Under a year to lose, kept it off since

(Karl) #1

Took 10 months to get to around 175. Thought I was done at that point, but with simply eating keto, my body decided to bring me down to 165, which is pretty much where I “live” today. I started keto at around 300lb, though my max ever recorded weight was 330.

After 2+ years of this, I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to eat any other way. It’s become so part of my lifestyle now, it’s impossible for me to consider this a “diet”.

Note: bonus cat in photo :slight_smile:

(Doug) #2

Wow, Karl. A serious difference there.

(Allan L) #3

Excellent work! Looking forward to my 2 year mark on Keto.

At about 8 months I stopped all scale watching and just ate keto, and the weight continues to drop.

Out of interest how old are you and what height?

(Liz ) #4

A+ Ketoing and A+ bonus cat! I miss our old tabby. Wow, you are a different person! Do folks who knew you before need to be reintroduced? I bet they do. So glad you found the way of eating that works for you. Keto is amazing.

(Newimprovedme ) #5

Great job keeping it off. That seems to be the toughest part for me.

(Karl) #6

I’m 6’3" tall, 48 years old - which pisses me off, since I basically had to wait until I was 46 years old to find out how to eat correctly :slight_smile:

(Allan L) #7

Same pissed off issue here. 45 at the moment! 46 this year.

You did amazingly well, the older we are the more damage we need to repair. Thanks for renewing my faith in keeping it simple and go for the long term!

(Karen) #8

Another half of your life left guys and a healthy half that.



Wow, helluva transformation. Inspirational!

(TJ Borden) #10

What’s with the pictures of two different people? :wink:

(Rob) #11

Absolutely awesome! Well done! You’re a new man.


Congratulations on your commitments!

(Desiree) #13

Ten months to change your entire life?!!! Love it! What an amazing transformation!

(Sophie) #14

Wow! You’ve done an amazing job! :clap::clap::clap:

(William Shafer III) #15

Good job! Your picture make me wonder where I’ll end up, being 6’4" myself a lot of other peoples numbers don’t really apply. How are you feeling now 1+ years in? Did/do you do any fasting?

(Mary) #16

Holy cow (see what I did there :grin: ?)! You look great!!! I can’t get over how your features were kind of hidden under the excess weight.
Any excess skin issues?

(Karl) #17

I guess you could say I fast every day. I remember the fasting bug getting planted in my ear when I watched a BBC Horizons show called “Eat, Fast and Live Longer”. I gave it a whirl at one point early on and found that a 3 day fast just WASN’T happening for me. But after a little more research into the whole intra-day schedules (16/8, etc) I eventually just naturally migrated to OMAD (one meal a day). This gave me the benefit of actually doing some light fasting, and still being able to eat one big meal a day that felt substantial. I still do this today, though some days I break it up into 2 meals a day spaced 4 hours apart (usually around 800ish calories in the early afternoon, then the rest with my family at dinnertime so I get facetime with them at the dinner table).

I started doing the split-up to 2 meals this way because it got to the point where I just felt like I was eating too much in that one meal, getting food comas, etc.

Yeah, they’ve diminished a bit over time, but if I bend my body a certain way I kind of look like a human shar-pei :slight_smile: You’d never know it with my clothes on, but if I walk around the house shirtless my kids tease me a little about it. I’m very good-natured over it though.

I’m actually glad you brought that up. I’ve noticed that some people seem to fear the excess skin more than the weight they’re carrying around - to the point where a lot of people would rather just stay fat and taut than lose the weight. When I post my progress pics, that extra-skin question is ALWAYS asked, I assume out of fear that the “extra skin problem” might happen to them.

My take on it? That extra skin is a good problem to have! It’s kind of like becoming elderly. I fully plan on becoming a senior citizen, the alternative being what it is :slight_smile: The extra skin thing? Same deal - I’d rather have that than carry around the extra weight. There’s only so much largeness you can hide with a big t-shirt. Man, I can hide ALL my wrinklies with a size medium now!

(Mary) #18

I get what you’re saying, though I can’t imagine anyone choosing to remain 50 or 100 lbs overweight rather than having a bit of loose skin. And you’re totally right - a (smaller sized) T-shirt covers a lot of things we don’t want the public to see.

Still, I’m glad to hear that it’s tightening up a little with time.

(Shantanu) #19

Ditto. 6’7" and also 48. But you know what?! Better late than never.

(Troy) #20

So impressive!
LOve this

I guess w the cat…”you got ur 9 lives back”
Catty pun. Sorry😂