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(Jeannie Oliver) #685

Yes, Moriah. I have lost an average of two pounds a week. Not as rapidly as some, but much faster than I have on any diet in the past. A total of 26 pounds lost since January 2. Part of it is belly fat, but also my legs, arms and face are thinner and my collar bones are showing. Sadly, by butt is getting flat and I no longer fill out the cups of my bras (yet, it’s worth it). I only have 15 to 20 pounds left to reach my goal weight.

I’m considering returning to HRT after I get into maintenance. Still undecided.

(Jeannie Oliver) #686

That “business” is right. I usually had a VERY heavy flow when I was a young woman. Birth control pills didn’t help like the doctors said they would. Having children didn’t help like the doctors said it would. Loved being pregnant and I would have had more kids if I thought I could have afforded them!

(Marta Loftfield) #687

@HeatherD thank you for sharing. At 58 years old I have similar start 217, 5 ft 4 in. I have had really bad 3 year spate of health. Breast cancer then congestive heart failure from the chemo. Most of my meds make you gain weight, ugh. I am down 10 lbs in 6 weeks and really ramping up my fasting as this seems to be the only thing to move the scale needle. Love Keto and truly appreciate your journey and pictures. You look amazing and great that you are off most meds. Again thank you! It is do inspiring to see it can be done.

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Actually I don’t but the admin. on this forum are lovely. Just type @IF_keto_lifestyle like your name there and they answer and help out. So hers is @ with Brenda.:grinning:


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Newborns flat butts… Toddlers, round butts. Yes there’s a difference in fat,but it’s the walking muscles too. I have plenty to share, I’ll mail it to you. :joy::joy::joy: sadly mine’s all fat, but spring walking weather is coming.


(Jeannie Oliver) #690

Yes, I usually walk three miles or so when the weather is nice. But so far the weather has not been at all pleasant this spring–either too cold or too windy or both. I do an occasional yoga class, but it’s not very challenging.


Hello Vintage Ladies,
I’m new to Keto and this forum so not entirely certain that I’m posting in the correct place. :woman_shrugging:

I’m 57 and postmenopausal. Taking HRT and Thyroid meds. Hoping to lose weight, reduce my blood pressure, and possibly get off HRT but manage the horrendous hot flashes that caused me to go on it in the first place. :flushed: My husband is on board with keto and I pack him a lunch to take to work every day. He cheats occasionally and yet the weight is falling off him! I lost 2lb in my first 4-weeks which I should be thrilled about (over a year that would put me back at my ideal weight). Feeling generally very well.

Looking forward to absorbing all your collective wisdom and then contributing to it when I have some!

~ Pauline

(Karen) #692

Welcome Pauline!!


(mags) #693

Hi Pauline. You are in the right place​:grinning:. Welcome to the forum. Men in general are very fortunate that they shed weight so easily. My weight is shifting painfully slowly but yesterday I wore a jacket that I haven’t been able to wear for at least 3 years :grin:. We call things like that non scale victories NSV. Sometimes scales lie to us. Keep calm and keto on KCKO is the answer. Good luck to you!

(Tracy) #694

Squats will unflatten the butt if you can do them. They are so hard at first but they get easier and you start to feel really strong. Just make sure you do them correctly! :blush:

(Jeannie Oliver) #695

I have mastered squats. I was once married to a personal trainer. When I had PT for knee surgery a couple of years ago (torn ACL), the therapists all were impressed with my squats and lunges. And you are 100 percent correct in recommending them.

(Joan) #696

It’s 2 am and I’m wide awake. grrrr… Every time I work out or stress my body out I can’t sleep. I rode my bicycle today, only about 8 miles and here I am staring at my computer. Before I started doing keto I was working out doing step aerobics, weight classes, plus working at an intense job putting on 12 to 16,000 steps per day and sleeping 5 hours or so. After learning about adrenal fatigue and the importance of actual sleep I stopped the workouts and changed jobs and I feel so much better but I miss working out. I have to add that I never lost an ounce with the hard workouts. I feel like I should be doing some kind of exercise, or is that just old programming? Anyone else run into this? What are your workouts like?

(Karen) #697

Does it. matter when in the day you workout??

(Tracy) #698

Yeah, that happens to me sometimes too, especially if I’m doing something I haven’t done for awhile, and I’m finding the older I get, the definition of “awhile” is becoming progressively shorter. I get a restless body thing happening and my sleep sucks. I have found that when I’m feeling that way, an Advil can help. It’s not that my body is in pain, but it is uncomfortable. I hate taking pain relievers, so I don’t do it often, but when it’s bad I’d rather sleep.

As for exercise, I haven’t been doing much for a long time because every time I would work my body hard, I would get very hungry and then “eat too much.” This started before keto, and then I just continued on with that philosophy. I am on my feet most of the day, easily reaching 10,000 steps most days without trying too hard. However, I’ve come to realize that my body needs to be exercised if I want to enjoy an active life going forward. I took the philosophy that you don’t need to exercise to lose weight on keto too much to heart. While that may be true, it hasn’t been all that true for me, and so I’ve decided that I am going back to daily walks and weight training because that’s what works for me. So, last night I didn’t get much sleep either. Was too stubborn to take another Advil. Sigh.

And it doesn’t really matter so much when I work out as much as what I do, and how novel the activity or intensity is.

(Karen) #699

As Fung says you brush your the teeth because it’s healthy for you. You exercise because it’s good for your heart, tone, bones. Even if it has no impact on weight.


(Moriah ) #700

Hey Ladies,
Happy Friday, welcome Pauline! Weight comes off but pretty slow for me. I have to remember the turtle and the hare story. I went back up a couple of pounds and saw that pesky “9” again. now back down. I’m having a terrible time fasting on keto because I get so hungry in the middle of the day 2-3 PM that I have to eat something. I love those protein packs that have almonds and meat and cheese. I’m going to try a strawberry fat bomb this weekend because I am soooo craving the cookies my kids are eating. KCKO, have a great weekend everyone!

(Moriah ) #701

here is a non science answer regarding estrogen in fat cells:

Regina Wilshire from Weight Of The Evidence
“Her doctor is correct - the release of estrogen, (when loosing weight) which is stored in body fat, can be overwhelming to the system and cause havoc with menstral cycles for a period of time until the body figures out how to reach ‘homeostasis’ (balance). It’s scary if you’re not aware of the driving force behind it, merely annoying once you understand it”.

(Moriah ) #702

BTW the comment from Regina is NOT about anyone here ! its a general comment to a follower of her blog. :joy:


Thank you


Thank you for the welcome. And well done on the jacket NSV! It’s always nice to find something to wear that hasn’t been worn for a while, especially with spring coming.