Vintage Ladies Keto Klub

(Darlene Horsley) #665

That is so awesome, Nola!!!

(Karen) #666

Congrats Nola!! Awesome scale and nsv


(Melissa Marie) #667

I’d be curious to know how it works? I purchase filters to remove fluoride and if there were another way then that would save me some money.

(Nola) #668

I private messaged you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #669

Guess I don’t know where to look. Looked in messages, but didn’t see it.


I’ve been in keto for a couple of months now and so far I really love it. I’m losing weight slowly but happily, that was my goal. I could never imagine that keto food was my way out of the extra kilos and the yoyo syndrome that never really goes away.
When I read your post… I got convinced that I will get there too, I’m 54 a lifetime doing silly diets. I have lost some 10 pounds and have some 25 pounds to loose… but specially, I feel that I got a new life out of sugar and too heavy carbohydrates.
Love to everyone

(Lisa Stevens) #671

I should be getting my new book soon. I just got an email about signed copies from Doc Muscles. I’ll let you know after I get into reading it because the cover has changed to include thyroid!!

(Melissa Marie) #672

That looks interesting!

(Nola) #673

Good for you! Getting clear of sugar is a huge step to be proud of! Keep at it. You’re doing great!
There are lots of people here who have great success that you can draw from, some of them are really outstanding… all proof that it works, so you’re on the right track!

Maybe get out a tape measure and record your measurements every so often. It does help to encourage me during the times I wasn’t losing. Funny how a person’s body changes even when the scale doesn’t.

Good luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #674

When you read the thyroid bit, give us a summary.


(Moriah ) #675

So I’m checking in. Today, I am at 187 which I am tentative about because yesterday was 350 calories and today is a feasting day. My short term goal was to never see the “9” in 190s anymore. I have been at a stall since the end of January and was the start of keto vs just fasting. What I learned: that fat adapting takes some time (I still can’t fast totally but down to 350 calories is doable) that I have to take the plunge and really feast with lots of fat before doing a 350 calorie day and changing it up.
So now I am at the weight I was before a doctor told me I wasn’t eating enough which resulted in a 13 to 15 lb gain. (so that’s why I sweat if I’m going to feast for fear of gaining a bunch. I still have about 27 lbs to go for my conservative goal. For someone who really really could not loose weight, this is a jump for joy victory! Blessings everyone !

(Karen) #676

I understand you don’t need to fear the feast, when it’s followed by a fast. Weigh after fasts.:grin:


(Lisa Stevens) #677

Hopefully there’s something good in there. I keep buying book downloads from all the experts. Today I’m blown up like a balloon again. Who knows maybe I’m going to have my period again.

(Moriah ) #678

Hey Karen,
I know you have been around awhile and maybe you could pass this on. I have been listening to the ketofest updates listening to the need for funding. I have a suggestion for the 2 keto dudes. Maybe this idea has been suggested in the past. What about having a donation drive for the forum that is “donating money that you save on food during a fast” Some fast longer than others and some IF so they would have to decide how many IFs they would donate but I think that would be a creative way to keep the forum funded. it could be called “fasting for the forum”:thinking: or something like that.

(Karen) #679

Moriah has this great idea @Brenda - thoughts


(IDM Educator) #680

There is a way you can be a regular cash contributor to The Forum, they call that being a patreon.
I like your idea too.
@richard @carl

(Richard Morris) #681

That’s a fun idea tho - let me look and see if I can find a way to do a community fund drive based on Fasting and we’ll see if we can use that to drive funds to some worthy cause.

(Jeannie Oliver) #682

I’ve been wondering about the effects of keto on female hormones in women who are post-menopausal. I have questions, and I figure if anyone can shed some light, it’s the Vintage Ladies Keto Klub.

I’m 68, and survived the joys of menopause 25 years ago. I took hormone replacement therapy for a few years. Eventually it quit working for me, and so my doctor took me off it. That was back when there was considerable controversy about the dangers of HRT possibly causing strokes and breast cancer.

I resumed an HRT regimen about a year and a half ago–an estrogen gel daily and a very small dose of testosterone injected once a month. I believe the formulations have improved over the years, that the reputed risks were overblown in the past, and that HRT has tremendous benefits to health and longevity.

Here’s the rub. About two weeks after going keto (mid-January), I had a period! You can imagine my shock–at my age. I called my doctor right away, got a sonagram, and a biopsy of a very small fibroid. Everything was declared A-OK, and my doc said all we needed to do was add progesterone, which would prevent a recurrence. WRONG! Mid-February I started again–and it lasted ten days, was very heavy, and accompanied by miserable cramps. At that point I stopped all of it–the estrogen, the testosterone injections, and the progesterone. No problems since.

In other threads on this forum women say that keto has caused various changes–both good and unpleasant–but they all seem to be from women who are pre-menopause. Apparently I’m not the only person who believes that rapid fat loss can cause an increase in estrogen released into the bloodstream, but there doesn’t seem to be much reliable data. When I asked my doctor about it, her response was a shrug and “possibly.”

I’m frustrated that women’s health issues seem to be such low priority to researchers and sometimes even to the very physicians who make a handsome living off us. Surely my experience in not unique. Have any of you seen changes since going keto?

(Moriah ) #683

Wow Karen, you sure have the connections! It’ll be fun to see how it all pans out! Thanks for forwarding,


(Moriah ) #684

First off, I am sooo sorry, who wants that whole business started up again! Can you imagine getting pregnant ? yikes!
I have had some “interesting” symptoms and have been IF/keto since the beginning of November. I have wondered if I was having hot flashes even when that whole “business” (thank God) was well into the past. I wondered if I was starting to cycle but so far so good.
Maybe its due less to “keto” than to actual weight loss. In fact, I was just going to be doing a search of the forum and internet on estrogen in fat cells because I remember reading about this during the several years that I haven’t been able to budge my weight no matter what I did. If I remember right, the estrogen is especially in belly fat which is why belly fat puts women at risk for cancer. I had thought that the fat secreted estrogen even when you aren’t loosing. So (I am sooo uneducated about the hormone thing) maybe when we are loosing we secrete a large amount? Have you been loosing weight? Anyway, I would be willing to join you in researching about the fat/estrogen relationship because I was just wondering about it myself.