Vegetarian -- ketogenic diet possible for vegetarians?

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That phytoestrogen soya that is Tofu is my absolute go-to as a perimenopausal woman, it stops my hot flushes (hot flashes in US-speak) and is fab if you press it for a few hours to remove moisture, then soak it in a good marinade of your own choice - spice it up, tofu can hold it - and then toss it in cassava or coconut or almond flour and fry till crisp. Yum.

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Take a litre of full fat milk, and bring it up to just under boiling. Take it off the heat, add a tbsp of lemon juice and stir, then another, stir and so on until the mixture starts to separate. Wait and after a few minutes you have curds and whey. Take a muslim, I use old tea towels, and pour the mixture through, hang it over a bowl and drain it for several hours, perhaps if you can keep it cool, overnight.

What’s left is a soft, delicious cream cheese. You can whip it with a bit of salt and use it as a dip, on vegetables or if drained enough, fry it.

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Dried purple laver (nori) seaweed is another good source of B-12. Besides eggs and chicken. Never not eat eggs because you need Choline and if you want to keep glutathione levels adequate eat them raw and take milk thistle to help your liver produce more glutathione (the bodies master anti-oxidant). Nori contains 10x more calcium than milk and is a good source of selenium and iodine also.

You do need to have most of the percentage of your calories coming from FAT 70% to 80% on a Ketogenic diet?

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Let’s not start a religious conflict, here! :rofl:


Poor Muslim! :joy::joy::joy:


Not sure if anyone mentioned this book by Dr. Will Cole?

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I have IBS as a remnant of a ghastly infection that came from antibiotics misprescribed some years ago.
I still have IBS however I have no issues with high fat keto and I eat 3 ORGANIC eggs a day, no problems at all. I thrive on it and my IBS is in remission til I eat carbs or veggies when it rears up and punishes me.