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Just saw this, although at 61 I see myself more as mature than vintage. At least the body is mature, not so sure about the rest of me. I know my taste buds stalled at about 12. Oh well. I’m divorced, have a daughter who lives in Vermont while I am in Florida and miss Chicago every day, and I have been an ICU nurse for much longer than I like to admit.

About 3 years ago I lost 10 lbs or more, depending on the day, with low carb. Was not really overweight, just that most of my clothing had moved into the “Breathing Optional” category. About 8 months ago I found out my sister is diabetic, had my labs done, found out my A1c placed me as pre-diabetic, and started a more Keto approach which I don’t always keep to. I also found out I am a reactive hypoglycemic. That means that when I eat carbs, my pancreas over shoots the insulin and I become hypoglycemic. This brings on uncontrollable hunger to counter the glucose drop, resulting in my blood glucose going up and down like a yo-yo. My downfall is work stress. I work nights so if I didn’t plan well the only option is vending machines. Can you say peanut M&M’s. :astonished: Even with blunders, over the past 7 months I have lowered my A1c to non-diabetic, though I would like it to be lower. I feel the guidelines are too high, as a way for insurance and Medicare to save money.

Part of my life includes fasting. I’ve done what is now called intermittent fasting most of my life since I’ve never been a morning eater. Now I throw in longer fasts with 70 hrs as my max to date. I do it for autophagy and like to think some of the loose skin will be sacrificed along the way. Nothing yet, but hope springs eternal.

Oh, BTW, when I had my labs done all of my cardiac markers were in the super low range. Amazing what eating all that fatty real food with few carbs can do. It still amazes me that the books and blogs were right.

(Tracy) #586

You had joint pain on zero carb too? That has been the worst part. Once I went keto, my joint pain had lessened considerably, but now it’s back, with a vengeance! I think I’m convinced now to add some carbs back into my life!

(Margie) #587

Thanks. Enjoy it too. I should be sleeping…woke myself snoring😏
Hoping that will improve over time. I Don’t adjust well to time change🙄

(Lisa Stevens) #588

Yes I did. I have back problems and arthritis that had improved since going keto but then I had this extreme pain increase. I think all you have to do is make sure you are getting your carbs. I’m sticking with 20-50. Most days I was under 10 for quite some time. I really don’t know what the connection is with the increased pain but the haters will tell you it’s gout. Gout has a lot of other symptoms so that’s total bunk. This video goes into the science of glycogen levels related to pain in the joints and fatigue. He’s talking about carb-ups which isn’t what I’m doing at this time. I’m just making sure I’m at least getting the minimal allowed.

Plus Thomas DeLauer is nice to look at. LOL!

(Karen) #589

Not sure the carb refeed will apply to me. I’m not young, I’m not fit, I’m not male. But who knows … Maybe I’ll try it, but not yet.
:innocent: enjoyed the video though.

(Tracy) #590

Am I ever glad that you added that last line to your post talking about pain because all of these other carnivore people are talking about less pain, while I’m sitting here feeling like I’m 90 because can’t get out of bed without groaning!!! And yeah, not gout. I just feel like every little joint and muscle pain I ever had, all come back to take up permanent residence!

My doctor upped my thyroid meds, and I have added in some really good carbs, like avocado and some coleslaw mix (my own, so no sugar), and I feel better this morning. Going shopping for more veg today.

My doctor gave me a website to check out another WOE, and I was dismayed to find that the science behind it is total BS. We keto people have to stick together and get the real science out there to the public. That WOE would have been a disaster for me.

And thank you for introducing me to Thomas DeLauer’s YouTube channel as well. Great info, and definitely a nice way to start the day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just can’t stress enough how beneficial it was for me to hear about your experience. This is why I think it’s SO important to share our stories. Thanks Lisa, and have a great day. :grin:

(Arlene) #591

I don’t adjust well to the time change either. I really don’t know why there has to be a time change. It’s just one more thing to worry about, twice a year. I don’t struggle with snoring, but it helps my husband to sleep on his side if he’s having a bad “snoring” night. Sleeping is another matter. As long as I am eating nothing but home-prepared meats and veggies, I generally sleep through the night. I also make sure my last meal is several hours before bed time. If I eat too close to bed time, or I consume anything other than meats and veggies I will have hot flashes that wake me in the night. Sometimes I am awake for several hours just wishing I could go back to sleep. It’s just one more age-related motivator to stay the course of strict eating.

(Lisa Stevens) #592

I’m not doing carb refeed either, but I remembered his mentioning about being in pain and feeling flat when you have used up your glycogen stores. It makes perfect sense to me now that I’m making sure I don’t go too low in carbs for too long. This applies especially to active people. I started feeling fatigue and increased pain when I started getting more active. It would take me 3 days to get over just taking a long walk. I was thinking I need more salt or potassium but now it’s crystal clear that all I needed was my low glycemic carbs from veggies. I am in no way advocating carb refeeds. I would think that would apply to people who are highly active and athletic.

(Karen) #593

My flashes have slowly decreased in frequency over time, not due to keto. Right now I’ struggling with low platelets…what??. No idea why. Bumping up B12 and swapping my 50/50 greens mix for more spinach. Grrrr


(Lisa Stevens) #594

Actually thrombocytopenia is one of the problems pointed to by anti keto people. You just need more greens or you could supplement for that. I have a couple supplements for greens that I only take if I don’t get a big salad in. You could try Dr. Berg for more info on how to get more greens in with real food or supplements.

(Karen) #595

Guess I hadn’t heard that, but I eat 7 cups a day of greens, and/ or green veggies.


(Lisa Stevens) #596

Just look it up on here and I think you’ll see a couple posts. I know Doc Muscles said it was pointed to as a problem because kids with epilepsy would develop it. He said it was due to their meds. It’s definitely a topic with the people who want to tell you that keto will make you sick.

(Lisa Stevens) #597

I’ve been taking Vitamin D3 with K2 for its many benefits. I’ll be curious to see if my platelet count is doing well.

(Karen) #598

Thanks Lisa, tired for years. Looked at my B-complex, too low B12. Follc acid OK, but I am likely getting enough folate in asparagus, avocado, spinach. Lentils have massive amounts, might add a titch.


(Tracy) #599


Interesting thing about my hot flashes. They all but disappeared when I was doing my straight up keto: 5/20/75 ish. Since I’ve tried to do ZC/carnivore, they have come back with a vengeance along with the body pain.

(Lisa Stevens) #600

Try Bragg’s Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning for more vitamin B. I got that one from Dr. Berg too. I love it sprinkled on my food.

(Margie) #601

I was aware of being awake very frequently last night!!! Ugh!!! So it will be a struggle at work today.

My sleep has not been good for years. I do usually turn over to my side as soon as I have made it through my heating pad cycle for my lower back. I have been through several pillows trying to find one that would be better for my cervical spine / neck. I just hate to spend $$$ for another one and it not work. I have quite a collection already. Did you have regular menopause? Mine was surgical. I put that off for years too. But it just had gotten so bad I wasn’t really functioning anymore and had so many fibroids. My director and I have been getting the Bio-Identical Pellets inserted about every 3 1/2 months. The first one was great. After about 3 days, they started really kicking in and I actually slept better than I have in years for about 3 weeks, but I found out on the next blood test that it was because my testosterone went through the roof. So that had to be dialed back. Then I didn’t sleep as well. But I definitely haven’t had hot flashes since we started them. I was having them constantly day and night before we started the BHRT. The other nuisance of the Testosterone is hair growth (facial). I am thinking of starting to work back into EF by mid to late May. Hoping that if I can work into it and do a lengthy one about once a month if that would improve my inflammation along my spine?

I am thinking that if you have made piece with the pace of your progress into health, that maybe you may be able to break through. I know it is hard to not beat ourselves up over so many things…but think where we might be if we hadn’t found this way. I bet we can still do it☺

Also want to share the devotional we received this week from the Choctaw Chaplain - this one I could use in so many ways:

“The bandits robbed him, blindfolded and led him into the
darkness of the forest. They tied a rope to the limb of a great tree and made
him catch ahold of the end of it. They let him swing out into the dark space
and warned him that should he let go , he will fall down to his death. They
told him he was hanging over a great precipice. He would fall to the rocks
below and face his doom if he let go of the rope. He clutched despairingly to
the end of the swaying rope, The bandits had left him with the quiet darkness
and the dreadful moments of his impending fate. At last he could hold on
no longer. The end had come. His fingers released its clinched grip. He
fell—six inches to the solid earth at his feet. Sometimes we hang on to fear
instead of letting it go and turn it into faith.”

(Arlene) #602

Margie, I had a normal menopause, albeit unpleasant for a long time. After 8 years of continuous hot/cold flashes all day and night, I finally went to bioidentical hormone pellets. This helped immensely. Around the same time, I started getting serious about eating LCHF. After the third pelleting session I didn’t need to go back for more. It’s been over a year since I’ve had any bioidentical hormones. The only time I notice hot flashes are when I consume nuts, cocoa. If I want really extreme hot flashes, all I have to do is eat some grains or any commercial junk food. That will keep me up all night. Bottom line: I found I can live without hormone assistance as long as I eat wisely. It’s also much cheaper!

(Tracy) #603

Hi ladies! I just wanted to update that I am celebrating my 8th Keto week with an unplanned 3 day fast… my first ever! I was just gonna start with 24 hr but much to my surprise, I felt good at that point so just kept going. Then I woke up the next morning with my period, which I haven’t had for several months!!! (I have been reading on the threads about the stored estrogen being released so this amazed me to see it in action :smile: Interestingly, I usually suffer extreme cramps and have virtually none at this time. At 48 hrs (last evening) I was still ok but did get cold and had to pile on covers for a bit at bedtime. I was feeling a bit off and only had coffee, water, salt and some green and herbal tea all day, so I started to freak myself out about my electrolytes and considered eating something but the panic moment passed and I didn’t. Then awoken at 4am by some extremely unexpected stomach issues I will not detail…but I’m fine this morning on black coffee and looking forward to a great dinner tonight. For getting only 5 hours sleep last night, I feel surprisingly good! Any suggestions on what I should eat tonight to break this fast somewhat gently??? Also, do I absolutely NEED to take supplements when fasting? I was afraid to take anthing for fear of hidden starches etc. as my main goal with the extended fasting is autophagy. Again, thanks so much for sharing on this wonderful thread, what a great resource!

(Margie) #604

Interesting. You keep teaching me things. I have been on the pellets for almost 3 years and they certainly are expensive! I have been wondering about what issues I would have if I stopped. The excess hair is very annoying. Perhaps if I can stay with clean eating and get Fat Adapted, the symptoms may not reappear. I will probably go ahead with our next insertion date. Then see if I can really focus in and stay totally fat adapted afterwards. NSV: I wound up doing a 24 hour fast yesterday (I did have HWC in my morning tea.) Didn’t really think about it until I got home from work.

In addition to the consistent KCKO mantra - I typically tell folks if they inquire about me not getting anything for lunch such, that I take this WOE (lifestyle) as one Moment at a time. If that turns out to be a day, week, month or years, then all the better.