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Thanks, I’ll do that. I’ve been IFing for quite some time, though not yet without my MCT and HWC in the morning. I am struggling with the psychological side of doing longer fasts, and the resultant potential for binge eating. But it is on my radar.

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Has anyone on this feed had any thyroid-while-keto experiences to share?

I started playing with my meds about three months before I started keto. I started taking NDT, first one grain, then last October I had these seemingly hypothyroid symptoms, so I started taking two grains. Then, after my ZC fail in Jan/Feb, I got even worse hypothyroid symptoms and started taking 3 grains. This time I didn’t improve, and was feeling over-medicated with some pretty intense heart palpitations. I then decided to go back to Synthroid, and all of my symptoms have gotten better over the past week of T4 only (Synthroid).

I know that people stop or reduce other medications after going keto, and I’m wondering if anyone on here has reduced their thyroid hormones since going keto. And I’m asking only on here because I agree with some others who have stated that they feel much of the keto-sphere is male centric. I will add to that, that I’m not in the stage of life where I’m on the same footing as other keto women either. I think we are in a niche that is heavily underrepresented. Anyone here fancy doing a vintage keto podcast? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m hypothyroid, and have been for over 20 years. I was diagnosed after my son was born. I have been increasing my dosage of levothyroxine (T4) every couple of years until I was on keto for a number of months and have had to cut back on my prescription (doctor initiated). I had terrible palpitations and my labs were indicating that my dose was too high.
I am now on a combination of levothyroxine plus Cytomel (T3). It has taken some time to get my dosage correct, I was originally prescribed 10mcgs, which was too much for me so I dropped it to 5mcgs and now I am up to 7.5, taken in two doses. This now seems to be working for me.
In my experience, and from what I understand, the ketogenic diet reduced inflammation in my body, which has improved my thyroid function, but it certainly isn’t completely healed. However, it does mean that I am having to tinker with meds, supplements and getting lots of sleep.
I have found this Functional Medicine doctor’s website and YouTube videos helpful. He suggests a T3& T4 combination therapy (like your Armour NDT) plus supplementing with selenium.

I hopes this helps.

also, I just wanted to add that my weight loss has been extremely slow, but it is happening. My measurements and appearance are changing whereas my scale is a lying piece of steel and can’t be trusted.

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I don’t like to go more than 20-24 hours. Yesterday for the first time I did the black coffee, water with added electrolytes. My blood sugar fell to 72. I’ve never seen it that low. I did a light workout along with some resistance training and then had a dinner that included sweet potato, steak, asparagus. After that I had coffee with Perfect Keto collagen and butter. Then very last I had a piece of favorite dark chocolate. When I got up this morning my blood ketones were 1.9 and my blood sugar was 89. I was very happy with that result.

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Doc Muscles says to give your scale to a neighbor you don’t like. LOL!! I don’t use my scale but unfortunately my doctor does. He was wondering if there was something wrong with the scale because it showed I gained weight. I’m definitely becoming leaner. The only way to judge that is with a Dexa scan.

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Thanks for that info Jo!

My T4 and T3 on 125 mcg of NDT were both coming back below lab ranges. I felt no difference when I went from Synthroid to NDT in the beginning, except that I was having fewer heart palpitations, which I now know now was because I’d been put on 150 mcg of Synthroid once upon a time and no longer needed that much! But after more than a year on NDT I was feeling pretty crappy no matter the dose and requested going back to Synthroid. I’m now down to 75 mcg of T4 and we’ll see how that goes. After the first week I’m feeling much better, but time will tell.

I will think about adding some T3 (Cytomel) in later as well if I’m not feeling optimal, but I really never liked the feeling that T3 gave me; however a much lower dose may work better for me as it does for you.

One thing about doing the synthetic hormones is at least there are no shortages!! :+1:

I’m glad that you’re having slow but steady weight loss. Really, that’s the best kind anyway. Takes a bit more mettle to stay motivated, but it’s worth it in the end.

I’ve gained enough to make my pants a bit snug, but I feel back on track now. I’ve had some weird symptoms that I thought were diet and/or thyroid related, but I’m beginning to think they may have been caused by a low-level virus or something. Feeling good today even though the weather’s a bit nippy up here for the end of March! :snowman:

Take care. :heart:

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It’s nippy down here in Victoria too, although the sun today feels amazing and the trees are all blooming.:cherry_blossom:
You might enjoy this article.
I really like this author, Amy Berger, she is very sensible about keto and LCHF.
Good luck tinkering and researching about your body!

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You might be fine on T4 alone, your body might be converting it into T3 just fine. I suspect that I wasn’t get a complete conversion, and the T3 added has given me a boost (so to speak). I have to say that I didn’t like it at first, but a lower dose and splitting it up over that day has made a huge difference. Cytomel has a shorter half life than Synthyroid, splitting the dose over the day feels better in my body than taking it all at once, as I felt too revv’ed up.

(Tracy) #633

Thanks for the article, and for the Dr. Childs YouTube channel tip. Just finished listening to one of his talks, and he makes a lot of sense.

Yes, the T3 in the NDT made me feel edgy, and I didn’t like that. I’m hoping that my ability to convert T4 to T3 has improved on keto. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

This cold snap will hopefully be the last. It’s going to warm up and then rain all week up here. Sigh :pensive:I really miss the weather in Victoria!


Love this – I have been ignoring my scale for about 3 months now too, it is one of the silent deceivers!!


Great perspective gatita! I am the same age and in the same place, although you have a year more keto-experience than me! Preventing the carb-sourced diseases is as important as any other advantage of keto.
I’m losing - really slowly and you’re right - not gaining - is a victory.
Glad you joined in!

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I have to keep my protein low, if I don’t my blood glucose goes up and I start feeling like I’m starving and wanting to eat everything in site

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If I’m not losing I’m usually gaining so I suppose a stall is a victory in itself :grinning:

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yay, glad to hear I’m not the only one not loosing. I’m still at this pesky 190 mark, I just wish I could get to like 188 so I won’t see the 9 anymore. I had been sick and ate some carbs (not even much) for 2 days out of 8-9 days. Now I have the keto flu like gangbusters. Reminds me of “the change of life”
I’m a single mom with 2 teens (yes I’m older) and I choose not to spend much time in the kitchen, just got back from Sam’s club (a warehouse grocery store) Members mark 100 percent parmesan crisps ! Yippee!

(Diane) #639

I’ve lost about 72 lbs over the last 6 1/2 months. I’ve been mostly stalled for the past 6 weeks (with some ups and downs, but hovering around the same weight). It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat (as long as my carbs are low, it doesn’t seem to matter how much protein, fat or calories I eat), I still stay at the same weight. Incidentally, that’s about when I stopped thinking about what foods I would have on my next “free” day. I finally feel fat adapted. So, I’ll continue to suffer through all the delicious Keto foods I love. And take my “weight stabilization” for the victory it is.

And I’ve started some EF which I think will help my body heal whatever needs healing so I can start losing my excess body fat at some point in the future. I don’t seem to have any luck planning to fast. But when I reach bedtime without being hungry that day, I decide it is the start to a fast and I go from there. I’m listening to my body and that’s working for me right now.

I don’t remember when I last lost this much weight. It certainly has never been this easy to stay on a “diet”. I feel good. I have no problem with KCKO. :blush:


Hi, I’m new here, but have been doing keto / fasting for two years. I’m 53, and live in Richard’s home town, Canberra! I have sarcoidosis (in remission), and had metabolic syndrome.

I did get as far as 18 kg down, but am more steady at 15 kg loss, and still about 10 kg off my (hopeful) goal. Lots of non-scale victories — cured my fatty liver, glaucoma mysteriously cured (ophthalmologist doesn’t quite know what to make of that!), triglycerides in healthy range, skin improved, no longer insulin resistant. Sarcoidosis has been in remission for some time now, too. My doctors are thrilled :slight_smile:

But I am menopausal, and have basically been on a weight-loss plateau for a year, which is frustrating. No real change in body measurements, either. To maintain this weight loss, I have to only eat one meal a day, and be really strict with keto. If I have lunch as well as dinner, I see instant weight increases (that persist, it’s not just ‘more food in my digestive system’).

Main issue is I have pretty much constant hunger, and sugar cravings, even when I’m fasting, and in good ketosis (measured using a Ketonix — and I seem to be in ketosis most of the time). My doctor suspects the effects of a med I’m on that helps with sleep (mirtazapine), which causes carb cravings and hunger (fabulous). So I’m tapering off it now (and not sleeping well, ugh), in the hopes that it’ll help, and kick me into more weight loss if possible. Early signs are the reduced dose might be helping. Fingers crossed! Now to sort out my sleep problems …


My favourite super fast and easy no fail mayo recipe is this Two Minute Mayonnaise. You need a stick blender to do it.


Wow! You are making great progress, Huge NS victories! I am hoping that as you come off the sleep med you’ll find it was part of the instant weight you see at more than OMAD as well as the craving and hunger. Only question I would ask is if eating or increasing fat content is reliably helping with the med side effect craving/hunger. That would be tough. Again,:smile: you deserve some serious applause!:+1:


Thanks! I’ve tried upping fat % and it really doesn’t seem to have much effect on my appetite or cravings . It’s so frustrating. I’m doing all the ‘right’ things, and have reduced fruit intake etc, but I have to exert a lot of willpower every single day to stay on track :grimacing: Hoping reducing / coming off the sleep med helps!

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Theketodudes had a great podcast with Megan just recently on this. She seemed to be suggesting really shaking it up on feasting huge, then fasting 36-48 hours.

Have a listen.