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(Jane Lapointe) #645

I’m near my desired weight and am interested in fasting for the autophagy. Such conflicting information about how long it takes for that to kick in. I’d sure like to get rid of these wings that seem to be coming on as I get closer and closer to 60 :bat: to say nothing of the C section muffin top! :pie: (okay, that emoji is a pie but it looks kinda like my overhang!)

(Karen) #646

Muffin top, someone described as a fanny pack.:joy::joy::joy::joy:



Thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile: Obesity Code podcast or Two Keto Dudes? I’m not seeing anything listed on 2Keto recently that has Megan as a guest.


@Jane_Lapointe I can relate — my two Caesarians have left me with quite a significant ‘pie’ :wink: Plus appendectomy scars added just over a year ago!

(Karen) #649

Twoketdudes march 2017 I think


Thanks :slight_smile:

(tulsanurse1) #651

I am 5 1/2 weeks in. Ive been sedentary for the last 3 yrs other than a full time job as a nurse. The most incredible thing thats happened to me is that my body aches have decreased more than fifty percent. I am pre menopausal. I have plates, scews, and a stabilizer bar that make up all but 2 discs in my neck. I got up to 274 lbs before I took the plunge into finding my new me :yum: My keto-glucose index today is 2.4 and I couln’t be happier with how far Ive come. I drink and cook with only distilled water so I’m no longer being bombarded with chlrine and flouride. I’m thinking clearer and quicker. My sleep is improved. My only supplements are Selenium, Tyrosine and a Lugol’s Iodine solution I made myself to heal my thyroid. Before I started Keto, I was on Losartin daily & Metoprolol twice daily for resistant hypertension (high blood pressure). I haven’t had any blood pressure meds in more than 3 weeks because my blood pressure is now normal.

(Donna) #652

This has been my week:

My first 24 hour fast Tuesday which seemed really easy (surprisingly so). Tried my second 24 hour fast on Friday but gave up at noon - because I realized I was really emotionally hungry. Not physically hungry. OMG - what a win for me! For someone who always ate to the clock and always ate my emotions, recognizing and acknowledging that the hunger wasn’t physical was is a real win.
Today is a 24 hour fast and I wanted to be out in the sun rather than cooped up inside all day - another real win for someone who has spent the last decade being lethargic at best.

And my bonus - I got to meet a local group of lchf’ers for brunch yesterday. It was so awesome and encouraging to find a group on the same journey as me.


Thank you!


Yup, that’s how I see it! Call it “maintenance.”


I feel the same way on both fronts… :grin:

(Donna) #656

Thanks for the link…what a great article! :smiley:


I’m down 2.5 kg in 5 days! I did a 72 hour fast over Friday and the weekend, which was definitely easier than usual, and dropped 1.5 kg. After listening to that interview with Megan, I did a ‘big eating’ day yesterday in the afternoon/evening (avocado, macadamia nuts, big chicken breast with Brie for dinner, cheese etc) — and expected to have gained weight this morning. Nope, I was another 1 kilo down :open_mouth: I actually weighed myself several times to make sure it wasn’t a mistake! That’s 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) in 4 days.

I’m definitely feeling less hungry and am not getting cravings, so I really think dropping my Avanza med is having a positive impact. I’m only taking a quarter dose every second day now (cos I really do not sleep well without it). Maybe in a month or so I can get off it entirely.

Early days still, so who knows where this will lead, but it’s encouraging!

(Joan) #658

I need to do another fast, the first fast I went thru all the anxiety of fasting and made it 36 hours or so. I need to do another one, I thought the anxiety would be less this time. It isn’t!! WOW! I feel like it’s the end of the world, but I can stop anytime I need or want to. I hope this will get better. We had company all last week and I’m still feeling the effects of too much food and too much alcohol. I think the only way I’m going to feel better is a fast and getting back to ketosis.

(Lisa Stevens) #659

New video for you regarding thyroid and fasting from my favorite good looking guy Thomas DeLauer.

(Tracy) #660

Thanks. :pray::grin:

(Melissa Marie) #661

To my knowledge distilation doesn’t remove fluoride, it actually increases unless you are capturing vapor. You actually increase your fluoride consumption if you arent. I have a berkey filter with fluoride filters because there is no easy way to remove fluoride at home.

Congrats on your success. Im still working on getting off bp meds. :confused:


:clap::clap: Cheers!

(Nola) #663

I’m very sure my distiller does remove fluoride as well as many other organic and inorganic materials that are detrimental to my health. I’ve been using nothing but my own home distilled water for over 15yrs. I recommend it to everyone. If you could see the crud I clean out of my still every week you’d become a believer too… I can’t even tolerate the smell or flavor of tap water (like at a restaurant) anymore either.

However, I do supplement my diet with certain trace minerals and electrolytes.

(Nola) #664

Just popping in to report… after 13mo keto, I’m now a size 10. This is beyond any of my weight loss goals at my age. I’ve maintained my weight for four months now and yet, my body has kept morphing into a nice shape I forgot I ever had. I’ve lost a whole size last month without any weight loss, what a nice side effect. Oh how blessed I feel to have found keto and IF!!!

Best news yet is that I now consider myself non-T2 and I would challenge any dr to prove I ever was T2 :slightly_smiling_face: I’m NEVER going back. Nothing will ever taste as good as how I feel right now.

Cheers ladies!!!