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(Lisa Stevens) #565

I recently purchased the downloads of these 2 books:
No Fail Fat Burning For Women
Fat Fueled: Complete Program & Meal Plan: Uncover Your Best Self by Fueling; and Healing, with Fat and Whole Food-Based Nutritional Ketosis
The second book is by Leanne Vogel and the first one she actually mentions in her book. It’s all in finding what works for you. My own experience is that I was too low carb for too long. I have not experienced any real weight loss but I’m only shooting for 10-20 lbs or to drop at least 1 clothing size. I don’t think it’s really about pounds with me but becoming leaner. I spent so many years with hard workouts and eating sweets which worked until I had some major life stress, injuries, menopause. My last ditch efforts were with Weight Watchers so needless to say my body has a lot of healing to do. I just love how I feel now.


We are all so different, which is so fascinating to me. I followed the dogma that women need more carbs, if your hypothyroid you need more carbs…etc for 2 years. I felt better for a small while until I didn’t and the weight started creeping up just a pound here or there and then my clothes started feeling snug, and then full blown hypothyroid autoimmune disease symptoms overwhelmingly evident. Low carb high fat keto with extensive fasting has me feeling fabulous. I feel like those few extra carbs were killing me. I was on a very restricted diet of less than 20 whole foods. Not very carby at all compared to SAD, but more than now. Currently my issue is that I have been the same weight since January yoyoing up and down 5-8 pounds depending on if I am fasting or not. I have 3 sizes and about 30 pounds to go. At this rate I’ll never get there. I’d like to fast until it’s all gone but I have to get in the right frame of mind to stick it out. I know I can but was hoping shorter fasts would work but they don’t they just get me back to baseline. Unicorn that I am I wonder if I’ll always have to fast to keep the weight off. I went 5 days without fasting and could feel my pants getting too tight. Gained 3 inches on my belly and 1 on my hips that were already proving resistant to going down but apparently expanding is something that they do well. So back on the fasting wagon I go. KCKO hoping my body decides to drop some more excess fat.

(Tracy) #567

This is what I’m worried about. My last labs showed some very low free T3 and T4, but I wasn’t feeling too terribly bad. However, in the past few weeks I’ve felt my health decline and I’m now feeling very hypothyroid. I can now look back and recognize that this has been sneaking up on me for awhile. I upped my NDT from 2 to 3 grains two days ago and feel a bit better, but still not great.

So, I’m now faced with this question of whether or not I have tanked my thyroid by going too low carb. I ignored this advice before, choosing to follow the more traditional keto advice, but faced with my own n=1 failure, I feel I have to give it some careful consideration, but I’m afraid! I’ve gained enough weight since before Christmas to make my pants a bit tight, and I’m afraid that more carbs will equal more weight gain. :scream:

So then, is the advice to up carbs but then add in more fasting? This makes some sense to me although I would have liked ZC to have been my answer. I know I don’t get to choose what works best for me, but if I’m honest, I’m a little terrified of adding in more carbs. But maybe that’s been part of the drive to eat more carbs; maybe my body is yelling at me and I’m too stuck in dogma and fear to hear it.

Need to start a new research project. If anyone knows of, or sees some research in their travels about low carb and hypothyroid, I’d be interested in seeing it. Going to go and look at Leanne Vogel’s stuff again to start.

#KCKO (or at least somewhat calm!) Happy Wednesday everyone. :grin:

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Let us know what you think of No Fail Fat Burning for Women.

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Dig through this and see if there’s anything useful


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The 2nd book has an every 3 day extra carbs with 15-20 min of HIT exercise and the first one by Leanne Vogel offers several plans. It’s all it what works for you. I have only gone up to 30-40 carbs in my last meal of the day every few days. I’m still playing around with it, but it’s definitely given me my energy back. I wouldn’t freak out if I were you because stress can cause a stall too. When I say carbs I am talking about whole foods, more veggies and a few berries.

(Liz) #572

Such interesting thoughts and information here, so glad to be connected with you all! I have tamed my carbs to under 10g a day…feel better for it and it has broken the stall that was frustrating me.
I still get stuck in that ‘you must eat veg’ mind set but am fighting hard to ignore that and listen to my body.
Facinating stuff :grinning:

(Lisa Stevens) #573

It’s a very simple plan and the author stresses this is what worked for her. Unfortunately keto is not one size but I definitely feel like the majority of the info out there is for men. She adds carbs every 3 days in her last meal with late day 15 min HIT exercise.

(Lisa Stevens) #574

It’s been the opposite for me. I did the extremely low carb and fasting until my body rebelled. I started having massive edema and I was taking all the electrolytes and supplements. Not sure what the heck happened but I think it was a sign of poor nutrition. I work at home and I’m single so there’s no bad stuff in my house to lead me off my path. I’ve been very strict with my carbs. Now I know longer fear them.

(Tracy) #575

That tracks for me too because I will eat zero carb and feel good for a few days and then I start to feel crappy. I eat some carbs and then I feel better. I just have to limit those carbs to veg and my favourite food group: avocados! :avocado: Which I am carrying to work with me today. :+1:

And it’s not the stall that has me freaking out because I’ve been stalled since last summer; it’s the weight gain that has me panicking. I don’t want to lose any ground. :weary:

(Lisa Stevens) #576

Love yourself! Don’t panic! Go back to the basics like Dr. Westerman’s food list. That’s what I did first. I was being so strict with myself, no carb and even tried cutting protein. I think that’s where the massive pitting edema came from. Apparently low blood protein can cause water weight gain. Anyway, Be calm and keto on! :sunglasses:

(Tracy) #577

Just out of curiosity, when you say you were taking all the electrolyte supplements, what were you taking? I was thinking last night that maybe my need for some of my supplements has dropped since going ZC and maybe I need to just stop everything for awhile to see what I actually need. I’m just trying to think of what has changed for me. Pre-Christmas I was feeling pretty stable.

(Lisa Stevens) #578

I take potassium citrate, magnesium, pink salt, vitamin b complex, vitamin D with K2, calcium–just about everything. The key stuff you need on keto is the potassium, magnesium and salt. I know when my potassium is low because I get the leg cramps. Look up Dr. Westerman’s video where he’s talking to a group of people that are going on his diet. I think he mentions the key minerals and what to watch out for to do his keto diet. Go back to basics. If you think you have a food sensitivity messing you up then go a couple weeks without it. Keep it simple so you can narrow it down. Use nuts sparingly. Try going without dairy. Listen to your body.

(Tracy) #579

Yeah, I have all those boxes checked. Like I say, I was on a very even keel before Christmas. The only variable is the ZC/carnivore, and the question of whether or not too low carb has resulted in more hypothyroid issues.

I just watched the video that Karen, @Keto6468 jus posted, and I’m going to look into the possibility of low bile as a problem seeing as I have had my gallbladder removed.

(Lisa Stevens) #580

I take that supplement too from that doc to deal with constipation and light colored stools. It works well. I also take some pancreatic enzymes and eat fermented cabbage for a probiotic. Going ZC may be your issue because not only was I tired, gaining weight, I also wanted to eat everything in site.

Plus I had horrid joint aches and pains! Almost forgot about that fun.

(Arlene) #581

Margie, I appreciate your words of support. I understand about your entire house being filled with carb addicts. If you live in the US, I would guess well over 95% of us are carb addicts, thanks to the food industry. I would suggest the food industry’s mantra is “get them hooked, keep them hooked” It’s tough to get your head in the right place to just eat real food and avoid the food industry’s carbage. It’s also very sad that we live in an age where real foods are perceived as restrictive diet food.
You are ten pounds down. Congratulate yourself on that win. In today’s carb-ruled world, it takes real determination to choose real food over the fake, big taste options all around us, ESPECIALLY when our own family and most of our friends are constantly carbing it up around us and even encouraging us to eat with them. We are definitely swimming upstream here.
My rock bottom moment taught me some useful insights, including how wonderful the people are on this forum. I have not made peace with my body size, but I have given up trying to force results that I wish/think should happen. I have learned that I love real food. The garbage junk food choices are everywhere. If I choose to eat real foods MOST of the time I consider that a win. As you said, WE CAN DO THIS.

(Lisa Stevens) #582

Only have the choice of like but I LOVE YOUR POST! :sparkling_heart:

(Margie) #583

Good morning, Arlene (or maybe afternoon): I usually check out the forums while I am trying to unwind as I lay in bed on my heating pad for my back to relax. I think I needed to read your post at that time. I keep thinking how I continue to fail and “fall off” the wagon. I think I was pushing 275 or more 12 or so years ago. I finally started the Atkins (not strict, but pretty close) in 2005ish? I managed to drop 40 - 50 pounds then. Hovered around 225 wound up not being lax but still tried to moderate my carb intake and dropped another 15 or so. Pretty much hovered around 200 - 205 for several years but I wasn’t truly dieting anymore on a regular basis. Like you, I was not happy with the way I looked. I think I have wasted many years not staying on task. I would say I stick pretty close most of the time. But last night I ate a whole deep fried Egg Roll (from local Chinese place) along with my chicken! I felt so bloated and generally blah later - then I am mentally beating myself up about it. Then I read your post. Sort of put it in perspective for me. I am not happy with how I look, but I think I will try to just concentrate on making the truly healthy choices and just following it through. Sad thing is, I graduated in 1976 weighing around 150 pounds and thought I was obese then! YIKES! Then that was right at the beginning of the Dietary Goals - what a load of CRAP! I have been reading books from a lot of the various rock stars in the LCHF community for 6 years now - so there is really no excuse. We tend to be our own worst enemies most of the time, eh? I appreciate your taking the time to read my response and to allow me to ramble. I love this forum. I also must admit that I have an addiction to the Dudes, Ivor, Dr. Gerber, Dr. Fung and all of the all stars they have brought to life for us. I am guessing that if we can relax about it we can KCKO and find what works for our individual needs.

Ok, so thanks again for letting me ramble. I am usually one that just reads the forums and hits a like or two every now and then. I may go for days without looking at any social media. But this Vintage group is the one I check first every time. I live in Southeastern Oklahoma, am 60 years old, around 187 now, 5’6" with some spinal issues, HBP and I am still metabolically deranged and have self-diagnosed T2D.

I had a spinal fusion in 2009 (L5-S1). My mom was born with her L5 almost completely extended past the rest of the Lumbar vertebrae, my L5 was out of alignment from L4 at birth and so was my daughter’s. I managed to make it until 51 before having the surgery. My daughter has had the same spinal fusion that I did but she had hers done at 35 years of age. I do know that my back hurts less when I started dropping the weight. But I am still metabolically deranged and I have self-diagnosed T2D.

Lets just keep on rolling and do this, kiddo!:slight_smile:

(Arlene) #584

Margie, You’ve come a long way since almost 100 pounds ago. That’s amazing and you should be very proud of that accomplishment. The biggest change for me now is that I’m not expecting anything, other than the promise that this way of eating is the best I can do for myself. I won’t be looking at the scale all the time anymore and getting depressed when the numbers don’t go down. When I was younger, I could decide to lose weight, and I did. It was easy to lose and easy to gain back too. I basically controlled my weight by going on various diets several times a year. The weight still creeped up over time, and got harder and harder to take off. I was a serious carbaholic all my life. Once I switched to LCHF I went through a mourning period for the many junk food treats I would no longer have. Now it would seem I have to mourn the loss of my lifelong dream of reaching my ideal weight. I’m not saying I won’t get there. I’m just saying I’m not hoping for it any more. It depresses me so much when I show no progress, then I go out and binge to attempt to make myself feel better. Now that the dream is gone, no more weighing and no more need to be depressed over not reaching yet another weight goal.
By the way, feel free to ramble any time. It’s fun to communicate with you. We are the same age, height, and weight. Lots in common. I live on the west coast, however.