! She’s having some of the same issues described here by you all and it’s great to see what worked for you so I can give them advice. She’s 5 weeks Keto & I am breathlessly waiting for her to become fat adapted so she sticks with it!!

It was her T2D diagnosis that scared the &*?! out of me last year and prompted me to go fully Keto, I knew my own diagnosis would be next if I didn’t get serious. I tried to get her to do it too but though she went low carb & started exercising she wouldn’t commit to full keto. She kept saying “Baby steps” and “I can’t give up fruit”. Her A1C was 12 when she was diagnosed and a year later with low carb & metformin she’d gotten it down to 6.6. We all know that’s great but not good enough if she wanted to get off meds, which she desperately does. I’m sure her Dr was fine letting her stay at that level but I recently really leaned on her to get serious & do Keto or she would be killing off her pancreas & someday need insulin when it’s preventable with diet!! I was basically like “Grapes or toes, lady”!!

I think more than anything it was the progress pics I sent as I got more & more slender that really convinced her (that sibling rivalry used for good!) & more importantly, her husband, that they needed to at least try Keto. He took the leap & she followed, which is great, he’s the cook! So far they haven’t lost much weight (probably not fat adapted yet) but her glucose levels are already down so I’m hopeful they will stick with it even though they both had nausea and feeling sort of lousy as they transitioned to Keto. I got them hooked up with electrolytes & staying hydrated.

They don’t seem to look online much so whenever they have an issue I race over here to the forum & read up on it to help them! So thanks again for telling it like it is.

(Christine Durham) #743

4 carbs , but if you subtract any fiber , then it should be less.


Thanks to everyone who responded with helpful suggestions. I am starting to feel better for the first time today (3 1/2 weeks). I’ve added electrolytes to my drinking water and made bone broth. I have been and continue to drink a lot of water. I don’t have the achyness and muscle weakness today but still have the feeling that I’m on the verge of palpitations. I did see my doctor on Friday and she did some blood work so we’ll see. I may have knocked my thyroid out of wack or perhaps it was just low electrolytes (my suspicions). I’m glad I haven’t given up on keto. I’ll be back, if the symptoms continue. Thanks again to everyone.