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(Carol Kopp) #605

Been keeping my head down and Keto’in on, without any super weight loss news to relate. Started the beginning of January and I’m still sitting with only a 5 lb loss. I agree with Tracy about the head spin when it comes to all the philosophies! The last two weeks I’ve recorded all my macros and somedays I seem to belong to one group’s ideologies, others days another. I’m not totally in anyone’s camp it seems, maybe that’s the problem. I do keep my carbs less than 20g though. Will just KCKO.

I really appreciate everyone’s honesty. When I first started checking out Keto and all the success stories it seemed like it might be the Holy Grail! It troubles me some when I see what looks like the same old problems creeping up. It would be nice if there was a one way that worked for all of us! I wonder about going too low on the carbs. When I ate a Paleo diet, and lost weight at a nice rate, I found if I restricted the carbs too much I didn’t sleep well. However, that has not been a problem with Keto, maybe the fat help out in that department. One thing that does concern me is how my body will react to carbs, say when you get to a maintenance WOE. Will you gain 5 lbs if you eat 1/2 an apple? I worry that by restricting carbs too much I might set myself up to be carb intolerant. So, I’m interested in checking out the books mentioned.

I’m doing this months fast. Some to get movement weight wise, but more for the autophagy. I don’t want to look at a future where I have to fast to control my weight, so I’m glad I can say I’m doing it for the other benefits.

Overall I feel good, and have lost some inches so… what’s there to do but keep chugging away.

(Karen) #606

Cooking with visiting sister. Corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage tomorrow. Sis was trimming the meat to remove the super tasty fat. I must confess I snacked on it.


(Arlene) #607

Indeed. We all want to look and feel our best. I don’t feel well when I consume lots of carbs. The poorer quality of carbs, the poorer I feel. If I want an apple I will eat one, though I am not tempted anymore, except when my own apple trees have something irresistible hanging there in the fall. When my strawberries are ripe I eat them. Same with other berries around the farm. If they’re in season I consider it a shame to avoid those beauties. These “real” foods do not cause me to gain weight, but I don’t eat huge amounts all summer. Mostly I snack on them when I’m working in the garden.
Like many of us, I want to lose weight too. Having been on countless diets over the years, I am certain LCHF is the best diet for humans. Will I lose weight? Maybe, maybe not but I am vibrant, healthy and strong. I lift 100# hay bales and 50# grain sacks when I need to. I work outside all summer long and I FEEL GREAT. Yes, I wish I could force this excess weight off, but having tried all the keto variations with no further weight loss success, I have decided to just enjoy my life and stop stressing about the excess weight. I love this way of eating and I feel good. That’s enough for me.

(Carol Kopp) #608

That’s excellent! I think finding peace with yourself may be the biggest accomplishment of all in this journey.

(Andi McNamara) #609

I shoot for 20g carbs and when I go below, I don’t sleep well for a few days, then I get a massive headache. Maybe still not fat adapted? I really struggle with my electrolytes, (I think) and the lower carb I go, the worse it gets.

(Donna) #610

Good morning. I’m new to the forum and am happy to have found a group of folks in the same stage of life as me. I’m 54, have been obese since puberty, struggled with PCOS and “syndrome x” and hypothyroid. Way back when I was diagnosed (and in the decades since), the most popular advice from drs was “eat less, move more”, and with every pound I gained over the years, the more I failed because weight gain is totally my fault (right?). My thyroid bottomed out a couple years ago due to prolonged extreme stress, and it’s been a journey trying to recover. This winding journey has been emotionally rough, but thankfully my naturopath has been encouraging. We’ve spent the last 1.5 years cleaning up the diet - removing foods I’m sensitive to, removing processed and junk, moving to locally sourced (nutrient dense) vegs and meats where possible - with little result. In January she challenged me to read Fung’s book on fasting which has led me down a totally different path. For the first time in my life, I think I’ve found something that really resonates with my body. I’ve dipped my toes into LCHF and IF on a 16:8 routine. Lost 12 pounds the first month - better yet, by biomarkers are improving. So now I’m on a quest to learn what I can about the science and success of keto/lf.

Very few people in my universe understand what keto, so I’m thrilled to have found a place where there’s support.

(Tracy) #611

Welcome Donna!

I’m also 54, hypothyroid as hell and working with NP to optimize function, and have been dealing with weight issues since birth.

Lots of supportive folks here who collectively have been through just about everything you could imagine. :grin:

(Karen) #612

Welcome Donna we are all fighting the good fight.


(Liz) #613

Welcome Donna!..plenty of us ‘older gals’ here who understand similar issues, know that you have support here from us. …oh and yes…KCKO :handshake:

(Joan) #614

I sprinkle Braggs nutritional yeast on my salads for more B vitamins

(Tracy) #615

Hi ladies, does anyone have any suggestions on what might help with the skin on face and neck while losing weight?

(Karen) #616

Autophagy is supposed to help with extra skin, perhaps you’ll get some help with wrinkling.



Hey thought I’d join in and get inspired here. I’m 60 and have been keto for a year and three months. (Thanks to keto people usually think I’m a lot younger. Plus I’m immature, I’m sure that helps!)

Haven’t lost much weight after those first three months (30-ish pounds and lots of inches), but I am still a devoted ketoer. Instead of freaking out about “plateaus,” I like to step back and acknowledge that I have stopped gaining! Because if I was back to my old carby ways, I would definitely be gaining, not maintaining.

So I’m in ‘maintenance’ at this weight, and will be there again at some new lower weight in the future. It’s all good.

More than weight, I’m doing keto in hopes of preventing Alzheimers’, cancer and diabetes, so that’s reason enough to stick to it.

I’m IFing part time right now (Wed-Fri) which hasn’t been hard at all. Looking forward to sharing support and inspiration here!

(Tracy) #618

Thanks, Karen. I am fascinated by autophagy but the more I read, the more confused I get about how to get it :smile: it’s like a magical unicorn that I’m praying can actually exist in my world… I’m trying to figure out how long to fast, water fast vs. fat fast, etc. I’ve heard conflicting reports of some benefits by 24 hours vs. It takes at least 48 hours to reach it and it optimizes at 72 hrs… it makes my head spin! But in a good way, because thanks to Keto, it’s not because I’m starving and dizzy :bacon:

(Moriah ) #619

Hi all,
I don’t want to say I’m a vintage lady but I guess I am! I am working on the keto thing, relatively new after doing IF for a while. When I figure my macros I get between 45 and 65 grams of protein a day. ie. 1 to 1.5 grams per kg of lean body mass. Does this sound accurate? When I try to identify what I’m going to eat, unless I don’t eat much (or any) protein during the day, I can’t even have a good sized portion of salmon for dinner.

(Moriah ) #620

up to now I had been using a keto app that said 65-75 grams of protein a day. I’m trying to figure out why I’m not loosing, So I tried to figure lean body mass from a calculator and then pulled in Richard’s 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram.

(Lisa Stevens) #621

I was just reading about thyroid disease and fasting. Sounds like the way to go. Do a Google search and you will find several references about fasting a couple days a week. I’m doing IF for the first time without eating fat. I usually allow myself butter in my coffee or even a splash of cream so I was looking up thyroid and fasting out of curiosity.

(KCKO, KCFO) #622

You sound like you are confusing grams of protein with the weight grams of the fish. According to USDA 200 grams (slightly over 7 ozs.) of raw salmon has 45 grams of protein. That would be your minimum for the day.

(Karen) #623

Not sure, but beginning to think I too need to keep my protein on the low side of moderate. Think fish, eggs, poultry.


(Karen) #624

This is hopefully helpful. The Fasting FAQ
It includes a bit on autoohgy, but using the search feature on the forum gives you bunches.